Where To Stay In Sardinia – The Best Local Recommendations

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Wondering where to stay in Sardinia? You’re in the right place. As a local I can tell you exactly where to spend your vacation.

Sardinia has been long regarded as one of the top beach holiday destinations, famous for its turquoise waters and soft powdery sands. It’s also one of the top surf spots in the Mediterranean.

That being said, there also are cities that are enthralling for entirely different reasons than the beach. There are artsy mountain towns, villages filled with vineyards, and ancient archaeological sites. While I’ll definitely cover the most popular areas to stay in Sardinia, I’ll also include a few you might not have thought of.

Are you ready to find out the top places to stay in Sardinia? Let’s go!

where to stay in Sardinia
Cagliari is where to stay in Sardinia if you are looking for a city break

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Where To Stay In Sardinia



Cagliari – The Perfect City Break

Cagliari is where to stay in Sardinia for pretty much everyone. There are museums, fantastic restaurants, local craft breweries, great shopping, and popular urban beaches. Go there if you want to do a little bit of everything.

Spend some time on Poetto Beach: it has eight kilometers of fine, soft sand, and an amazing running and biking path. It’s also a popular surfing spot! If you want to get a little hike in, Sella del Diavolo mountain only takes a couple of hours to tackle and lies along the shore of Poetto Beach. If you’re seeking a more remote spot, go to Sant’Elia beach, close to Sant’Elia stadium.

Sardinia boutique hotels
Best Boutique Hotel in Cagliari: Villa Fanny

Nicely located right outside the historic center of Cagliari at a stone’s throw from the many bars and restaurants of Stampace and close to the Roman Amphitheater and the Botanical Gardens, this hotel has beautifully designed rooms and features a fantastic gourmet restaurant.

Best Luxury Hotel in Cagliari: Palazzo Tirso

The newly opened Palazzo Tirso is quite the place to stay in Cagliari if you are looking for luxury and glamour. Its location in Piazza Deffenu, between Via Roma and the districts of Marina and Villanova, allows you to easily explore the city and reach all the best restaurants in town – unless you want to dine in one of its two gourmet (and delicious) restaurants.

The modern, comfortable rooms all feature views, some of the bay, others of the Castello historic district.

You will also be able to enjoy a small pool at the terrace level, a wellness center and a spa.

Best Business Hotel in Cagliari: T Hotel

Centrally located close to Teatro Lirico and in front of Parco della Musica, this is a favorite among business travelers and has spacious rooms, a luxe lounge bar, and a fantastic spa. Locals love to hang out in the lounge there as the T Hotel makes some of the most delectable cocktails in the city!

Best Budget-Friendly Hotel in Cagliari: Hostel Marina

Hostel Marina is right at the heart of La Marina district. It is fun and friendly. This is a highly social hostel that hosts weekly events to keep the good times rolling. Dormitories and private rooms are available.

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where to stay in Sardinia
Villasimius is where to stay in Sardinia for stunning dives

Villasimius – Best for Diving Junkies


Villasimius is where to stay in Sardinia for access to gorgeous beaches and diving sites.

There are a bevy of beaches and every kind of beach resort you could dream of! I recommend planning beach days at Campus, Porto sa Ruxi, and Campulongu beaches. Spiaggia del Riso beach is also very cool to visit: the sand is shaped like rice! Behind some of the beaches you’ll find marshes, salt pans, and flamingos! Capo Carbonara also has a wonderful hiking trail.

The Villasimius archaeological museum is also a real treat to visit. It features an extensive exhibit on treasures found at the bottom of the sea!

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Sunset in Villasimius
Best Luxury Hotel in Villasimius –  Hotel Simius Playa

A beachfront hotel right on the shores of Simius Beach, rooms are gigantic and beautifully crafted. There is a swimming pool to enjoy and a spa to relax in. There is also a delicious restaurant and bar on-site!

Best Budget-Friendly Hotel in Villasimius – Arega B&B

A great affordable option to stay in Villasimius, just over a mile away from Similius Beach. The breakfast is top-notch and varies daily; however, it is always served on the terrace that offers guests pleasant views.

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Costa Rei
With easy access to stunning beaches, Costa Rei is where to stay in Sardinia for families

Costa Rei – A Fabulous Getaway for Families


With easy access to the beach and within one hour driving from Cagliari, Costa Rei is where to stay in Sardinia for families with children, and for anyone in search of a gorgeous beach respite. 

The main beach is perfect if you don’t feel like driving. But if you feel like exploring the area, check out Monte Turno, Cala Sinzias and Cala Pira beaches. Costa Rei is also close to Villasimius, in case you want to check out those beaches too. 

You will have plenty of accommodation options with holiday homes and great resorts and camping sites, and plenty of good restaurants to try. Chaplin is my favorite!

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Best Luxury Hotel in Costa Rei – Villas

Villas is the best place if you have a budget to splurge. Gorgeous rooms, access to a fabulous beach, on site restaurants and much more will make it a perfect option. 

Best Budget-Friendly Hotel in Costa Rei – Albaruja Hotel

One of the best known hotels in Costa Rei, at an easy walking distance from the beach and close to the center of action. Rooms are spacious, there is a great info service for anything you may need, and breakfast is delicious.

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Chia can be easily reached from Pula

Pula – Great Beaches and Archeology


Pula is about 25 kilometers southwest of Cagliari. It’s a popular place to stay in Sardinia because it provides easy access to the most exceptional archaeological site on the island— the ancient city of Nora.

Visiting the Archaeological Park of Nora will take you half a day or so. This is the first Phoenician town in Sardinia dating back to the 8th century BC.

In terms of beaches, Su Giudeu in Chia is popular for kitesurfing and windsurfing, and a great clear waters and white sand beach – it’s at about 15 minutes drive from Pula. Santa Margherita di Pula beach is just as gorgeous and even closer.

There is a fantastic forest to explore, filled with holm oaks and pine trees, including Is Cannoneris and Pixinamanna. There are well-marked hiking trails around the area, too.

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Best Luxury Hotel in Pula – Forte Village Resort

This is a magnificent resort right on the beachfront. It has 21 restaurants inside! Looking to scuba dive? Play tennis? How about boxing? The sports facility can accommodate all your athletic whims! If you’re seeking a lavish stay in Pula, this is undoubtedly the place to be.

Best Boutique Hotel near Pula – Hotel Faro Capo Spartivento

Located in the stunning location of Capo Spartivento and providing easy access to both Chia Su Giudeu Beach and Cala Cipolla, the gorgeous boutique hotel Faro Capo Spartivento provides gorgeous rooms with a view and even family rooms. It’s actually set in a former lighthouse! It has a fabulous infinity pool perfect for sipping a sunset cocktail.

Cala Cipolla
Best Budget-Friendly Hotel in Pula – BB 1987 Pula

This bed and breakfast is located in Pula, just a quick 15-minute walk from Spiaggia dei Fichi, a delightful beach lined with fig trees! The rooms are cozy and clean, and the breakfast is terrific, filled with locally-sourced or home-made dishes.

The lovely Carloforte is where to stay in Sardinia if you are looking for something truly unique

Carloforte – A Truly Unique Place


Carloforte lies on the southwestern coast of Sardinia on the Isola di San Pietro, approximately seven kilometers off the mainland of Sardinia! This is where to stay in Sardinia if you’re looking for a chic, Instagram-worthy destination.

