20 Best Restaurants In Sardinia – Recommended By A Local

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A trip around Sardinia is bound to be a culinary experience too. In fact, chances are you will be having a nice meal no matter where you go. If you are anything like me, you may even wish to visit a place again just so that you get to eat at that specific restaurant you fell in love with. I certainly enjoy going back to a restaurant that was memorable or find new gems.

Going around my beloved island and being a real foodie I have found some of the best restaurants in Sardinia that I highly recommend you. I have tried them all, and more than once!

Some of them are frequented mainly by locals, others also by foreigners given their popularity and location. But who, being in Rome, would not go to see Fontana di Trevi because of the crowd? Beautiful places attract people and so it is for great restaurants.

If you are planning a trip to the gorgeous Mediterranean island, make a note of my selection of the best restaurants in Sardinia and reserve your table in advance! Ready to drool? Read on!

The Best Restaurants In Sardinia

Chiaroscuro di Marina Ravarotto – Cagliari

Chiaroscuro is ten-minute walk from Piazza Jenne, one of the main squares of Cagliari. The menu changes seasonally, the dishes are mainly traditional of inner Sardinia but revisited in a modern way. There are fish and vegetarian alternatives for those who don’t eat meat.

My favorite dishes there are the pani frattau (poached egg over Sardinian pani carasau bread), Su Filindeu – one of the rarest pasta in the world (though Marina, the head chef, strives to keep the pasta and its tradition alive) and ox’s tongue.

Marina is a total sweetheart. She will welcome you at her restaurant and will help you find the right dish for you and the sommelier will find the best wine to pair. There is a wide selection of local wines, and some wines from other regions too, including Trentino, where Marina’s ancestors are from. Don’t leave this restaurant without having dessert: they are absolutely delicious!

I recommend trying this place because, even if it is sophisticated, the atmosphere is cosy and friendly. Prices at Chiaroscuro are in line with Cagliari’s average.

Chiaroscuro is located in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 380, not far from Piazza Yenne, in the Stampace District. It is open for lunch from Thursday to Sunday, from 12:30 to 3:00 pm, and for dinner from Tuesday to Saturday from 8:00 to 11:00 pm. Reservations are recommended and can be done via the app The Fork.

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best restaurants in Cagliari

Bistrot 100 – Cagliari

When I want to eat fregola I immediately book a table at Bistrot 100: tasty and a little spicy it is definitely my favorite in Cagliari. But there are so many other specialties: seasonal vegetables and fruit, soups, mussels, prawns and in the winter time, octopus with mushroom and pumpkin cream.

The main hall of the restaurant is nice and cozy, but there is also a small private room that’s perfect for an intimate dinner or to celebrate a special occasion. The staff is professional, friendly and very helpful.

Bistrot 100 is right in front of the Questura of Cagliari, in the center of the city but out of the main tourist track, so frequented mostly by locals. The prices are a bit expensive, but all good quality restaurant have similar prices in Cagliari. It opens from Tuesday to Saturday for lunch and dinner and for lunch only on Sundays. I would recommend booking a table in advance, you can easily do it via the app The Fork.

Duanima – Cagliari

I can’t write a post about the best restaurants in Sardinia and not mention Duanima, which I visited for the first time a few months ago and to which I have been going back again and again – I like it so much!

This small restaurants is located in the center of Cagliari, in a convenient locationbut in a lesser touristy area – so for the time being (and until people start reading this post!) it’s only frequented by locals.

Chef Luca Floris at Duanima masters the use of local, seasonal ingredients to create incredible dishes. He even makes his own bread from scratch. Talking to him on both my visits, I seriously believe he’s a bit of a genius when it comes to cooking.

He admitted never following recipes, but always using his guts and instinct and the results are outstanding, so much so that picky eater number one (my dad) upon trying one of his dishes said “this is exceptionally delicious”.

The menu is small – like in all gourmet restaurants. You can opt for a tasting menu (four or seven courses) with or without wine pairing, or just take your pick of what you’d like to have. Either way, you are bound to have a fabulous meal.

