The Best Budget Restaurants In Cagliari

best budget restaurants in Cagliari

Are you looking for the best budget restaurants in Cagliari? Good news! I am a local, and I have scouted the city for the best and most authentic places, where budget friendly prices don’t mean that you have to give up on quality. You see, when planning a holiday, you … Read more

The Best Aperitivo In Cagliari

wine bars in Cagliari

Where’s the best aperitivo in Cagliari? Cagliari is a city with a million things to offer. Much older than meets the eye, it has lots of remains and buildings from different eras, to testify to the constant flux of people that came and went. It is incredibly colorful, enriched by … Read more

A Guide To Cagliari’s Fortino Di Sant’Ignazio

Fortino Sant'Ignazio

The Fortino di Sant’Ignazio is one of my favorite spots in Cagliari and I never miss a chance to visit. Popular among locals who enjoy sunset from there, this place is virtually unknown to tourists – but I am about to unveil its secrets for you! When visiting Cagliari, most … Read more

A Guide To The Sella Del Diavolo, Cagliari

Sella del Diavolo

The Sella del Diavolo – or Devil’s Saddle in English – is one of the most famous landmarks in Cagliari, a strip of land right outside of the city, separating Poetto beach from Calamosca Beach. If you happen to visit Cagliari, you can’t miss a trip to Sella del Diavolo … Read more

A Guide To Visiting Cantine Argiolas, Serdiana

wineries in Sardinia

If you are traveling in the Cagliari area, wine tasting at Cantine Argiolas in Serdiana is a must! As you often read on this side, there are tons of different activities you can enjoy during a trip to Sardinia. From the classic sunbathing at the beach (if you are visiting … Read more

A Guide To Bonaria Cemetery, Cagliari

Bonaria Cemetery

If you have a thing for quirky places, you will want to visit Bonaria Cemetery (also known as Bonaria Monumental Cemetery or Cimitero Monumentale di Bonaria) in Cagliari. Much more than a burial ground, this cemetery is an open air art gallery, showcasing the works of some of the most … Read more

The Complete Guide To Castello, Cagliari

Castello Cagliari

Castello is the most ancient of Cagliari’s historic districts. It is located on top of a hill at about 100 meters (328 feet) above sea level, and has always been the place where nobles and rulers used to live and conduct their business. The correlation between the aristocracy and the … Read more

The Best Guide To Villanova, Cagliari

where to sleep in Villanova C

Villanova is one of Cagliari’s four historic districts, the newest one. It’s a pretty, peaceful neighborhood ideal for a relaxing walk and for taking incredible pictures. Some streets of the district are always decorated and filled with plants and flowers, giving Villanova a unique vibe. This particular love for greenery … Read more

A Short Guide To Stampace, Cagliari

Stampace Cagliari itinerary

Stampace is the oldest of the four historical districts of Cagliari. It’s a place filled with history and traditions – Sant’Efisio festival is held here, and here you will find important ruins and monuments – but also one of the locals’ and tourists’ favorite places for shopping and hanging out. … Read more

A Short Guide To La Marina, Cagliari

La Marina Cagliari Barcelona to Sardinia flights from Sicily to Sardinia from Milan to Sardinia

La Marina is one of the four historic districts of Cagliari and has always been an important place for the residents, since very ancient times. This is the harbor district, where workers, sailors, and merchants used to live and run their businesses. The district was also quite busy thanks to … Read more