Carloforte has a population of roughly 6,000 people, so it still has a lively community. There is a watchtower, old stone walls, and the iconic Lion’s Gate to visit. Often lauded as having some of the most beautiful architecture in Sardinia, Carloforte is a real beauty. And the nearby beaches are stunning!

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Best Luxury Hotel in Carloforte: Aquamadre Suites

Aquamadre suites is mere steps away from the Spiaggia di Dietro ai Forni beach. This lavish guesthouse is straight out of a dream. Its pristine white rooms boast harmonious, soothing décor, and you’re sure to have the best stay imaginable in Carloforte at the Aquamadre suites.

Best Budget-Friendly Hotel in Carloforte: Nichotel

This budget friendly small hotel is well equipped with every comfort. Located in the heart of the village, right by the waterfront, you can easily access all the attractions. You will be around a 7-minute drive from La Bobba beach, and just under 15 minutes from La Caletta.

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Oristano is where to stay in Sardinia off-the-beaten path



Oristano – Sardinia Off-the-Beaten Path


Oristano, in central-western Sardinia, is an elegant place to stay, with handsome architecture, museums, churches, and art. It’s where to stay in Sardinia if you wish to go a bit off-the-beaten path too. The area around Oristano has incredible natural beauty, especially the lagoons of Cabras and Santa Giusta.

The province of Oristano also is home to some incredible wineries and vineyards that are well worth visiting, such as Contini, lauded for its Vernaccia di Oristano white wine.Stop by the Cantina della Vernaccia, located in downtown Oristano, to sample a wide variety of local wines!

The historic center is brimming with charm. You will want to visit the Chiesa di San Francesco, the Duomo Cathedral, and snap a photo of Queen Eleonora’s Statue.

Duomo di Oristano
Best Luxury Hotel in Oristano –  Hotel II Duomo

Inside an ancient noble house dating back to the 17th century, this hotel is in the heart of Oristano’s historical center, in front of a magnificent cathedral.

Best Budget-Friendly Hotel in Oristano – Hotel Mistral

This budget-friendly hotel doesn’t sacrifice anything for the price. It offers a complimentary breakfast buffet and is just a few steps away from downtown. It’s a convenient base for visiting Oristano!

The lovely Alghero is where to stay in Sardinia for a culture and nature break



Alghero – Great History and Nature

Alghero is one of the most exquisite medieval cities in northwestern Sardinia, and where to stay in Sardinia if you’re looking to pair time on the beach with seeing historical sites. In fact, the historic center is vibrant and lively. It’s also chock full of boutiques, restaurants, cafes, and bars.

Walk along the sea walls and make sure to visit the Campanile Bell Tower and the San Francesco church. There are quite a few towers to explore – the Torre di San Giacomo, the Torre Della Polveriera, and the Torre di Sant’Elmo.

On the hunt for some fantastic seafood? I recommend dining at Nautilus. It’s a bit of a splurge, but worth it.

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Best Luxury Hotel in Alghero: La Marmora

Brimming with Sardinian charm and style, La Marmora offers travelers a more authentic and artistic stay than other luxury resorts in the area. You’ll be just 600 feet from the historic old town, and a brief seven-minute walk to the Lido di Alghero Beach.

Best Budget-Friendly Hotel in Alghero: Hotel Angedras

This affordable hotel is situated just a few blocks away from the historic old town. With Sardinian-styled furnishings and decor, all rooms almost seem to sparkle – each coming with its own private balcony, the perfect spot for sipping your morning cup of tea. Moreover, a generous buffet breakfast is served daily.

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Sassari is incredibly underrated

Sassari – A Lesser Visited Destination


Sassari is the second-largest city in Sardinia, and one of the island’s oldest settlements, with archaeological findings dating back to the Neolithic age. It’s located in the northwest. If you’re a history lover or an architecture aficionado, this is where to stay in Sardinia.

Piazza d’Italia is the heart of the historic Old Town and is filled with dazzling structures, including the Palazzo Giordano and the Palazzo della Provincia. Cathedral of Saint Nicolas took over 500 years to complete! Constructed between the 12th century and the 18th century, it displays a wide range of architectural styles.

On the western outskirts of the Old Town, you’ll find the Church of Santa Maria di Betlem, with a stunningly ornate basilica dome. The Basilica di Saccargia, just southeast of Sassari, is a striped church made entirely out of local stone – positively delightful to visit.

Fontana di Rosello
Best Luxury Hotel in Sassari –  Cafe Bleu Relais

This picturesque boutique hotel will exceed all your expectations. It is held to the highest standard, with great attention given to every detail. You’ll be just two blocks away from the Palazzo Ducale, and right next door to the fantastic Caffé Fontana Bistrot cafe and bar!

Best Mid-Range Hotel in Sassari – Carlo Felice

This excellent hotel is located outside the center of Sassari, so it is perfect if you need a place that allows you to get in and out of the city with easy. Rooms are quite plain, but spotless and comfortable. An excellent buffet breakfast is served every morning and there is an on-site restaurant for dinner. It’s actually great value for money.

Best Budget-Friendly Hotel in Sassari –  Al Vicolo Tre

At this romantic bed and breakfast all rooms come with a kitchenette. A complimentary Italian breakfast is served daily. You’ll be just a seven-minute walk from Palazzo Ducale.

Stintino is where to stay in Sardinia to access gorgeous, unique beaches

Stintino – Breathtaking Beaches


Stintino is a quaint fishing village on the northwestern coast of the island. With a population of 1,600 people, it is situated roughly 50 kilometers from Alghero, but it is calm and peaceful. It’s where to stay in Sardinia if you want to stay on the seaside, with access to stunning beaches.

La Pelosa Beach is the most popular beach in Stintino and lies directly in front of the remote island of Asinara. Another beautiful beach is Le Saline, with its crystal-clear turquoise waters. Ezzi Mannu is covered with tiny pebbles and encompassed by Mediterranean scrub and lush vegetation. Lastly, Tamarisk Beach is by far the least crowded.

Best airbnbs in Sardinia
Best Luxury Hotel in Stintino: 103 Boutique Hotel

With beach-themed rooms complete with floor to ceiling beach photographs, you’ll feel like you’re on a beach holiday 24/7! The rooms are spacious, and the location is close to the harbor. A complimentary hearty breakfast is provided daily.

Best Budget-Friendly Hotel in Stintino: B&B II Porto Vecchio

This wonderful bed and breakfast is centrally located in Stintino, close to the port. Each room is decorated uniquely with traditional rugs, quilts, and paintings. The bus stop to Sassari and Alghero is mere steps away from your front doorstep, so you can easily get around the area using this as your base!

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The lovely Castelsardo

Castelsardo – For Stunning Views 


Located in the northwest of Sardinia, in the province of Sassari, Castelsardo is a charming town brimming with culture and history, and where to stay in Sardinia if you want to soak up the essence of its history.

Castelsardo’s nucleus is the Doria Castle, which is perched on a hill above the city. It’s a fortified city, with thick stone walls and 17 towers. Make sure to visit the Cathedral of Sant’Antonio Abate with its bell tower, ceramic dome, and crypts. Moreover, don’t miss out on seeing the Santa Maria delle Grazie medieval church and the ruins of the Benedictine monastery.

The pre-Nuragic colossal walls at Monte Ossoni should also be visited, as well as the nuraghe Paddaju.

