The Best Guide To Cala Brandinchi, Sardinia

San Teodoro

Known to be one of the best beaches of Gallura, in northwestern Sardinia, Cala Brandinchi is an extremely popular cove set between Olbia, the getaway to Costa Smeralda, and San Teodoro, a small town that is a favorite of both local and international tourists. The beach is quite narrow and can get overwhelmingly crowded during … Read more

What Is Sardinia Sea Temperature?

Sardinia sea temperature

Contrary to what many people in Northern Europe appear to think, Sardinia is far from being a tropical island – at least, weather wise. Indeed, although Sardinia is often described as a tropical heaven-like island, its climate is quite different from what you would find on a Caribbean island, and of course this has an … Read more

What’s The Deal With Sardinia Sand Theft?

Sardinia sand

If you steal Sardinia sand you won’t just do damage to the local environment, but you are also likely to get into trouble. Sardinia is home to an extensive variety of unique environments and its beaches are no exception. Many have a type of sand and/or rocks that can only be found on the island … Read more

The Best Dog Friendly Beaches In Sardinia

Dog friendly Beaches In Sardinia

Are you traveling to Sardinia with your pet and looking for dog friendly beaches in Sardinia? I have you covered! There are approximately 35 dog friendly beaches in Sardinia, and I have tried to choose the best ones and give you some information about them. These are the best places to visit with your four-legged … Read more

The Best Guide To Oasi Bidderosa, Sardinia

Oasi Bidderosa

Oasi Bidderosa (sometimes written as “Oasi Biderosa”) is one of the most beautiful natural parks in Sardinia. Measuring 860 hectares, it’s located under Orosei’s jurisdiction and only 13 kilometers (8 miles) away from the village. The park is most famous for its beaches – among the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia. The reserve divided into … Read more

The Best Local Guide To Costa Rei, Sardinia

Costa Rei

Costa Rei is a magical place. Situated on the southeast coast of Sardinia, approximately a one hour drive from Cagliari, it is a series of stunning beaches and beautiful landscapes. I have been going to Costa Rei since I was born. As a baby, my parents would take me camping there. As the years rolled … Read more

The Best Guide To Stintino, Sardinia

La Pelosa

Stintino is located on the furthest north-western point of Sardinia and is the closest village to Asinara Island, only a few kilometers away from it: on some days when the water is calm and the air is extremely clean, it almost looks like the two pieces of land stretch to try and touch each other. … Read more

A Short Guide To Cala Mariolu, Sardinia

Cala Mariolu

Cala Mariolu, in the Gulf of Orosei, is one of Sardinia’s most famous beaches. This is a place of mesmerizing beauty; a (well-known) lost paradise that is quite the perfect spot to spend a day in the summer months. This is a very isolated beach: you can only get there by boat, or via a … Read more

An Easy Guide To Cala Pira Beach, Sardinia

Cala Pira

Cala Pira is one of the nicest, smaller coves of southeastern Sardinia. Easy to reach from Cagliari, and close to summer holiday destinations such as Costa Rei and Villasimius, Cala Pira remains a favorite of locals and tourists alike, and can get incredibly crowded in the peak summer months. Yet, visiting is absolutely worth it: … Read more

A Quick Guide To Chia Su Giudeu Beach

su giudeu

Su Giudeu is one of the most famous beaches in the area of Chia, in the southwestern tip of Sardinia. Locally known as Spiaggia di Su Giudeu, this gorgeous sandy beach is the continuation of S’Acqua Durci (fresh water, in Sardinian) beach, from which it is separated by a small rocky reef. This paradisiac beach … Read more