The menu has a strong focus on meat and fish and seafood, but vegetarian options are available too.

Service is excellent: there is a sommelier that will help you pick the perfect wine to pair with your meal. However, don’t expect this to be a formal place. The atmosphere is friendly, easygoing.

Duanima is located in Via Satta 28. It’s open for dinner Tuesday to Sunday, from 8:00 to 10:30 pm, and occasionally for lunch upon special request or on special occasions. Make sure to book a table in advance – you can do that via the app The Fork. Prices are in line with the local average, in fact I’d have expected it to be more expensive given the quality of the food.


Fradis Minoris – Nora

I have heard a lot about this restaurant and its breath-taking view but anyway my the first time here I was astonished at the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Located on a slice of land between the sea and the lagoon, facing west I felt like on a small island. Words can’t describe the feeling of peace and harmony with nature you’ll experience there.

Fradis Minoris got a Michelin star for the quality and creativity of the food and, in addition, a green star for its environmental sustainability: starting with the raw material that comes from the sea nearby and the vegetables garden in South Sardinia, all the way to the eco-friendly furnishings constructed from recycled materials.

You will be fascinated by the organization and the skills of the chef, Francesco Stara and his team: indeed, if on one side you get views of the sea on the other there is an open kitchen. My head was spinning as I tried to take in as much as possible when I visited!

The dishes look like paintings thanks to the perfect balance of colors, shapes and creativity. The seven-course tasting menu has some outstanding dishes that I still dream of.

Spaghetti with bottarga were the best of my life: the bottarga is farmed directly by the staff from the lagoon the restaurant is on. The oyster with asparagus and inula and the octopus are both delicious too. And dessert is simply heavenly!

So you see, this really is one of the best restaurants in Sardinia.

You can choose from a la carte menu or different tasting menu (from €95 to €135) with or without wine pairing (from €60 for 5 glasses to €100 for 10 glasses).

Fradis Minoris is located on Nora lagoon, next to the ancient Punic-Roman town of Nora. It is better to book a table in advance through its website. You can easily reach it with a public bus from Pula. The restaurant opens for dinner (from 7:30 till 10:30 OM) on Tuesday and Wednesday and from 12:30 to 2:30 pm and 7:30 to 10:30 pm from Thursday to Sunday, It only opens from May to October.

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best restaurants in Sardinia

Cucina Machrì – Pula

If you are spending your holidays in Pula, a lovely small town by the sea, or even if you are just passing through upon driving back to Cagliari, from the stunning beaches of Chia, you should plan to stop at Cucina Machrì.

The menu is predominantly focused on seafood. My advice is to go for the tasting menu which includes at least three starters, one pasta course, one main course and dessert for €60. It is well worth the money. For €30 more you can also have the wine pairing: a selection of wine that perfectly match with the dishes.

The starters are little bites of heaven that show the chef’s creativity and his respect for excellent raw material. The black rice with raw red prawns is delicious. If you prefer to go for a bottle of wine you can choose from a wide wine selection, too.

Cucina Machrì is located in Via Lamarmora, 53 (Pula) and it opens from April to December, Monday to Saturday for dinner (from 7:30 till 10:30 pm). Make sure to book a table in advance.

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best restaurants in Sardinia da Stefano Teulada

Da Stefano – Teulada

In the old town of Teulada, on the south-west coast of Sardinia, I dined in the beautiful courtyard of this restaurant for the first time by total chance.

We were coming back from the gorgeous Cala Zafferano, decided to dine in the area, and this was the only place that would accommodate us despite not having booked in advance. We soon realized it was meant to be and to all of us this became one of the best restaurants in Sardinia!

The atmosphere here is relaxed and welcoming and service is excellent.

Chef Stefano Mei revives ancient traditional recipes in a new and creative key. You can choose from a la carte menu or between two different tasting menus to share with your friends or family. The first menu puts together all the chef’s specialties and the second is a big surprise of seven courses according to the catch of the day.

