The Ultimate Guide To Oristano, Sardinia


Oristano is located on the Western side of central Sardinia and is considered an area that has stayed natural, more authentic compared to the ones that have seen a huge touristic flow throughout the years. The city and its surroundings have a long history because they were inhabited since Nuragic times. The Oristano we know … Read more

A Quick Guide To Nuoro, Sardinia


Nuoro is called the “Sardinian Athens” by locals because of its continuous, eternal cycle of cultural innovations and constant change. It’s located in the heart of the Sardinian mountains, in the Barbagia area, and will leave you stunned by its beauty and unique atmosphere. Nuoro is a city pulsing with events, festivals, art, and traditions. … Read more

The 19 Best Places For Sardinian Beer

Beer in Sardinia

Sardinian beer is fabulous! Beer lovers unite! Recent decades have seen a craft beer revolution sweep across Sardinia, with more than a few microbreweries popping up here and there on the island. If you’re looking for the best spots to indulge in craft beer, you’re in the right place! Did you know that the island … Read more

What To See And Do In Sassari, Sardinia


Sassari is located nine kilometers away from the coast, inside the Asinara Gulf, and is the fifth Italian city by broadness (546,08 km²). Its territory, a great combination of hills and a fertile plain slowly fading into the sea, has been a blessing and the main reason for this city’s prosperity for several centuries now. A … Read more

Which Are The Islands Of Sardinia?

La Maddalena

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean, right after Sicily. But did you know there are many islands of Sardinia that you can also visit? Some of the smaller islands of Sardinia are inhabited – you will find charming, quaint villages: that’s the case of Sant’Antioco and San Pietro islands. Others are completely … Read more

A Short Guide To San Sperate

san sperate

If you’re visiting the area of Cagliari during your stay in Sardinia, you can’t miss a one-day trip to San Sperate, one of the countless hidden gems on the island! This small village located only a few kilometers from Cagliari, became famous in the 1970s thanks to Pinuccio Sciola, a local artist who begun a … Read more

A Complete Guide To Calasetta, Sardinia


Calasetta – or Cala di Seta, as it used to be known – is one of the most charming small towns in Sardinia, and if you are exploring the south of the island you should make it a point to visit, at least for a day. This small town features bright white buildings; colorful balconies … Read more

A Quick Guide To Chia Su Giudeu Beach

su giudeu

Su Giudeu is one of the most famous beaches in the area of Chia, in the southwestern tip of Sardinia. Locally known as Spiaggia di Su Giudeu, this gorgeous sandy beach is the continuation of S’Acqua Durci (fresh water, in Sardinian) beach, from which it is separated by a small rocky reef. This paradisiac beach … Read more

What’s Easter In Sardinia Like?

Easter In Sardinia

Easter in Sardinia is quite eventful. Holy Week’s celebrations on the island date back to pre-Christian times, when instead of celebrating Christ’s passion and resurrection it was custom to greet the incoming Spring with rituals and prayers for a prosperous farming and hunting season. Nowadays the religious rites are still mixed with the pagan ones … Read more

The Best Guide To Castelsardo, Sardinia


Castelsardo is located inside the Asinara Gulf and was founded by the Genoese Doria family, who originally called it “Castel Genovese”. It is included in the “100 Most Beautiful Italian Villages” chart and, thanks to the beautiful beaches and cityscape it offers, there is no wonder why. The castle (castello) that gives the name to … Read more