The Nicest Sardinia Hidden Gems

Sardinia hidden gems

You surely heard me say this before, but it’s worth repeating: Sardinia has much, much more to offer than heavenly beaches and luxury resorts. And if it is not your first time in Sardinia – or even if it is, but you have a knack for the unusual – you will certainly be interested in … Read more

What Is Christmas In Sardinia Like?

Christmas in Sardinia

Christmas is one of the most heartfelt festivities in Italy, and Sardinia is no exception. Due to the heavy Catholic influence and the strong link that Sardinian people have with their folklore and pagan traditions, Christmas in Sardinia has always been quite unique and interesting, filled with rites in which religion and superstition, Christianity and … Read more

The Most Scenic Lighthouses In Sardinia

Lighthouses in Sardinia

There are many gorgeous lighthouses in Sardinia. You see, Sardinia is a land of sailors. The island has seen several civilizations come and go through its seas, since the beginning of time. It only comes naturally that, with this never-ending flow of ships and people, ensuring safe travels and docking was more of a must … Read more

Where To See The Sunset In Sardinia

sunset in Sardinia

Sardinia is a place of a million colors and a million sceneries. You can see anything from ancient ruins to breathtaking beaches, and experience a kaleidoscope of emotions. One of the best things to do in such a wonderful, magic place is indeed watching the sunset: the island is rich with panoramic spots from where … Read more

Is Sardinia Worth Visiting?

Is Sardinia worth visiting?

Every time someone asks me “Is Sardinia worth visiting?”, I always come up with the same, blunt answer: yes. Sardinia is worth visiting, all year round and in its every corner. The thing that you should actually be asking me is why is Sardinia worth visiting? You see, there is so, so much more than … Read more

A Short Guide To Piscinas Dunes And Ingurtosu, Sardinia

Piscinas Dunes Ingurtosu

Piscinas Dunes, in Sardinia’s Costa Verde (Green Coast) are among the most incredible, surreal, breathtaking landscapes on the island. Not far from it, Ingurtosu is an intriguing, mysterious abandoned mining village that calls to be explored. A visit of Piscinas and Ingurtosu, with the Laveria Brassey mine, can be combined in the same day and … Read more

Which Are The Flights From London To Sardinia?

Cagliari airport to the city center

Sardinia is a popular summer holiday destination, and well connected to the rest of Europe and Italy via regular and budget flights. Flying from London to Sardinia and vice versa isn’t difficult: there are plenty of flights from London to Sardinia and viceversa, to each of the three airports in the region. You have the … Read more

A Quick Guide To Cala Spinosa, Sardinia

Cala Spinosa

A short distance from one of Sardinia’s prime holiday destinations – Santa Teresa di Gallura; and right in Capo Testa, Cala Spinosa is a tiny, rocky cove with the most pristine, clear waters you can imagine, perfect to snorkel. With stunning views over the Bocche di Bonifacio (Mouths of Bonifacio) and overlooking Corsica, it’s a … Read more

A Brief Guide To Autunno In Barbagia

Autunno in Barbagia

Autunno in Barbagia is a festival taking place in the Sardinian Barbagia region, every weekend, for a whopping three months in total. The festival’s name literally means “Fall in Barbagia” and consists of a series of events, usually starting on the first week of September and carrying on until December. Every weekend, the festival changes … Read more