Castelsardo does have a stretch of shoreline with a few beaches, including Castelsardo Beach, La Vignaccia Beach, and Pedraladda Beach. Lu Bagnu beach, which is just 2.5 kilometers from the city center, has soft sands and turquoise waters. If you are in the mood to go sailing or windsurfing, head over to Punta La Capra— a natural pool nestled between the shore and the sea.

Best Luxury Hotel in Castelsardo – Hotel & SPA Riviera Castelsardo

This hotel sits just 30 feet from the Castelsardo Beach. It’s a 4-star hotel with a megalithic pool. The spa is divine— the epitome of relaxation and luxury. Most rooms boast a balcony with a stellar sea view. Moreover, you’ll love sitting on the terrace, munching on breakfast, and enjoying the sea breeze.

Best Budget-Friendly Hotel in Castelsardo – Real B&B Primo Sole

This charming bed and breakfast in a prime location is close to everything you need for a truly relaxing holiday. The owners are kind and take great pride in providing guests a comfortable stay. The breakfast served daily is quite hearty!

Li Cossi
Li Cossi is one of the most famous beaches of Costa Paradiso



Costa Paradiso – The Most Beautiful Coves of Sardinia


In the north of Sardinia, Costa Paradiso – Sardinia’s Paradise Coast, is literally heaven on earth.This coastal area stretches from Santa Teresa di Gallura to Castelsardo. It’s definitely where to stay in Sardinia for adrenaline junkies or lovers of all things water-related.

Costa Paradiso has lots of great scuba diving spots, and sailing and windsurfing are popular activities. The bays of Li Cossi and Li Tinnari are probably my favorite!

Lastly, if you feel like going for a hike, there is a trail around Li Cossi that will take you through woods, meadows, and hills.

Li Cossi
Best Villa in Costa Paradiso – Casa Faedda

You won’t have shortage of stunning views from this beautiful villa in Trinità d’Agultu e Vignola. Decorated in traditional style and sleeping up to 4 guests, it’s equipped with anything you may need for a comfortable stay.

Best Luxury Hotel in Costa Paradiso –  Hotel Costa Paradiso

This spectacular hotel is just a few steps away from Li Cossi beach. Enjoy relaxing in the salt-water pool and take in the stunning views from the panoramic sea-view terrace. The sunsets and sunrises are truly astounding to witness.

Best Budget-Friendly Hotel in Costa Paradiso – Villa Agnese

A charming bed and breakfast that is a quick ten-minute drive from the Sardinia shoreline, it has a beautiful garden and a lovely pool to enjoy. It is clean and comfortable and comes at an affordable price. Rooms are on the small side, but lovely. 

Cala Spinosa
Cala Spinosa is one of the nicest beaches near Santa Teresa di Gallura

Santa Teresa di Gallura – The Place to Be for Vermentino Lovers


Santa Teresa di Gallura is a picturesque town that lies on the northernmost tip of Sardinia. The shining star is undoubtedly the sea. During the summer months, tourists flock there to bask in the brilliantly colored sparkling waters and enjoy the live music and hip bars. If you’re seeking a fantastic beach destination, then Santa Teresa di Gallura is where to stay in Sardinia.

Two of the most popular beaches to visit are Rena di Ponente and Rena di Levante; however, Capo Testa promises the best sunset views. That being said, Cala Spinosa and Valle Della Luna are the best spots. Each year, the Musica sulle Bocche jazz music festival is held there.

There are two ancient Nuragic sites to visit – Lu Brandali and Sa Testa.

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Best Luxury Hotel in Santa Teresa di Gallura – Nonna Pasqualina B&B

With a name like Nonna Pasqualina B&B, you probably wouldn’t have guessed that this would be the top luxury place to stay. But this place is a work of art. It’s a celebration of everything Sardinia, crafted in such a way that it is gleaming with taste and class. You’ll be just a few minutes’ walk from the beach, and will love eating breakfast in the verdant garden.

Best Budget-Friendly Hotel in Santa Teresa di Gallura – Hotel Canne al Vento

With a perfect location in the center of Santa Teresa di Gallura, this is a beautiful hotel serving up a sweet and savory buffet breakfast daily. Rooms are spacious, and most of them have a balcony too. The hotel is truly a fantastic spot, especially at such an affordable price!

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Cala Coticcio
Cala Coticcio can be seen on boat trips around La Maddalena Archipelago

La Maddalena – For Incredible Boat Tours


La Maddalena archipelago, in the northeast of Sardinia, actually consists of seven major islands— La Maddalena, Budelli, Caprera, Santo, Spargi, Santa Maria, Razzoli, and Santo Stefano. The entire La Maddalena archipelago was officially turned into a national park in 1994.

The main town is La Maddalena, located on La Maddalena island. This particular island sits roughly two kilometers off the shore of Sardinia. The epicenter of activity is around Piazza Umberto I and Via Garibaldi, which is filled with restaurants, cafes, boutiques, and bars. Maddalena is home to plenty of shimmering beaches, like Bassa Trinità and Spalmatore.

If you’re looking for a couples getaway, it doesn’t get more romantic than La Maddalena.

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La Maddalena north Sardinia beaches
Best Mid-Range Hotel in La Maddalena – Hotel Villa Del Parco

A beautiful hotel just a few steps away from the iconic Punta Tegge Beach, with well equipped rooms with a kitchenette and a little terrace to enjoy an aperitif on. A tantalizing buffet breakfast is served daily. Although this hotel doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars a night, it is still the most luxurious hotel in La Maddalena.

Best Villa in La Maddalena – Minima

This incredible villa sleeps up to 4 guests. From the villa, you will enjoy stunning views of the surrounding landscape, including the beach nearby. The villa, which is minimalist in design, was created with incredible attention to detail and comfort, and is the perfect place to relax after a day at the beach.

Best Budget-Friendly Hotel in La Maddalena – Guest House Tra Rocce E Mare

Close to Bassa Trinita Beach, this hotel is a quick five-minute drive from the ferry port. Keep in mind that rooms are a bit sparse and basic; however, it is a great value for your money accommodation option. 

best beaches in Sardinia
Costa Smeralda is where to stay in Sardinia to access exclusive beaches

Costa Smeralda – Where to Stay to Feel Like a Star


Costa Smeralda is a stretch of ten kilometers between the Gulf of Cugnana and the bay of Arzachena. It’s likely the most well-known area in Sardinia, world-renowned for its glitzy and glamorous resorts and out-of-this-world beaches.

In fact, Costa Smeralda is the most expensive location in all of Europe! Just for reference, to buy a house there, expect to pay nearly 300,000 euros per square meter.

Costa Smeralda is where to stay in Sardinia if you’re looking to experience the high-life, spot movie stars, and live like the rich and the famous on your Sardinia vacation!

The most iconic towns in Costa Smeralda are Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo. While you will likely have to break the piggy bank to stay in these towns, they are beautiful to visit for a walk through the boutiques and to see the luxury yachts.

Arzachena is part of Costa Smeralda, even though it is tucked just a few kilometers inland from the coast. It’s a densely populated area celebrated for its wine – especially high-quality and highly delectable Vermentino di Gallura wine. 

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best beaches in Costa Smeralda hotels
Best Luxury Hotel in Costa Smeralda – Hotel Cala di Volpe Resort

Often regarded as a destination in and of itself, this ritzy resort rises over its own cove. With 124 rooms and 16 suites, each room has been artistically crafted to maximize its distinctive beauty. You might recognize this hotel from the 1977 James Bond film, The Spy Who Loved Me.

