11 Fabulous Costa Smeralda Hotels For The Perfect Holiday

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I have already written extensively about Costa Smeralda, how beautiful it is, how incredible its beaches are, the nightlife, the less known corners you should explore… but there’s one point I think I didn’t develop enough.

When you go somewhere for a holiday, you surely make a plan as complete as possible: what to eat, what to visit, how to dress. And you also need to find a place to stay.

There are some excellent Costa Smeralda hotels and not all of them have to break the bank. With a bit of research and advanced bookings, you can score a fabulous deal and get a yourself an incredible room. Don’t know where to start looking? I am here for you!

Today, I offer you a selection of the best Costa Smeralda Hotels.

Always keep in mind that Costa Smeralda is the diamond among the many Sardinian holiday destinations, a place where celebrities and wealthy people go to spend their summers. The prices of Costa Smeralda hotels are a reflection of the typical visitors you will find roaming in the area. It’s not impossible to find something affordable and enjoyable, but you will need some effort.

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Cala di Volpe beaches in Costa Smeralda

The Best Costa Smeralda Hotels

Cala di Volpe

Hotel Cala di Volpe, built nearby the homonymous beach, is part of the Marriott family and, as you could expect, offers everything a luxury hotel can offer, and much more.

From suites to saltwater pools, from top-tier restaurants to designer-made furniture, a stay in Cala di Volpe hotel will feel like a holiday at a fairy tale castle, and at a few steps from one of the most stunning beaches in the area. Free WiFi, free parking, and airport shuttle are included.

best beaches in Costa Smeralda hotels

Hotel Pitrizza

Another hotel from the Marriott family, Pitrizza has turned privacy and comfort into its mottos. The place has several private suites and rooms, and six villas where to stay, and the guests can enjoy the peace of a private cove to sunbathe at.

The swimming pools are partially sculpted on the natural rocky terrain to give a more “natural” feeling.

The décor and furniture have been appositely chosen to blend with the nature and environment. You can enjoy their SPA as well as benefit from free WiFi, free parking, and an airport shuttle service. To put it short, Pitrizza is a slice of Paradise in Costa Smeralda!

best beaches in Costa Smeralda hotels

Hotel delle Rose

Hotel delle Rose is, like many others, just a few minutes drive from Porto Cervo, immersed in the Mediterranean shrub, and it offers a selection of rooms and services – free parking and free WiFi are only two of the many -to make your stay absolutely perfect.

Its most famous asset is the Ten Restaurant, a staple in Costa Smeralda, where the traditional Sardinian dishes are wisely re-elaborated and made so to meet every guests’ taste but without abandoning their roots.

Porto Cervo best Costa Smeralda Hotels

Petra Bianca

Another hotel nearby Porto Cervo, in front of Cala di Volpe Beach, that values privacy, making it its priority. All its 65 rooms are oriented so that the guests have as much private space as possible.

Hotel Petra Bianca is a favorite place to host meetings and conventions, thanks to its favorable location. Golf lovers adore the hotel as well; whereas all travelers come here so that they can be close to the main beaches and attractions in Costa Smeralda.

Airport shuttle, free WiFi, and free parking are all available for you.

best beaches in Costa Smeralda

Hotel Balocco

Located in Porto Cervo, nearby Liscia di Vacca beach, and at a close distance with both the village’s main entertainment places and the area’s best beaches, Balocco is a boutique hotel made for those who want to relax in the middle of nature, but without giving up comfort.

Its rooms all overlook the sea and offer the best service you can think of.

Its restaurant, called “Secret Garden” is famous for its dishes and the staff’s professionalism. Free Wifi, free parking, and an airport shuttle service are just some of the many services Hotel Balocco has to offer.

Porto Cervo Costa Smeralda

Cervo Hotel

Cervo Hotel is located in the hottest part of Porto Cervo, overlooking the Marina and all the most famous places in the village. This resort offers top-tier housing, every comfort, and service (starting from free parking and free WiFi), and is the best place to spoil yourself rotten.

Its restaurants are among the most renowned in Porto Cervo, and everyone queues to have a meal there. Each room differs from the other, to suit every guests’ need; and the sight is stunning no matter where you look outside from.

Smeralda Set

Smeralda Set

Not a hotel but actually a villa, Smeralda Set is located in Porto Cervo and is the perfect place to stay if you’d rather enjoy full freedom. The villa, which was designed by the renowned architect Gérard Béthoux, sleeps up to 10 guests.

It has a large pool perfect to relax; a fabulous fully equipped kitchen; plenty of outdoor space for dining al fresco.

You will be close to the center of the scene in Porto Cervo, but in a much more reserved and private location.


EmeraldWay Cala del Faro

Emeraldway is a company that specializes in finding and renting private apartments for tourist purposes. The apartments in Cala del Faro are, as expected from Costa Smeralda, simply stunning.

All of them are immersed in Sardinian nature, in excellent position so that you can reach all the main beaches and villages with ease, and equipped with everything you might need for a very comfortable holiday.

Grande Pevero

CPH Pevero Hotel

Located in front of Piccolo Pevero Beach, this hotel offers everything you need and much more, including five different swimming pools and three restaurants.

You will be staying nearby the main attractions and beaches in the area – if you feel like exploring, that is – or spending your days in a paradise-like place, with its private atmosphere and an incredible staff. Airport shuttle, free parking, and free wifi are included.

Porto Cervo

Luci di La Muntagna

Another place in the heart of Porto Cervo, Luci di La Muntagna is a locals’ favorite for big events like weddings and conventions, but also one of the travelers’ most loved places of stay.

It’s close to anything Costa Smeralda; it offers great services and great views, and delicious food. Like any other hotel in the area, the rooms have anything you may possibly need – starting from free Wi-Fi. Airport shuttle buses and free parking are also included.

7Pines Resort (Baja Sardinia)

Located in Baja Sardinia, a bit outside Costa Smeralda but in a wonderful location with easy access to the beach, this is one of the most recently opened luxury hotels on the island. You will enjoy a beautiful, comfortable room with all amenities, and facing the garden or overlooking the sea.

The hotel has two nice pools perfect to exercise (or relax), a restaurant and it is even pet friendly. What more could you ask?

If you are driving your car to Sardinia, you won’t have to worry about parking as it is available on-site. Prefer not to drive? You can count with the hotel’s airport shuttle.

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