A Guide To Villa D’Orri, Sardinia

Villa d'Orri

The first two things that come to mind when thinking about Sardinia are the crystal clear water of the sea and the beautiful beaches on the coast. However, the island has much more to offer: beautiful natural landscapes, archaeological sites and even elegant historic buildings. Among these, there’s Villa d’Orri. … Read more

A Complete Guide To Carloforte And Isola Di San Pietro, Sardinia

Carloforte Isola di San Pietro

Located in the beautiful Isola di San Pietro, in the Sulcis Archipelago in southern Sardinia, Carloforte is one of the most beautiful, unique places to visit in Sardinia. Recently made nationally famous by a TV Series (L’Isola di Pietro), the island has retained all of its local character. Blessed with … Read more

The Best Local Guide To Costa Rei, Sardinia

Costa Rei Sardinia in October

Costa Rei is a magical place. Situated on the southeast coast of Sardinia, approximately a one hour drive from Cagliari, it is a series of stunning beaches and beautiful landscapes. I have been going to Costa Rei since I was born. As a baby, my parents would take me camping … Read more

A Useful Guide To Carbonia, Sardinia

Carbonia Sardinia

The Sulcis Iglesiente region of Sardinia, located in the southwest of the island, is one of the lesser visited areas of Sardinia. Save from the beaches which are well known to locals and tourists alike, not many actually venture there. It’s a pity, because it has a lot to offer, … Read more

A Guide To Iglesias, Sardinia: 13 Best Things To Know

Iglesias Sardinia

If you are planning a trip to south Sardinia, you should really include Iglesias and the Sulcis- Iglesiente area among the places to visit. Famous for its history linked to the mining activity in the past, the Sulcis area has much to offer its visitors. Iglesias is the most important … Read more

A Short Guide To Santadi, Sardinia: 10 Best Things To Do

Santadi Sardinia

Sardinia is often visited by wine enthusiasts, especially in the southern part. Among the towns that carry on this area’s wine tradition, Santadi is one of the most important. But wine is only one of the things you’ll find if you visit Santadi, which has indeed a wide array of … Read more

A Useful Guide To Pula, Sardinia


Pula, a small town in southern Sardinia, and its surroundings are among the prettiest and most diverse areas in the region. People go there all year round: summer is indeed the best season if you love sunbathing, but surf and kite surf fans adore its beaches’ winter waves. The village … Read more

A Short Guide To Sanluri, Sardinia: 10 Best Things To See


If you are planning a visit to the southern and central part of Sardinia and are looking for an itinerary among the various towns in the area, then you really can’t miss Sanluri. This charming historical town has a center surrounded by medieval walls and a rich history behind it, … Read more

A Guide To Serdiana, Sardinia: 9 Best Things To See And Do

Serdiana Santa Maria di Sibiola

Serdiana is a charming village, located in the deep south of the Campidano plains, in an area known as Parteolla. It is right next to Dolianova, and just 20 kilometers (around 12.4 miles) from Cagliari, so a perfect place to visit on day trips. Here you will find beautiful natural … Read more

A Guide To Dolianova, Sardinia: 12 Best Things To See And Do

Dolianova San Pantaleo

Dolianova is a place full of ancient history and traditions. Located in the area of Parteolla, this small Sardinian town is now known for the production of wine, oil, cheese, and for its traditional craft work. As my mom is from the Parteolla region herself (she grew up in Serdiana, … Read more