Best Villa in Costa Smeralda – Case della Marina

Perfect for a family or a group of friends, this villa is located in a residence in glamorous Porto Cervo and has everything you need to make you feel like a king. Beautiful views, a patio for al fresco dining, and access to a communal pool are only some of the amenities you will be able to enjoy.

Best Budget-Friendly Hotel in Costa Smeralda: Hotel Citti

Located in Arzachena and with bright and spacious rooms boasting all the modern comforts you need for an enjoyable stay, it offers a complimentary buffet breakfast. It also has a small pool to lounge in.

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Want to visit Costa Smeralda on a low budget? Olbia is where to stay in Sardinia

Olbia – For Cheaper Access To Costa Smeralda


Olbia is most often referred to as the gateway to Costa Smeralda and often underestimated. This coastal city in the northeast of Sardinia is a great mix of architecture, history, and culture, all while being close to the best beaches in Sardinia.

Olbia’s most famous monument is the medieval basilica, San Simplicio. The Museum of Archeology in Olbia features incredible exhibits that span the spectrum from prehistoric artifacts to Roman warships.

There is also a massive archaeological complex called the Nuraghe Riu Mulinu to check out. And the medieval castle, Castello di Pedes, is just about a ten-minute drive from Olbia and shouldn’t be missed! The panoramic views of the city, the sea, and the hinterland from the castle are otherworldly.

While Olbia itself has no city beach, just a 15-minute drive will bring you to beautiful beaches. Saline Beach is only nine kilometers away, and La Cinta beach is roughly 28 kilometers away. In less than an hour by car, you can reach Costa Smeralda.

Best Luxury Hotel in Olbia – Hotel Panorama

Right in the heart of Olbia, this 4-star hotel oozes luxury. With a marble bathroom and natural wood flooring, you’ll stay in comfort and style. Moreover, you’ll be mere steps away from the best that Olbia has to offer.

Best Villa in Olbia – Boutique Art Villa Maria

Right on Pittulongu Beach, a quick 10 minutes drive to the center of Olbia, this impressive villa sleeps up to 6 guests so it is perfect for a family or a couple. You will have direct access to the beach and a stylish space to relax at the end of a day of exploration. You can even bring your own pets.

Best Budget-Friendly Hotel in Olbia: Hotel Terranova

Situated in Olbia’s historical center, just a ten-minute drive from the Olbia Airport, this hotel is very affordable, quaint, and lovely. You’ll be close to many of the top tourist sites in Olbia, like the Church of St. Paul the Apostle, and the Archeological Museum of Olbia.

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Cala Brandinchi
Cala Brandinchi is one of the highlights of San Teodoro

San Teodoro – Great Beaches and Nightlife


This small town in the province of Sassari, off the northeastern coast of Sardinia, San Teodoro (locally called Santu Diàdoru) is host to a vast number of beaches, including La Cinta, Cala d’Ambra, Li Corri di Li Becchi, Cala Suaraccia, and more! Cala Brandinchi, nicknamed “Little Tahiti,” is by far the most famous.

There also is an ancient archeological site to visit— a nuraghe— called Naracheddu. Make sure to visit the lagoon, which can be found behind the strip of beaches: it is a wonderful place to go birdwatching as it’s home to a flock of flamingos.

Cala Brandinchi
Best Luxury Hotel in San Teodoro: Montepetrosu Charming House

This hotel has state of the art facilities and enormous rooms. There is also a garden to wander around and a hot tub to relax in.

Best Budget-Friendly Hotel in San Teodoro: B&B Somiar

Just a few steps away from one of the most popular beaches in northeast Sardinia— La Cinta Beach – this hotel comes with a gorgeous terrace. You’ll be close to restaurants, so you’ll never have too far to go to get the best out of San Teodoro.

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Best beaches in Sardinia
Bidderosa, near Orosei, is one of the best beaches in Sardinia

Orosei – Stunning Beaches and Hikes 


Orosei is a positively picturesque small town with a beautiful bay and bountiful hiking trails. It’s located in the province of Nuoro, in the central-northeast region of Sardinia. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or the kind of traveler who wants to stay a little bit off the beaten path, Orosei will be the perfect fit.

There are 20 miles of beaches, coves, and grottos to check out along the Gulf of Orosei. A handful of the most jaw-droppingly stunning beaches can only be accessed by hiking along the trails like Cala Mariolu and Cala dei Gabbiani.

Inside the town there are 13 churches to visit and a medieval castle to see. Expect to wander through cobblestoned streets and be surrounded by charming old houses.

Su Gologone
Best Luxury Hotel in Orosei – Su Gologone

Su Gologone is one of the most famous hotels in Sardinia. While it isn’t located directly in Orosei, it’s close enough, in Oliena, nestled between the mountains and surrounded by woods. Su Gologone has a gorgeous estate that is truly radiant.

From every corner of the hotel, you’ll bask in breathtaking views of the mountains. Orosei is approximately 38 kilometers from Su Gologone Hotel, which is about 45 minutes by car.

Best Budget-Friendly Hotel in Orosei – Hotel Su Barchile

A few minutes’ walk away from the breath-taking Sardinian coastline, this modern hotel has a fantastic restaurant inside. The breakfast includes homemade cheese and cakes.

Rocce Rosse
Rocce Rosse can be seen from Tortolì



Tortolì & Santa Maria Navarrese – Beaches Galore



Santa Maria Navarrese is a small coastal village in the province of Nuoro, on the central-eastern coast of Sardinia, in the middle of the Gulf of Arbatax. Tortolì is right next to Santa Maria Navarrese.

Tortolì is filled with fertile plains and gentle, rolling hills. It’s also where you’ll find a unique red rock formation that runs parallel to the coastline called Rocce Rosse; it provides a shocking contrast to the aquamarine sea. Each year, a Rocce Rosse Blues music festival is held in Tortolì in August.

Santa Maria Navarrese is a positively enchanting small seaside town. A quick boat ride will take you to the stunning Cala Sisine and Cala Goloritzè beaches.

Arbatax ferry to Sardinia
Best Luxury Hotel in Tortolì & Santa Maria Navarrese – La Bitta

Set right on Porto Is Frailis beach and with direct access to a small, private and gorgeous beach, this nice hotel features comfortable rooms. The highlight is the fabulous restaurant – easily one of the best in Sardinia.

Best Luxury Hotel in Tortolì & Santa Maria Navarrese – Entula ‘E Mari

Located in Tortolì, Entula ‘E Mari is a sweet bed and breakfast very close to the Spiaggia di Basaura beach. Rooms come with beautiful balconies, and the breakfast served daily is truly scrumptious.

Best Budget-Friendly Hotel in Tortolì & Santa Maria Navarrese – Villa Tancau

Just 800 feet away from the golden sandy shores of Spiaggia di Tancau and only a few minutes’ walk from the center of Santa Maria Navarrese, it has plain rooms, but the outdoor patio is dreamy.

For more options, read my post The Best Santa Maria Navarrese Hotels.

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  1. Grazie for such a comprehensive article! I’m sure this will make my decision on where to stay in Sardinia much easier 🙂

  2. We are planning a trip to Sardinia in June and plan to stay for 10-14 days. What cities would you suggest as base to avoid hopping from one hotel to another?

  3. You could base yourself in Cagliari for a week, and in Alghero for another. Fly into Cagliari and out of Alghero. You will need to rent a car.

