A Guide To Dolianova, Sardinia: 12 Best Things To See And Do

Dolianova San Pantaleo

Dolianova is a place full of ancient history and traditions. Located in the area of Parteolla, this small Sardinian town is now known for the production of wine, oil, cheese, and for its traditional craft work. As my mom is from the Parteolla region herself (she grew up in Serdiana, right next door to Dolianova) … Read more

How To Visit The Grotte Is Zuddas, Sardinia

Grotte Is Zuddas

Located in the southwestern part of Sardinia, the Grotte Is Zuddas are a unique place, caved in on a hill by water. The grotto presents a truly spectacular scenery that can be admired by walking through an underground route, among dolomitic rocks and gravity defying aragonites. If you are planning a trip to southern Sardinia, … Read more

A Concise Guide To Ulassai, Sardinia


Sardinia is a land full of natural wonders, where you can find unexpected landscapes, even spectacular 72-meter-tall (that’s more than 236 feet) waterfalls! The waterfalls of Lequarci, are just one of the many wonders that the town of Ulassai has to offer. This small village located in central-eastern Sardinia is home to wonderful caves all … Read more

The Most Beautiful Waterfalls In Sardinia

waterfalls in Sardinia

You probably wouldn’t imagine that, but there are many waterfalls in Sardinia.  While there’s a song that says, don’t go chasing waterfalls, I couldn’t disagree more! When you’re in Sardinia, you definitely need to go chasing waterfalls. There are so many spectacular waterfalls to see that you’re going to want to plan your trip accordingly … Read more

A Guide To Visiting The Miniere Di Montevecchio Mines, Sardinia

Miniere di Montevecchio

Montevecchio is an old mining complex located in southwestern Sardinia, in the territory of Guspini and Arbus (known as Sardinia’s Costa Verde). Turned into a geo-mining park, the Miniere di Montevecchio mines are a must-see attraction, especially for history buffs. In this post I will tell you everything you need to know about the Montevecchio … Read more

A Curated Guide To Costa Verde, Sardinia

Costa Verde Sardinia

Located in the southwestern part of Sardinia, Costa Verde is a long coast characterized by splendid, long sandy and somewhat wild beaches, cliffs and spectacular dunes overlooking the emerald sea. The golden colors of the sand mix with the lush green of the typical Mediterranean scrub. Sardinia’s Costa Verde is a great place for those … Read more

How To Get From Barcelona To Sardinia

La Marina Cagliari Barcelona to Sardinia flights

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, and, together with Madrid, it is also one of the best connected to Sardinia. Every summer, lots of people from Barcelona decide to spend their vacations in Sardinia to enjoy its heavenly beaches and wild nature. But there also are many that visit Barcelona and … Read more

18 Best Restaurants In Cagliari

best restaurants in Cagliari

There are many great restaurants in Cagliari. If you are visiting Cagliari and think that tasting local dishes is part of the trip (one of the best if you ask me), you will be curious to learn about the best restaurants in Cagliari. I have tried them all, so the restaurants in Cagliari mentioned here … Read more

Which Are The Airports In Sardinia?

from Amsterdam to Sardinia airports in Sardinia

There are three airports in Sardinia: Mario Mameli Airport in Cagliari, Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport in Olbia and the Riviera del Corallo International Airport in Alghero. International and domestic flights depart and arrive from these three airports, so it’s good to know where to fly to in order to plan your trip to Sardinia. I … Read more

A Short Guide To Cala Regina Beach, Sardinia

Cala Regina Beach

Sardinia is famous for its wild and beautiful beaches, suitable for lovers of adventure and nature. For those who prefer comfort, the island also offers beaches where is it possible to spend a relaxing day without getting too far from the cities. Cala Regina Beach is the perfect combination of a beach that can be … Read more