I cannot forget the octopus tentacles in bread crust on carrot cream with crispy vegetables, the fish escalope with roasted eggplant puree, mussels and sea asparagus.

While fish and seafood are certainly the main ingredients on the menu, you can find superb meat and vegetarian alternatives with gluten-free options too.

Da Stefano is open daily, but only in the summer months. You will find it in Teulada in Via Regina Elena, 2. Reservations are always a good idea, though the lovely stuff will do their best to accommodate you if you don’t have one.

Capo Sperone

Da Achille – Sant’Antioco

On the little island of Sant’Antioco, on the south-west of Sardinia, there is a hidden gem: Da Achille. The restaurant takes its name from that of the main chef, Achille Pinna, who followed his father’s path hanging around the family restaurant since he was a child.

Traditional Sardinian cuisine is revisited in a modern key with Thai and Japanese influences: all the dishes you will have here are superbly cooked, extremely tasty and beautifully presented. You will be able to taste the freshness and the quality of the ingredients.

Make sure to try the tuna, renowned in this part of Sardinia: in fact I started my meal with a spectacular tuna tartare scented with ginger. Then try their pasta with fresh red tuna a lovely sauce made with candied tomatoes, lemon and basil that is at the same time tasty and fresh.

If you are not a fan of fish, you can try the roasted duck breast with pomegranate sauce. You will also definitely enjoy their pistachio ice cream with crushed pistachios and cookies.

The wine selection has mainly local wines at actually more than reasonable prices. Service is excellent and at the end of the dinner the chef normally comes from the kitchen and talks to the guests. The restaurant itself is beautiful: its architecture resembles the hull of a huge ship. With so much going, it’s no wonder this is one of the best restaurants in Sardinia!

Da Achille is located in Sant’Antioco, in via Nazionale, 82 and opens from June to September and on special occasion, such as Easter, for dinner only from 8:00 to 11:00. Make sure to book in advance as it’s often packed!

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Da Andrea – Carloforte

There are many excellent restaurants in Carloforte, but Da Andrea is definitely my favorite. There are two locations: one is a trattoria, and the other is a slightly more formal place – though the atmosphere is very easy going!

I tried the restaurant proper with a friend when I visited Carloforte and we both loved it, so of course I had to mention it among the best restaurants in Sardinia.

Much like in the rest of San Pietro Island, the menu at Da Andrea has a strong focus on tuna, which is locally sourced. However, contrary to many other places here, tuna is only served when in season – which means you will only have a top quality ingredient, fresh from the fishing nets!

Don’t worry tough, when tuna is not in season you can still count on many other delicious dishes, and the dessert here is heavenly too. When I visited, I had a fabulous octopus appetizer and linguine pasta as a main course. The restaurant has an extensive wine list too. Service is spot on.

Da Andrea is located in Corso Dei Battellieri 25, just opposite the harbor where the ferries dock. It is open from 12:45 to 2:15 pm for lunch and from 8:00 to 10:30 pm for diner. Please take note the restaurant is closed on Tuesday. It might be busy during weekend, especially in August, so it is always better to book in advance.

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Craf da Banana

Craf da Banana – Oristano

I first dined in this restaurant a few months ago on a visit to Oristano and I can foresee going again. The restaurant itself is small and cozy, the perfect place to warm up during the winter months.

The house specialty is beef – you can have anything from steaks to tagliata and fillet mignon too; but there are excellent fish and seafood dishes too, as well as pasta dishes and a few vegetarian options. In the winter months, mushrooms and artichokes make the appearance on the menu, where you will also find a great selection of Sardinian wines.

It’s not cheap – but given the quality, prices are reasonable I think. Service is good though, and the waiting staff very friendly. You can ask the owner the reason why the restaurant is nicknamed “da Banana” – I did, and was given two different versions of the legend.