  4. I have visited your site multiple times in planning a mother-daughter trip to Sardinia the first week of May. I appreciate your insights and am taking your advice on car rental, beaches, and accommodations. I am also looking at excursions. Thanks
    Melissa & Sophie

  5. Hi Claudia, thank you so much for all of your advice – your site is brilliant! I am planning a 3-day trip to Sardinia with my bridesmaids in May. We are hoping to have good beaches, good boat trips, and evening fun. Where would you recommend we go? (Parlo italiano se necessario.)

  6. Hello Betsy, thank you for your comment and I am glad you are finding my site useful. May is the very beginning of beach season here and unless we hit a heatwave, it’s not really swimming season as water is very cold. If you only have 3 days, it’s best you base yourself in a city like Cagliari or Alghero and explore from there. Alghero has better beaches nearby, but Cagliari has better nightlife (it’s the capital).

  7. This is a great breakdown of Sardinia, thanks a lot Claudia! Planning a trip to Sardinia in August. Do you have any recommendations for local places to rent a car? thanks!

  8. Great article. Where would you say is the best area for enjoying the great food of the ‘blue zone’ while being somewhere that isn’t in the middle of a city?

  9. Hi Claudia. Great info. Thinking about long term stay – maybe 3 months. Where would you recommend so we don’t need a rental car the whole time? Not in a city but in a smaller town or village within walking distance of a beach. Gracie.

  10. If you want to explore the island, you will need a car. If you just want to stay in the same place for 3 months, you can make do without but will occasionally have to put up with slow bus rides, or rent a car on occasion. Santa Teresa di Gallura, Villasimius, Alghero fit your requirements. Alghero is the largest of the three and a major tourist hub too.

  11. Hi Claudia,

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge of Sardinia. We are looking to spend a week in Sardinia but have no clue where to begin. We would love to be close as possible to the sea. We are looking to rent a villa, looking for a kid/family-friendly experience.

  12. Sounds like Costa Rei or Villasimius would be perfect for you. Check out my posts on both locations. I have plenty of info on the site already!

  13. Hello Claudia, love your page and I have been back and forth trying to decide on an area to stay. We are mid 30’s working couple looking for beach side break and great food. Would Tortolì be a great place to go for a week? or would you do half there and half on another spot on the island as we are also first time visitors. I love to swim in the sea

  14. Such a fantastic page, so helpful! A friend and I are travelling to Sardinia in April for a week. We fly into and out of Alghero. Would you recommend spending the week in Alghero and exploring around there, or would we be better to do a few days in Alghero, and heading down to Cagliari? We won’t be renting a car, so we would be relying on buses or trains. Would really appreciate hearing your thoughts. Thanks so much

  15. Hi Claudia, your website is great and full of helpful information! My fiancé and I are considering Sardinia for our honeymoon towards the end of August. We’re looking for an area with beautiful beaches, good restaurants and bars. We don’t plan on renting a car. Would you recommend Stintino? Or any other areas? We’d be grateful for your help. Many thanks 😊

  16. Alghero is probably a better option if you don’t want to rent a car. But make sure to visit La Pelosa (maybe rent a car for just a day!). Happy you are visiting for your honeymoon!!

  17. Looking to visit as a couple for a week at the end of July, flying into Olbia. Where would you recommend? walking distance to a beach and restaurants If possible, not nightlife

  18. Hello Claudia,

    Wow thank you for all of your efforts putting this in-depth guide together. I’m hoping to visit in the last week of July or first week of August. I have two teenage sons, and we love kayaking/watersports, visiting natural beauty spots and volcanoes, (I have a budding geologist), interest in history and a fishing trip for beginners. Ideally we would like to book an apartment hotel.

    Would you have any recommendations of where to stay to do these activities or book tours from and if there are apartment hotels please?

    Many thanks,

  19. Hello Diane, thank you for leaving a comment. There are no volcanoes in Sardinia, other than the crater of an extinguished ancient one which is in the area of Scano di Montiferro.

    Any area would be great for a trip with your sons, really. I think since you have teenage sons you may want to stay somewhere where they can enjoy a bit more of social life – perhaps San Teodoro or Alghero, or down south in Villasimius. Hope this helps!

  20. ‘m sure he’d love to see an extinguished one. Really helpful information, thanks so much for taking the time to reply 🙂

  21. Of course! Honestly the hike is nice and easy – but you need a guide I think. And you really don’t realize you are walking around a crater until the guide tells you to look closer 😀

  22. Grazie for all the effort you’ve put into this website! I’ll be coming for a solo trip for two weeks in July and your site is the most comprehensive and helpful one I’ve found. Sono così emozionato!

  23. Hi Claudia,

    Thank you for your wonderful advice. A friend and I are looking to spend a few days in Sardinia in July. We are single guys in our thirties that love the beach life, and while our nightclub days are past us want a beach area that has places to sit and meet people at night. We won’t have a car so ideally it would be somewhere easy to get to from Cagliari or Olbia airport. From your guide it seems San Teodoro is best, do you agree?

  24. If we decided to base in Tortoli would you say there are thigns to do at night? My thought was that we would have access to boat tours from Tortoli/Santa Maria. I do not know if San Teodoro has thease boats to the Orosei region and its beaches.

  25. It’s the best decision. There are many restaurants and bars in Tortolì too. Make sure to try La Bitta!

  26. Hello Claudia.
    Thank you for this guide.
    Our son who died went to Sardinia. All we know is he started from calligari hired a car he took a boat to visit coves and bays because he lost his t///shirt in the sea.
    He went to the north east coast. He also loved everything James Bond so he would have visited places where they filmed.
    Can you suggest places to stay . Do we need a car. We want to walk in his footsteps to get some memories. There is so much choice. We don’t know where to start. Our kindest wishes. Hugs🙏🌈🦋🌺🐘🐅💔😥😇

  27. Hello Joan, I am sorry about the loss of your son. It must have been hard for you! This whole post is about places to stay, so you can definitely use this as guidance. I think if he visited James Bond places he surely went to Costa Smeralda – I have a detailed post about the best hotels in Costa Smeralda (Cala di Volpe hotel is where the movie was filmed). I also have a guide about Costa Smeralda, one on the best beaches of Costa Smeralda, and a guide on renting car in Sardinia and renting a car in Olbia – which brings me to say you definitely need a car! Browse the site and I am sure you will find all the info to trace your son’s footsteps. And by all means, send me an email if you need more help.

  28. Hello,

    Thank you for your insider Info. love your website. I have a quick question:
    As a couple, we are looking at holidaying end of July Start of August for 10 days. We are looking for a quiet stay, with everything in walking distance ( beach and small towns for dinners) as we wont have a car, but want to avoid night life areas or massiv city- and beach crowds (but i know its high season, so it will be busy)

    Perhaps you can recommend an area that could meet our criteria?
    we were thinking Alghero ( but a little outside of the city)

  29. What a comprehensive article thank you very much! We are planning a family holiday 2 weeks in early September (we have a 3 year old) arriving from France on the ferry into Porto Torres so we want to stay north to minimise travel time (the ferry is already 10hrs from home!) we like low key, quiet, pristine beaches, and fishing villages, not really keen on “resorts” from your article it looks like perhaps the area close to Stintino or perhaps San Teodoro would be best? Thank you so much in advance! Samantha

  30. Ciao Claudia,
    Thank you for this helpful write-up! I was wondering which beaches would have the most calm water (i.e. no surfing) and would be good for snorkeling, in July. I assume it would be Costa Smeralda and the east coast, but maybe also Alghero area and Stintino beaches? I have heard of wind-surfing in the southern part of Sardinia.



