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My name is Claudia, I was born and raised in Sardinia, and I have a passion for traveling. As I continue exploring the world, I keep thinking there’s no other place like home – like Sardinia. Hence this site, which will take you on a journey around what is – you’ll soon learn – the most beautiful island in the world.


Sardinia is a large island at the heart of the Mediterranean. Part of Italy, it is similar in many ways, but also incredibly different. Sardinia is blessed with stunning beaches and turquoise clear waters. But there’s more to Sardinia than just beaches. Unique archaeological sites; beautiful cities; quaint small villages; hiking trails galore; climbing and mountain biking opportunities; millenary traditions, festivals and concerts; unique food and delicious wines: these are some of the things that should draw you here – but not all!

Visit Sardinia

Discover all the most beautiful places to visit in Sardinia, and the many things you can do there.

Sardinian Food

Unique and full of flavor, Sardinian food is nothing like you can imagine. Discover the best recipes and must try.

Sardinian Drinks

Wine, beer, liquors and much more: Sardinia is the perfect place for wine tourism.

Sardinian Products

Discover unique products prepared using strictly local ingredients; learn about Sardinian beauty products, fashion and much more.


Is Sardinia Expensive? A Local’s Perspective

Is Sardinia expensive? This is one of the most frequent questions that people who are considering a trip to the island ask me. This beautiful Mediterranean island, blessed with stunning beaches, beautiful nature, unique archeological sites and...

Everything You Must Know About The Sardinian Flag

I often get asked about the meaning of the Sardinian flag and - shame on me! - despite being born and raised on the island I can never give an accurate answer.  You see, we Sardinians love our flag. Known as "I Quattro Mori" (The Four Moors),...

A Complete Guide To Carloforte And Isola Di San Pietro, Sardinia

Located in the beautiful Isola di San Pietro, in the Sulcis Archipelago in southern Sardinia, Carloforte is easily one of the most beautiful, unique places to visit in Sardinia. Recently become nationally famous thanks to a TV Series (L'Isola di...

What To Wear In Sardinia

Are you planning a trip to Sardinia and considering what to wear in Sardinia? You've come to the right place! I am a local, and can share plenty of insightful information on what to pack and what to leave home. With its beautiful coastlines,...

A Complete Guide To Calasetta, Sardinia

Calasetta - or Cala di Seta, as it used to be known - is one of the most charming small towns in Sardinia, and if you are exploring the south of the island you should make it a point to visit, at least for a day. This is a truly scenic place....


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