Craf Da Banana is located in Via De Castro 34 (Oristano). It opens from Monday to Saturday for lunch from 1:00 to 3:00 om and for dinner from 7:00 to 11:00 pm, while on Sunday it is open for lunch only from 1:00 to 3:00 pm. It’s one of the most popular restaurants in town, so reservations are recommended.

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Sanluri bread
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Coxinendi – Sanluri

Even if it’s a half hour drive away from Cagliari (which by our standards is a lot!) I decided to come to this restaurant after having heard many good comments and decided it is well worth the drive. With its stone walls and brick arch, it gave me a warm welcome from the first step.

Coxinendi means cooking in Sardinian language and the talented chef Davide Atzeni knows how to cook. I immediately noticed the research and work behind each dish, the freshness and quality of the raw materials and Davide’s love for his job.

We decided to opt for the tasting menu: a selection of starters, one pasta dish, one main course and a dessert for €60: a very good value for money, given the quality of the food and the impeccable service.

Contrary to many other of the best restaurants in Sardinia mentioned in this post, Coxinendi does not have much of a focus on dish and seafood. When I visited, I had super tasty tagliolini in porcini mushroom broth, an amazing pork fillet with chard and mustard, almond shortbread on fruit sauce with dark chocolate powder.

You will find the restaurant in Via Sant’Antioco 1 in Sanluri, nearby Sanluri Castle. It opens from Tuesday to Friday from 8:00 to 10:30 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 12:30 to 2:30 pm and from 8:00 to 10:30 pm. It is easy to book via the app The Fork.

facts about Sardinia

Da Giancarlo e Rita (Hotel Mannu) – Bosa

Bosa is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy: is this a good reason to add it in your list of places to visit in Sardinia? Once here have a stop at Da Giancarlo e Rita. This is definitely one of the best restaurants in Sardinia, at least to me!

Here you will find great local products perfectly used to create both traditional and creative dishes. My favorite are scallops au gratin, cuttlefish strips with toasted almonds, bottarga petals and fried courgette, lobster pasta, tortelli filled with langoustines and grilled cuttlefish on creamed purple potatoes and brunoise of cherry tomatoes.

Yes, I have been here many times and tried a lot of dishes!

All the desserts look beautiful: I had a mille-feuille with custard and fresh strawberries once and it was mouthwatering.

Service is excellent and staff is very helpful if you have allergies and intolerances, and they will suggesting a good wine. Prices are mid-range but worth the quality of the food. Just don’t be put off by the look of the hotel, which is not the prettiest!

This restaurant is part of Hotel Mannu (in Viale Alghero, Bosa) so it is opened all year long from Monday to Sunday from 1:00 to 3:00 pm and from 8:00 to 11:00 pm. Loved mainly by locals and available for all kinds of events, from conferences to weddings, it can get fully booked easily. Better to book in advance.

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fried culurgiones

Sa Mandra – Alghero

If you want to have a full immersion in real Sardinia traditions, be enchanted by a beautiful location and taste amazing dishes this is the right place for you. I visited with a group of friends and we all agreed this restaurant is unique. To complete the experience, you can even attend a Sardinian cooking lesson with wine pairings and tastings.

This restaurant is actually an agriturismo proper, run by a family that established themselves here from Fonni, a lovely small village in the mountainous heart of Sardinia. They are so welcoming that they will make you feel as if you are a family guest and not a regular customer.

There is a tasting menu that changes frequently according to seasons. When I visited, I had different kind of cheeses (my favorites are ricotta cheese with honey, ricotta mustia with jams and pecorino cream), cold cuts of ham, pork loin and coppa, ravioli filled with cheese and herbs, malloreddus pasta.

This is a great place to try Sardinian specialty suckling pig. You will also find a selection of traditional Sardinian desserts. Just make sure you keep enough room to taste a little of all the dishes! Water, wine, coffee and liquors are included, all for just €50.

