11 Best Wine Bars In Cagliari

wine bars in Cagliari

Wine-lovers alert! There are many great, 100% authentic wine bars in Cagliari! When you’re in Cagliari, you’ll often find the best way to experience the culture here is to find somewhere to eat and drink and let your tastebuds learn for you. I find that the very best places to … Read more

Is Tap Water In Sardinia Safe To Drink?

tap water in Sardinia

Travelers often wonder if they can safely drink tap water in the places they visit. Tap water is generally safe to drink in most of Italy – for example you can safely drink tap water in Rome, where you’ll find lots of fountains, and in Trentino. Of course, having a … Read more

A Guide To Visiting Vigne Surrau Winery Sardinia

Vigne Surrau

If you enjoy wine and are planning to visit the northwestern part of Sardinia, I recommend to stop by Cantine Surrau, located in the Arzachena Municipality. Apart from the beaches, the culture and the beautiful landscapes, Sardinia is also a great place for food and wine lovers. In fact, there … Read more

What Is Mirto? A Guide To Sardinia’s Favorite Liquor


Much like the grapes that are used to produce wine, Myrtle is an essential plant for Sardinian people and their traditions. It’s much more than a decoration for gardens: its fragrance is the telltale signal to be “home” for so many; its leaves are used to season typical Sardinian dishes … Read more

15 Must Visit Wineries In Sardinia

wineries in Sardinia

There are many incredible wineries in Sardinia and visiting at least one is a must-do! When planning your trip to the idyllic Italian island of Sardinia, I’m sure that a winery visit is on your list! If going to a winery isn’t on the docket, then I’m betting that at … Read more

A Guide To Visiting Cantine Argiolas, Serdiana

wineries in Sardinia

If you are traveling in the Cagliari area, wine tasting at Cantine Argiolas in Serdiana is a must! As you often read on this side, there are tons of different activities you can enjoy during a trip to Sardinia. From the classic sunbathing at the beach (if you are visiting … Read more

A Guide To Visiting Sella E Mosca Winery, Alghero

Sella e Mosca winery

Sella e Mosca is one of the most important Sardinian wineries, and by far the largest on the island. It produces several wines with the most famous endemic grapes, and many other less famous variants. The vineyards and the winery are located in Alghero, the headquarters immersed in the Alghero … Read more

A Great, Easy Guide To Sardinian Wines

Sardinian wines

Sardinian wines deserve way more attention than they have received so far.  Sardinia is an idyllic Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea that boasts more than 2,000 kilometers of coastline and plentiful craggy mountains. The combination of a rough and rugged interior landscape and oceanic elements in the soil produce … Read more

The 19 Best Places For Sardinian Beer

Beer in Sardinia

Sardinian beer is fabulous! Beer lovers unite! Recent decades have seen a craft beer revolution sweep across Sardinia, with more than a few microbreweries popping up here and there on the island. If you’re looking for the best spots to indulge in craft beer, you’re in the right place! Did … Read more