  31. Hello Kristina, all Sardinian beaches can be exposed to wind – it really depends. I can’t really suggest one place over the other for fear of disappointing you. Snorkeling is great in the Villasimius area, I think.

  32. Thank you Claudia.
    We have booked a car and will travel from Cagliria to alghero to Palau to the smeraldo coast.
    Where is the best place to hire a boat to go to see the bays and coves please.
    Thank you.
    Good wishes

  33. Palau is probably the best place for that! Check out my post on La Maddalena boat tours for information

  34. HI there, would you be able to advise where is good for families, in the Norther half of the island ? somewhere quiet and authentic? thankyou!

  35. It really depends on the season you are visiting. If you are coming in the summer months, there will be tourists everywhere, many of them actually locals who move around during the summer to enjoy the island themselves. In terms of places in Northern Sardinia, San Teodoro, Budoni, Cannigione are all lovely.

  36. Thanks, we are coming in early september, I have found some nice accomodation options close to San Teodoro, so perhaps that is the best location to go for! Thanks again

  37. Hello! Loved this article so much.

    We’re wanting to come on 1st June for 10 days for our honeymoon. We want nice food, nice beaches, and bars/restaurants for night time. Where would be best to base ourselves?

    Thank you!

  38. Hi Claudia,
    My husband and i are in Sardinia from Saturday 27th August until 4th September. We are from Australia and will be coming from Sicily. We have never been to Sardinia before and would love you to put an itinerary together for us. We both love food, great beaches and not too touristy things to do. We are both in our 50’s and fit.

    Looking forward to your feedback

  39. Hello! I do offer this service indeed. Please go through my Sardinia Holidays Planning page (you find it above the menu bar) and pick a service, then email me and we will get to work 🙂

  40. Hello Claudia, your page has been so useful, thank you for sharing all your knowledge. I’m planning on traveling to Sardinia for 3 days only, and I have to arrive on Olbia airport. Because of that I would like to stay on that part of the island. I’ve been checking out the beaches around there, but I would like to know which ones you think will be less crowded at the beginning of July. Also best town to stay on that part of the island =). Thank you!

  41. Literally all beaches will be crowded in July unfortunately. But I think since you are only there for 3 days, San Teodoro or Porto San Paolo are your best options.

  42. Hi Hi Hi Hi Claudia,
    Fantastic, helpful website, many thanks.
    We’re booking 2 weeks in beautiful Sardinia 2-16 July & seeking your kind advice.
    With teenage daughters, we’re considering 2-centre break, 1 week North & 1 South.
    For our stay in Northern Sardinia I wondered where you’’d recommend that is good for some nightlife/bars/restaurants? We’re looking at hotel for 1 week & an Airbnb/apartment rental for the second….any places you can recommend?

  43. Hello,
    Love all you article… so helpful. We just decided to book a two week trip to Sardina from Aug 14-27 and we have never been . . We are a family of 5 with two adult children (22 & 21) and a 17 yr old. We want to divide our time to 2-3 locations. Recommendations? We love beaches and great food. I am finding it difficult to book since we are so late . Help!!! Thanks

  44. Fly into Alghero and out of Cagliari. Stay in Alghero for one week, and in Costa Rei / Villasimius for the other!

  45. Hi Claudia,

    Love your article and site!

    We are a mid-30 couple doing a week long break in June and wanted to get your opinion on where to stay. We will be flying into/out of Cagliari and will rent a car.

    We want to visit Cala Gonone, and their beaches/coves and to do some hikes. We also want to visit Nuoro to eat. We also want a day or two just relaxing by the beach.

    We are trying to figure out where to base ourselves? We were thinking Cala Gonone or Budoni. What do you think?

  46. You are probably better off basing yourself at one of the agriturismo in Dorgali (I have a dedicated post about Dorgali too). From there, it’s 20 minutes drive to Cala Gonone, 15 minutes drive to the beginning of the trail to the Gorropu Canyon, 20 minuted drive to Nuoro and about 30 minutes to Orosei where you’ll find the GORGEOUS Oasi Bidderosa and many other beaches such as Berchida, Cala Liberotto and more. I have dedicated posts about each of these places: just write the name in the little lens you find on the menu bar!

  47. Struggling! My family of 6 will have 4 days in the South in July. We are flying into Cagliari. My exchange daughter lives in Carbonia and her family has a small beach house in Porto Pino. We have a rental car booked but trying to find areas where we can beach and still have access to shops and restaurants. My kids are ages 17-22 and from the US, Spain, and Italy. I had this dream of us all staying together and seeing the water and walking to the beach. That is proving more challenging than I anticipated! Thoughts or suggestions?

  48. Why don’t you base yourself in Cagliari and use it as a base for day trips? It’s about 1.5 hours to Porto Pino. And you can visit that one day, and check out the million other beaches in southern Sardinia the other days. Besides, Cagliari is beautiful.

  49. Hi!
    I’m traveling with a friend and we want to avoid too much tourism, but still somewhere with a touch of nightlife (not clubs or anything- just a lively bar scene!). What would you reccomend?

  50. It really depends on when you intend to visit. In general I think Cagliari is probably the best. You will need to rent a car to drive to the beaches.

  51. Hi Claudia!

    Very helpful information, thank you. My wife and I are considering honeymooning in Sardinia this September for ~7-10 days. We want to stay somewhere on the beach (not a must, but we would like to) and the main thing we care about is walking distance to lots of amazing food. We don’t want to explore the whole island but would do a few cool day trips. Mostly just relax though, stay in one town or maybe two. We are so overwhelmed with the amount of options! Do you recommend any area in particular?

    We don’t have anything booked yet 🙂

    Thank you!

  52. If food is important to you, and the possibility of “walking to it”, the best places to base yourself are Cagliari, Alghero and Castelsardo.

  53. Hi Claudia,

    thank you for such an amazing guide to Sardinia!My husband and I are planning a short 4day trip(we got my mum babysitting for that much) in the last week of September or first week of October.Are the weather and water still ok for swimming at that time of the year,please?We were thinking of booking a b&b someplace on the nice beach and renting a car for day trips and maybe even a boat trip to see the most of the coastline.Shall we base ourselves in the east or west area for best beaches,please?

  54. Hey Masa, thank you for leaving a comment. The weather is normally good at the end of September but it’s been so random lately… this is to say: I really can’t predict that. Beaches: they are ALL amazing, no matter where you base yourself.

  55. Hello Claudia, thanks a lot about this so useful information.

    My friend and I, 25 years old, looking for a good place to spend August(the whole month).
    We are looking for a spot that we can stay and to be close to beautiful beach(diving will be a wonderful bonus), and nightlife places.

    Can you suggest a place in Sardiny that not too expensive from one hand, but has beautiful beaches and nightlife in the other.

    We don’t have an interest in history and Architecture.

    Thanks a lot, it’s a long term, and we want to undergo vacation to the best.

  56. I think Villasimius is one of the best for diving, and San Teodoro for nightlife. Not expensive – sorry, but Sardinia in August is all about expensive!

