The Complete Guide To Castello, Cagliari

Castello Cagliari

Castello is the most ancient of Cagliari’s historic districts. It is located on top of a hill at about 100 meters (328 feet) above sea level, and has always been the place where nobles and rulers used to live and conduct their business. The correlation between the aristocracy and the … Read more

The Best Guide To Villanova, Cagliari

where to sleep in Villanova C

Villanova is one of Cagliari’s four historic districts, the newest one. It’s a pretty, peaceful neighborhood ideal for a relaxing walk and for taking incredible pictures. Some streets of the district are always decorated and filled with plants and flowers, giving Villanova a unique vibe. This particular love for greenery … Read more

A Short Guide To Stampace, Cagliari

Stampace Cagliari itinerary

Stampace is the oldest of the four historical districts of Cagliari. It’s a place filled with history and traditions – Sant’Efisio festival is held here, and here you will find important ruins and monuments – but also one of the locals’ and tourists’ favorite places for shopping and hanging out. … Read more

A Short Guide To La Marina, Cagliari

La Marina Cagliari Barcelona to Sardinia flights from Sicily to Sardinia from Milan to Sardinia

La Marina is one of the four historic districts of Cagliari and has always been an important place for the residents, since very ancient times. This is the harbor district, where workers, sailors, and merchants used to live and run their businesses. The district was also quite busy thanks to … Read more

9 Beautiful Beaches In Villasimius

Sardinia sea temperature beaches in Villasimius

A small town during the winter, a huge tourist hotspot in summer. This is Villasimius, one of the most renowned holiday destinations in Southern Sardinia. There is always plenty to do in Villasimius and its vicinity: from hiking to shopping and sunbathing on the heavenly beaches in Villasimius, you could … Read more

A Short Guide To Cala Gonone, Sardinia

Cala Gonone boat trips

Cala Gonone is the only seaside hamlet of the bigger Dorgali. It’s a small, small coastal town, in one of the best areas of the Gulf of Orosei. Being a village that lives off tourism, there are different places catering to different types of tourists, from huge luxury resorts to … Read more

A Guide To Visiting Neptune’s Grotto, Sardinia

Neptune's Grotto

The Neptune’s Grotto (Grotte di Nettuno, in Italian) is a beautiful cave complex nearby Alghero, and among the most beautiful caves in Sardinia, and they have charmed thousands of people – a lot of celebrities, too! – during the years. They are one of Alghero main tourist attractions and a … Read more

A Guide To Nuraghe Palmavera, Sardinia

Nuraghe Palmavera

Together with Su Nuraxi of Barumini, Nuraghe Palmavera is one of the best kept nuraghe in Sardinia and a must see when in Alghero. If you happen to be visiting this part of the island, you will have no shortage of fun activities to enjoy and places to visit. But … Read more

The Best Beaches In Northern Sardinia

Stintino hotels Sardinia trip planning north sardinia beaches Sardinia holidays

North Sardinia beaches are among the most beautiful and unique in Italy. Thanks to the Island’s shape and the numerous difficulties to access the shores up until very recently, they can still be considered quite intact and their waters are nothing but pristine. Whatever part of North Sardinia you choose … Read more

The Best Guide To Stintino, Sardinia

La Pelosa

Stintino is located on the furthest north-western point of Sardinia and is the closest village to Asinara Island, only a few kilometers away from it: on some days when the water is calm and the air is extremely clean, it almost looks like the two pieces of land stretch to … Read more