10 Fantastic La Maddalena Restaurants And Bars

La Maddalena Restaurants

Finding good La Maddalena restaurants (and bars) is easy with this quick guide. With pristine beaches, clear waters and incredible landscape, La Maddalena is a prime holiday destination in Sardinia – the kind of place you absolutely have to visit. Whether you spend a week or just a couple of days there, you should make … Read more

10 Parks In Cagliari You Should Visit

best parks in Cagliari

There are many beautiful parks in Cagliari. The capital of Sardinia may be known for its galleries, museums, and historic sites – as well as its intriguing warren of streets and lanes. But if you need a break from pavement pounding, don’t worry; there is also a great selection of city parks in Cagliari to … Read more

13 Reasons To Visit Sardinia In Winter

snow in Sardinia

Did you know Sardinia in winter is actually great? Sardinia is often considered to be a summer destination, and it’s easy to see why – the long, crescent-shaped beaches, the inviting crystal turquoise sea, the chance to enjoy delicious food al fresco with stunning views. There’s not much about summer in Sardinia that you won’t … Read more

Where To Find The Best Street Art In Sardinia (Including Orgosolo Murals)

street art in Sardinia

Street art in Sardinia is thriving. The Italian island of Sardinia is home to picture-perfect beaches, phenomenal wines, ancient archaeological sites, and divine gastronomic delights like bottarga fish roe and Pecorino Sardo cheese. Sardinia also has something very surprising to offer visitors— an epic public art scene. While Sardinia isn’t like Lisbon or London, it … Read more

Where To Go Surfing In Sardinia

Surfing in Sardinia

Surfing in Sardinia is a lot of fun! Aloha surfers! If you are seeking information about where to go surfing in Sardinia, you’re in the right place. The Italian island of Sardinia has 1,849 kilometers of coastline. While the waters of the Mediterranean may be colder than those found in tropical destinations, there are still … Read more

5 Markets In Cagliari For Your Shopping Needs

Markets in Cagliari

Markets in Cagliari are fantastic places to catch local action and shop for groceries. As the capital city of the Italian island of Sardinia, Cagliari is a bright and bustling spot buzzing with energy and activity. There’s no better place to discover the real Sardinia than at the incredible markets in Cagliari. Whether you’re looking … Read more

The Most Beautiful Waterfalls In Sardinia

waterfalls in Sardinia

You probably wouldn’t imagine that, but there are many waterfalls in Sardinia.  While there’s a song that says, don’t go chasing waterfalls, I couldn’t disagree more! When you’re in Sardinia, you definitely need to go chasing waterfalls. There are so many spectacular waterfalls to see that you’re going to want to plan your trip accordingly … Read more

The Best Hikes In Sardinia

hikes in Sardinia

There are many incredible hikes in Sardinia. Hiking in Sardinia is fantastic. Along the trails, you’ll soak up spectacular scenery and breathtaking views. The Italian island of Sardinia is world-renowned for being a top summer holiday destination, with plentiful idyllic beaches, but Sardinia is also home to lush vegetation and abundant mountains with a vast … Read more

16 Best Restaurants In Cagliari

best restaurants in Cagliari

There are many great restaurants in Cagliari. If you are visiting Cagliari and think that tasting local dishes is part of the trip (one of the best if you ask me), you will be curious to learn about the best restaurants in Cagliari. I have tried them all, so the restaurants in Cagliari mentioned here … Read more

9 Sardinian Mines You’ll Enjoy Visiting

Porto Flavia

No longer in use, Sardinian mines are interesting places to visit, and you shouldn’t miss the chance to go when on the island. The Italian island of Sardinia is geologically rich and has many hidden treasures. Mining in Sardinia has a long history stretching back two thousand years, to the Phoenician and the Roman eras. … Read more