How To Get From Alghero Airport To Alghero

Alghero Airport

If you are planning a holiday on the north-western side of Sardinia, you’ll probably land in Alghero Fertilia Airport, one of the three airports of Sardinia together with Cagliari Elmas, which serves the south of the island, and Olbia Costa Smeralda, which serves the northeast of Sardinia. Alghero Airport is only about ten kilometers (6.2 … Read more

The Best Local Guide To Costa Rei, Sardinia

Costa Rei Sardinia in October

Costa Rei is a magical place. Situated on the southeast coast of Sardinia, approximately a one hour drive from Cagliari, it is a series of stunning beaches and beautiful landscapes. I have been going to Costa Rei since I was born. As a baby, my parents would take me camping there. As the years rolled … Read more

How To Get From Cagliari Airport To The City Center

from Amsterdam to Sardinia airports in Sardinia

If you are traveling to Sardinia, you have the option to fly into three different cities – Cagliari, the capital at the south of the island; Olbia, the capital of Costa Smeralda at the northeast of the island; and Alghero, which is on the northwestern coast of Sardinia. If you are flying to Cagliari and … Read more

The Ultimate Guide To Fonni, Sardinia


Fonni is one of the nicest small towns in Sardinia. Located on the Gennargentu Mountain, this is the highest Sardinian village at about 1,000 meters (3,281 feet) above sea level. It is mainly famous because of its ski infrastructure (Mount Spada and Bruncu Spina), for the pretty murals in the village, and for its traditional … Read more

The Language Of Sardinia

Language of Sardinia

The language of Sardinia is unique and not at all similar to Italian. As some of you might already know, Sardinian is considered a language of its own, like Italian or French, and not a dialect like Roman or Tuscan – as many mistakenly think. Sardinian was recognized as one of the official minority languages … Read more

The Most Famous Sardinian Breads

Sardinian breads

Sardinian breads are delicious, fragrant, full of flavor and history. Like in every other part of Italy and the majority of the Mediterranean Basin area, bread has always had an essential role in Sardinia’s traditions and society. It’s a food that is eaten by everyone, in any social class, and therefore has several varieties and … Read more

The Best Guide To Orgosolo, Sardinia


Orgosolo is a small village with a little more than 4000 inhabitants in the center of Nuoro’s Barbagia. Small as it is, as it often happens, it has a lot more to offer than what meets the eye. Sure, the place isn’t the typical Sardinian beach location, and it doesn’t bustle with people going in … Read more

The Lovely People Of Sardinia: A Local’s Description

people of Sardinia

I’ve written many posts about Sardinia, where to go, and what to do, but today I’m here to talk about something slightly different: who will you meet in Sardinia? What are the people of Sardinia like? Let’s start this off with a disclaimer: there is no universal formula to describe a population thoroughly and without … Read more

Sardinia Blue Zone: What Makes The Island So Longevous?

Sardinia Blue Zone

Sardinia Blue Zone: you may have heard about it a documentary, or read about it in a paper once, and this will surely have raised a bunch of questions. Yes – Sardinia is the first ever declared Blue Zone, a part of the world (together with a few more) where a larger part of the … Read more

A Guide To Visiting Molentargius Natural Park


Not many people outside Sardinia know this, but the island is a fantastic birdwatching destination, and one of the best places to do that is actually Cagliari, the capital. That’s where you’ll find the Parco di Molentargius – Molentargius Natural Park, in English; an incredible oasis where a variety of species live. No trip to … Read more