Sa Mandra is located near Alghero, on Strada Provinciale 44, at km 1. You’d better put it on your GPS to get there, as it can be quite confusing – but a GPS will guide you. Please remember to say if you are vegetarian or have coeliac disease or other allergies or intolerances, so that they can cater for you. The restaurant opens for lunch on Saturday and Sunday from 12:45 to 2:30 pm and for dinner from Tuesday to Sunday from 7:45 to 10:30 pm. It is easy to book through its website.

Al Refettorio – Alghero

In the old town of Alghero, in a narrow alley just under a beautiful arch where it is possible to dine, you can find this lovely restaurant.

My sister and I agree this is one of the best restaurants in Sardinia. When I visited, I had perfectly cooked grilled octopus – crunchy outside and soft on the inside as it should be, on a potato cream. I also had pumpkin flan with truffle on a Pecorino fondue: textures and contrasting flavors made this dish simply delicious.

These starters were followed by fregola with mussels, raw shrimp, sea urchins and courgette: this fregola is actually very different from the one you can have in Cagliari at Bistrot 100, so you should definitely try it.

You will find it is actually more similar to paella (in the Middle Ages Alghero was inhabited by Catalans and has retained some typical recipes from that area) or risotto and has a rather creamy texture (though there’s absolutely no cream here!) while the one at Bistrot 100 is cooked in broth.

Main courses include salmon fillet in courgette and almond crust with fennel and citrus salad, which I wholeheartedly recommend if available.

The wine selection is good as the service, though expect some hiccups during the busiest nights.

You will find Al Refettorio in Vicolo Adami 37 (Alghero). The restaurant opens everyday, Monday to Sunday, from 12:00 to 3:00 pm and from 7:30 to 10:30 pm. It is better to book in advance as it gets easily busy – you can use the app The Fork to make your reservations. Prices go from average to high, depending on what you have.

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best restaurants in Sardinia

Giamaranto – Sassari

When I’m in Sassari and I want to be spoilt I usually go to Giamaranto. Gianni and Amedeo are super kind and caring from the very first moment you arrive at the restaurant. They will welcome you, take your coat and help you with the chair till. The service remains fabulous throughout the meal, until the moment when they greet you at the door.

On top of that the food is delicious: chef Antonello Casula uses only seasonal ingredients and the menu changes regularly to reflect the freshest and most tasteful products.

If you visit in the winter months, you will love his artichoke soufflé, the pasta in red shrimp sauce and wild asparagus, and the fried calamari are delicious. But as the menu changes frequently you won’t necessarily find these dishes on the menu when you visit.

As a dessert, I highly recommend the pistachio cake with a melting heart of pistachio cream and served with English custard.

Giamaranto is in Via Alghero 69, fifteen minutes walking from Piazza d’Italia. It is open from Monday to Saturday for lunch from 1:00 to 3:00 pm and for dinner from 8:00 to 11:00 pm. Make sure to book a table in advance.

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Il Cormorano – Castelsardo

I visited Il Cormorano by pure chance the first time – I actually wanted to try another restaurant, but as they were closed for an event, they pointed me to this one. I loved it, and have been back a few more times on different visits.

The restaurant is nice and cozy. In the summer months, you will dine in an open terrace, but there also are some indoor tables.

The menu has a strong focus on locally sourced fish and seafood, but if you are not a fan you will still find some excellent meat and even vegetarian dishes. Their calamari are mouthwatering, and all the pasta dishes are made with homemade pasta.

The staff will assist you in selecting the perfect wine to pair with your meal, too. Dessert is delicious – make sure to try their millefoglie.

Prices are reasonable, considering the quality of the food and service: expect to pay around €75 for a full meal with wine.

Il Cormorano is in Via Cristoforo Colombo 7 in Castelsardo. In the summer months it opens everyday for lunch from 12:30 to 2:30 pm and for dinner from 7:30 to 10:30 pm. If you are visiting in the off season, make sure to double check opening hours on the restaurant’s website, through which you can directly book a table.