  57. Hi Claudia! Me and my husband will visit Sardinia for 10 days in the middle of August. We will fly in to Cagliari and we were thinking to fly out of Alghero. We would like to rent a car and stay in max 3 places along the east-north coast. We like good food, nature (maybe include 1-2 secluded beaches), and we also need time to relax (so we would like to avoid very crowded places). Can you recommend best places to look for accommodation? Or maybe it is better to fly out of Cagliari and just stay somewhere in the area and do day trips from there? Sardinia sounds amazing with looots of places to see, but 10 days doesn’t seems enough, and we don’t want to rush the whole trip just to see most of these places… we will surely come back if we like it 🙂 Thank you! Diana

  58. I have posts on this site on the best places to stay in Cagliari and the best places to stay in Alghero, so make sure to use the menu and look for the accommodation tag / category and you will be able to find them 🙂

  59. Hi Claudia,
    I’ve been researching tons about Sardinia because I’ve been having a hard time figuring out where to stay and your blog has been the most helpful! Even so, I’d love your advice: I am traveling with my sister to Sardinia and debating where to stay. We are two women, in our mid 30s, that love the beach but also want to enjoy good food and perhaps some drinks (but no need to be crazy fancy like Costa Smeralda). We are ultimately looking for that amazing mediterranean summer vibes. After reading your blog, it seems that Alghero or Santa Teresa could be the right candidates? Would you agree so? Or where would you recommend for mid August? We will have 4 nights in Sardinia after having spent 3-4 nights in Florence. Thank you SO SO much for your kind advice!

  60. Hello,
    I highly appreciate your insights about this beautiful part of Italy and the recommendations are much appreciated. Would you be so kind and give me a piece of advice, weather to visit in mid October Sardinia (19-26), would I be able to take a swim and have have some sunny beach days?
    Thank you again

  61. Hi, Claudia,

    Thank you for this amazing post.

    I’m visiting September 10 – 15, alone. Flying into Cagliari (arriving around 4 or 5 pm). I am planning to rent a car, have dinner that night, and then Sunday do the market and explore as much of the city as possible. Was thinking of heading to Pula Monday morning before heading north to explore the rest of the island – but am not totally locked into that idea.

    Any advice on how to spend the rest of the trip as a single, female in her 30s traveling alone? I love beaches, art/galleries, scenery, outdoors, local-esque experiences, shopping and even appreciate history much more than I did in my 20s, haha. Mainly, I am looking forward to disconnecting from a busy creative career and want to truly experience as much of the culture, food and people as possible while there.

    Thanks for any additional tips or advice!

  62. Hello Jamie! First of all: markets in Cagliari are closed on Sundays, so you’ll have to rethink that plan. Secondly: I am afraid your questions need more than a comment to be addressed. But – good news! – if you write the word “itinerary” in the search box, you’ll pull up a few posts with ready made itineraries you may want to consider. Hope this helps!

  63. Thanks so much for your response – I’m sure this will help. And I’d read somewhere that there is a flea market that is really cool on Sundays in Cagliari called the Antiquaria flea marketing – maybe they don’t do it anymore! Nonetheless, that means more time to see more of the beautiful island. Thank you again; truly appreciate you.

  64. Planning on going September for 2 weeks. There will be 4 adults. Flying into Cagliari. No idea where to stay. Will have a car. Only want to stay in 1 place. Want an area not too touristy. What are the highlights we should do.
    Thank you

  65. I have a full post dedicated on where to stay in Sardinia. Have you read that? If not, send me an email and I will share a link 🙂

  66. Hi,
    Love your article, very informative, thank you. Where would you recommend us to stay early November please? We do love a sunset.

    Thank you

  67. Thank you for this very informative article! My husband and I will be visiting Sardinia as part of a one-month trip around Italy for our honeymoon (we are from Australia). We only have 4 days in Sardinia and are trying to decide between staying in Cagliari (and doing a day trip to La Maddalena Islands) or staying in La Maddalena- which would you recommend? We will be going in late June. Thanks 🙂

  68. You can’t go on a day trip from Cagliari to La Maddalena – it’s around 3.5 hours drive from Cagliari to Palau, plus the ferry. You could fly to Olbia and then from there go directly to La Maddalena, but frankly 4 days won’t do justice to Sardinia at all. I recommend a week as a minimum!

  69. Hi Claudia, great article! Me and my mum want to come for a long weekend (thur to Sun) at the start of June. We won’t have a car so will have to get a taxi (?) from the airport and then find somewhere on the beach that we can wander to bars and restaurants? We always go to Viareggio but want to try something new – what would you suggest? Grazie!

  70. There are 3 airports in Sardinia – I have a post on how to get to Sardinia, a post on the best flights from London to Sardinia, a post that explains how to get from each airport to the main city nearby. Read those for detailed information on how to get around. Re the area, I think Alghero is a great option. Nice beaches you can get to by bus, small town packed with restaurants, lots of nice sites nearby. If you input “Alghero” in the search lens, it will bring up all posts about Alghero that you can read to plan your trip.

  71. Hello! How would you recommend getting from Palau in the North to the Baunei Coast? I looked at renting a car, but it is expensive. What is the public transport like from the North to the East coast? Do you recommend any routes in particular? The busses show it will take a long time 🙁

  72. Because it is 1) far; 2) windy roads which means buses will be slow. Rent a car. I have a post on the best options for car rental in Sardinia and also for Olbia.

  73. Hi Claudia,

    First off, thank you for taking the time to respond. This is such an informative site!
    My wife and I (mid 40s no kids) are planning to visit Sardinia on the first week of Sept. Assuming it’s still good swimming weather. We like calm clear water (hate waves). We only have 5-6 days, unfortunately.
    We’re not looking for off the beaten path hikes down steep cliffs to quiet pristine beaches with just a few people. As great as that sounds. Looking for a good mix of cute scenic/historic towns, views, wineries, if possible (we are huge wine drinkers), and great beaches with some amenities. I assume the food is great everywhere. Agrotourismos are wonderful as well, but hotels are fine. We plan to rent a car. What would you recommend for a base? Cagliari and Alghero sound interesting given that time of year. Costa Smeralda sounds too San Tropez-like. NE Sardinia (Costa Paradiso) seems rugged. Thanks again

  74. 3 days in Cagliari and 3 in Alghero as bases. Both have an airport. You can pick up your car in Cagliari and drop it off in Alghero. I have itineraries for both and many more useful posts for them!

  75. Hi Claudia! My three siblings and I, all in our early/mid twenties, are considering traveling to Sardinia after a wedding at the very end of July/ first week of August. We’re looking for good beaches, nothing too busy, good food, fun local bars, and safety is important of course! Can you please recommend where we should go? Thanks 🙂

  76. All of Sardinia is safe, all the beaches are gorgeous, but if you are traveling at the end of July / beginning of August, all of the island will be VERY BUSY. If you are looking for fun, bars, etc, I recommend either Alghero or the Costa Smeralda. But once again, that time of year is the peak of the peak of the peak season. Expect everything to be busy.

  77. Hi,

    My partner and I would like to visit Sardinia in mid October, we enjoy hiking, good food, history, nightlife (not a club scene though) and exploring it’s our honeymoon so want to stay somewhere nice. Where can you recommend?

    Thank you

  78. How long do you plan to stay? You could actually consider purchasing one of my ready-made itineraries (it’s under the Sardinia Holidays Planning bit).

