A Quick Guide To San Teodoro, Sardinia

San Teodoro

San Teodoro is considered one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Sardinia. Located on the border between the Gallura and Baronia regions, it has always been famous for the stunning colors of its sea. Although the main reason to visit San Teodoro is indeed the gorgeous beaches, San Teodoro has much more to offer: … Read more

The Best Guide To Baunei, Sardinia

where is Sardinia

Baunei is a small village in one of the most remote, pristine areas of Sardinia and the whole Mediterranean basin. Its location, surrounded by steep mountains and wild nature – though really close to the sea – has made the place so difficult to reach; so much so that almost nobody has been able to … Read more

The Most Complete Guide To Olbia, Sardinia

Olbia Sardinia

Albeit being a small city, Olbia, in the Gallura region of Sardinia, is home to one of the most important harbors in Italy, and for a good reason: it’s a place rich in history, traditions, activities and is literally the gate to the internationally famous Costa Smeralda. Thanks to its location, it has always been … Read more

The Best Guide To Oasi Bidderosa, Sardinia

Oasi Bidderosa

Oasi Bidderosa (sometimes written as “Oasi Biderosa”) is one of the most beautiful natural parks in Sardinia. Measuring 860 hectares, it’s located under Orosei’s jurisdiction and only 13 kilometers (8 miles) away from the village. The park is most famous for its beaches – among the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia. The reserve divided into … Read more

A Quick Guide To Cala Luna, Sardinia

Cala Luna

Cala Luna, in the Gulf of Orosei, is one of the most scenic beaches on the eastern coast of Sardinia. Located between the regions of Barbagia and Ogliastra, it’s a place of incredible beauty – so much so, that it’s been used as the set of many movies.  Located between the territories of Baunei and … Read more

A Useful Guide To Cala Goloritzé

Cala Goloritzé

Cala Goloritzé is one of Sardinia’s most celebrated beaches. Located on the Eastern coast of the island, in the gorgeous Gulf of Orosei in the region of Ogliastra, the setting of this small cove is simply paradisiac. With limestone cliffs reaching a height of 500 meters; unique rock formations around it – the most notable … Read more