5 Best Hostels In Sardinia

Campu Perdu best hostels in Sardinia

Are you looking for a budget accommodation for your trip to Sardinia? Well, in this case, you’ll probably want to know if there are any hostels in Sardinia. Unfortunately, there aren’t many and some of them are far from the most populated cities. In fact, as an alternative to expensive … Read more

Where To Eat The Best Gelato In Cagliari

best gelato in Cagliari

If you are visiting during the summer months, you will certainly want to eat gelato in Cagliari. Looking for the best spots? Don’t worry, I have you covered. During the long-lasting summer in Sardinia, what could be better than cooling off with a mouth-watering gelato? During a day at the … Read more

The Ultimate Guide To Burgos, Sardinia

Burgos Sardinia

Burgos is one of the nicest small towns in Sardinia. Located in the province of Sassari, but closer to Nuoro, and also known by its Sardinian name of Su Burgu, this charming medieval town of Spanish origins is located about 600 meters (1.968.5 feet) above sea level, in the Goceano … Read more

A Guide To The Altopiano Della Giara Di Gesturi

Giara di Gesturi

Sardinia has many natural wonders, not limited to the crystal-clear sea and the coastline. In fact, there are many places inland where you can discover magnificent natural places, such as the Giara Plateau. Located in the central part of the island the Giara Plateau (also known as Giara di Gesturi), … Read more

A Guide To Villa D’Orri, Sardinia

Villa d'Orri

The first two things that come to mind when thinking about Sardinia are the crystal clear water of the sea and the beautiful beaches on the coast. However, the island has much more to offer: beautiful natural landscapes, archaeological sites and even elegant historic buildings. Among these, there’s Villa d’Orri. … Read more

A Short Guide To Tuvixeddu Necropolis, Cagliari

Tuvixeddu Necropolis

In the past, Sardinia has been populated by numerous civilizations, each of which has left an indelible print on the territory through the construction of various buildings, places of worship and burial sites. And indeed, in Sardinia, there are many Domus de Janas, prehistoric tombs excavated in the ground and … Read more

A Guide To Fordongianus Terme Romane, Sardinia

Fordongianus Terme Romane

Fordongianus is a perfect place to visit in Sardinia is you ever need to relax, but want to do so in a unique, historical environment. This small town in the heart of Sardinia is located in the Tirso River valley close to Oristano, and offers a unique opportunity to combine … Read more

Hotel Faro Capo Spartivento: A Honest Review

Hotel Faro Capo Spartivento

If you are looking for a stunning place to stay in Southern Sardinia, where you will feel fully pampered, look no further than Faro Capo Spartivento. In the south-western part of Sardinia, the striking promontory of Capo Spartivento divides the Gulf of Teulada from the Gulf of Cagliari. Characterized by … Read more