  79. Wow- such a great article and looking to read more of your articles!. My husband and I are going to Sardinia in July for six days. It will be after Venice and Florence and before 4 days in Rome. Sardinia will be the “honeymoon we should’ve had 20 years ago” portion of the trip. We love snorkeling and he will want to dive, climb, swim – though we realize it will be very hot. Looking to stay somewhere where we might be able to walk to a snorkeling beach, and also be close to other snorkeling beaches. We do plan to rent a car and would like to rent a boat for a day. Maybe do a snorkel
    Day excursion to an island if that is really worthy it. I have heard Cala Gonone might be a good place to stay. Our focus is really to be somewhere where we can walk to a snorkel beach as well as walk to some places to eat. We do not need any nightlife, but would like able to walk to a small town for coffee and dinner. Recommendation? Thank you!!!

  80. La Maddalena – but you need a car to get there, and a car to get to the beaches. But it is OUT OF THIS WORLD. Otherwise, I think Villasimius is also a good option, down south. But again, you need a car. You are always better off with a car in Sardinia.

  81. Hi Claudia, I really appreciate you creating this detailed post and taking the time out to answer everyone’s questions (I have been reading the Q&A section as it’s also informative) & I would really appreciate it if you could answer my question too?

    My partner and I are spending the last week of September in Milan for my birthday, however I decided spontaneously to book us a weekend flight to Sardinia – after seeing a video on Instagram of the beautiful island.

    We’ll be arriving at Cagliari airport first thing in the morning and depart the following morning also at CAG. (I wish I’d read your blog before as I’d have flown into Alghero instead).

    I‘ve fallen in love with Baunei and would really love to see the beaches (Pools of Venus, Cala Luna, Cala Mariolu etc) however I’m not sure if it’s possible given the 24hr time frame?

    We haven’t booked an overnight hotel yet so flexible in that regard, and whilst we didn’t plan to book a car, I think we will have to based on your comments.

    I just want to spend a day enjoying a blue flag beach, soaking up some sun together & enjoying the beauty of nature. In the evening visit a restaurant for some delicious food or even just eat at the hotel. Where would you recommend we stay?

    Thank you in advance for your reply, I really appreciate it!

  82. Hello Shari, honestly if you can get a refund for your flight, I think coming to Sardinia for just one day is not a good idea. It’s a very big island with much to see and do (it’s bigger than Israel) and deserves a trip of its own. In any case, if it makes you feel better reaching Baunei and the beaches of the Gulf of Orosei from Alghero is even more difficult than from Cagliari! If you are only staying for one night, you really have no time to go there. It’s 2 hours drive from Cagliari to Santa Maria Navarrese, from where boat tours depart from. But they depart at 8:30 am at the latest, so no matter how early you land, you won’t make it on the same day. If you are still keen on spending the night in Sardinia, I recommend sticking to Cagliari and perhaps visit Chia Su Giudeu beach OR Punta Molentis beach (you can’t see them both on the same day, they are in opposite directions. In any case, as it will be the end of September, you really can’t enjoy the beach much after 5:00 pm so it would have to be a morning trip (ie go there as soon as you land. I have dedicated posts to both beaches – just use the search lens in the menu bar to find them. Stay overnight in Cagliari.

  83. Hi Claudia,

    Hope you are doing well. Thank you so much for the amazing guide. We (a couple in our twenties) are planning on going to Sardinia for 1 week. Based on your advice, we definitely will be renting a car. However, we would like to book just one accommodation. We want to do plenty of day trips and love beautiful beaches and good food. Where would you advice our accommodation to be? Also, would you recommend the northern part or the southern part more in general for young people? Thanks so much!

  84. You forgot to mention a crucial bit of information: when will you be going? Without that, I really can’t give much guidance!

  85. Oh dear – if you haven’t secured a place by now, finding one that doesn’t cost a fortune will be hard. Anyhow – if you are young, the area of Costa Smeralda and San Teodoro is where you will find most bars, clubs etc.

  86. Thank you for the quick answer! Luckily, I still found a couple of amazing accommodations that actually were affordable! However, we would much rather stay in a place with beautiful beaches and good food as I mentioned, rather than going to a place with lots of clubs and bars. Would you then still recommend the places you named over other areas? Thank you in advance!

  87. Great beaches and delicious food are EVERYWHERE in Sardinia. Really, you are super safe on this one 🙂

  88. Hey Claudia, thank you so much for this web site and all the information you’ve provided! We’re headed to Sardinia in September but are trying to decide between Alghero, Baunei or La Maddelena. Which is the best choice if we’re prioritizing best food, beaches and other views of nature (hiking/walking/etc)?

  89. Hi Claudia, my friends and I are going for a trip in Sardinia at the end of August. We’re renting a car and would like to see many different places on the island. Which area would you recommend we stay in so that travelling all over the island is the easiest? Thank you in advance 🙂

  90. The Sinis Peninsula is very central. I have many dedicated posts to the area. Just input “Sinis Peninsula” in the search bar and it will bring up everything that is related.

  91. I love LOVE LOVE LOVE La Maddalena. There aren’t many great restaurants to be honest, but the beaches are stunning and there are lots of short hikes.

  92. Hi Claudia –
    My girlfriend and I are trying to stay 3 nights in Sardinia to conclude our Amalfi/Capri trip. We are interested in beaches, night life, good food, but without splurging too much since it will be the end of the trip. I was originally looking at the Northeast region of the island, but your helpful list is making my decision harder! I would like to rent a car and explore a bit also, but we can only do 3 nights! Where do you suggest? This will be the last weekend in August.

  93. Hi!
    Thanks for your page it’s really informative.
    However we are still struggling to find the best place to stay.
    We want to have a beach/beaches and restaurants in walking distance from our hotel, and other areas to explore within a 20 min drive, do you have any suggestions?
    Thanks 😊

  94. I’d say Alghero and Cagliari! La Maddalena is also great, but the restaurant scene is good, but not amazing.

  95. Hi Claudia! Your blogs are all so helpful – thank you!
    I’m going to Sardinia in mid-October with my boyfriend. We’re looking for a laid-back and relaxing stay with a bit of exploring (beaches, small towns, local restaurants, etc), but I’m bit worried about closures on the island near the end of the season. Do you know if any areas are more likely to be closed for the season?

  96. Hi Claudia,

    I will be in Northeastern Sardinia for 4 days in mid October with my husband, flying in and out of Olbia. Where would you recommend we stay between Porto Rotundo, Cannigione, and San Teodoro? We would like to be somewhere we can walk around and go to great restaurants that won’t be all closed since it will be off season! Let me know if you can advise. Thanks so much!

  97. Your best option would be to stay in Cagliari or Alghero, where everything will be open, and take day trips from there.

  98. Hello Claudia, thank you so much for your amazing website!

    My fiancée and I are planning our honeymoon with 1 week in Sardinia – we are thinking 3 days in Cagliari, but then are soooo indecisive of where to stay after that. We are seeking a good base where we can walk to dinner and bars (good nightlife – not necessarily clubs, but bars in piazza’s), but also be driving distance to nice beaches and possibly a boat tour.

    What do you think? Your insight is much appreciated to make our honeymoon end on a high 🙂 Grazie mille!!!!

  99. I’d probably opt for Alghero, but if you want STUNNING beaches there’s also La Maddalena Archipelago, which is on the northeastern coast.

  100. It depends on the season – I don’t know when you are traveling. I still prefer Alghero has it has more of a small town feel. San Teodoro is a smaller locality.

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