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San Pantaleo Sardinia

Il Fuoco Sacro – San Pantaleo

I became aware of this restaurant by following the world’s most starred Italian chef, Enrico Bartolini, who works together with the restaurant’s main chef Luigi Bergeretto in creating the menu.

I spent an unforgettable evening at Fuoco Sacro: the whole experience was magic and I felt like I was in a dream. After our dinner, I didn’t want to leave! Which is why I already have reservations to go again.

The restaurant – which has a Michelin star, is in a rural area just outside the lovely village of San Pantaleo (not far from Olbia). As you walk in, a breathtaking view of the entire coastline and the archipelago of La Maddalena opens in front of your eyes.

The contrast among the green of the grass, the blue of the sea and the yellow and pink hues of the sun as it goes down into the sea is perfect.

Fuoco Sacro

All the dishes on the menu have a unique touch and look like painting. There is no need to mention the quality of raw material. The menu changes regularly. When I visited I had lobster with fresh fruit and vegetables, linguine in black lemon sauce, raw shrimp and bottarga and a tartlet with cream and strawberries as a dessert.

There is a list of more than 500 wines from around the world, but if you feel overwhelmed by the selection, the sommelier will help you pair your meal with a fabulous glass of wine.

The restaurant is perfect for special occasions too. When I visited, at the end of the dinner, a waiter showed up with an extra little dessert and a candle because they took note, when I booked the table, I was there to celebrate my birthday. The service had already been impeccable but with this gesture it went far beyond my expectations!

Il Fuoco Sacro is located in the Petra Segreta Resort, in Via Buddeu, San Pantaleo. Use your GPS and you’ll have no problem finding it. The restaurant is only open during the spring and summer months. It opens every day for dinner from 7:30 to 11:00 pm (except Mondays in April, May and October) and on Sunday for lunch from 1:00 to 2:30 pm. Reservations are recommended and can be done via the app The Fork or on their website.

Plan to be there in time for sunset as it’s a wonderful location for that. There is a casual chic dress code (shirt, long trousers and closed shoes for men).

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Baja Sardinia

Somu – Baja Sardinia

Sardinia offers a wide variety of beautiful sceneries. Somu restaurant gets one of the best: an outstanding direct view of the bay it is set on, in the north of Sardinia. The atmosphere here is romantic, relaxing and sophisticated.

This is one of the best restaurants in Sardinia, so much so that it was awarded a well deserved Michelin star. Chef Salvatore Camedda gives his modern interpretation of traditional Sardinian cuisine adding flavors he discovered around the world, and using the best ingredients available.

Here you have the option of choosing from a la carte menu or between different tasting menu: Signature dishes, with the most popular classics (€120), Vegetarian (€110) and Identity (€135) with a journey that recalls the professional growth and personality of the chef.

When we visited we opted for the first tasting menu: 6 spectacular dishes. I loved the suckling pig with roasted plums, spinach and champagne: it was so tender that it literally melted in my mouth. The dessert will surprise you too. I had peach, pecan nuts, tonka beans and popcorn.

Service is excellent, too. I know Somu looks expensive but you will agree that the prices are reasonable given the beautiful location, food and service.

Somu is in Piazza Due Vele (Baia Sardinia) and opens from April to November, Monday to Sunday from 12:30 to 14:15 and from 19:30 to 22:30. It is easy to book via the app The Fork or its website.

best restaurants in Sardinia

Essenza Bistrot – Olbia

Located in the in the historic center of Olbia, Essenza’s cuisine is a fusion between Sardinian traditional flavors and creativity. Massimiliano Villani, chef and patron of the restaurant, is an innovator who masterfully uses local ingredients in order to promote and let people know about the excellence of our products.

This modern bistro offers a la carte menu written on a blackboard and two five-course tasting menus: one based on seafood for €85 and the other on meat for €75. I know I can be predictable, but I opted for the seafood menu.

The raw red shrimps with asparagus and a mandarin jelly I tried was superb as the seared snapper steak with radishes on lemon sauce was just as delicious. However, the menu changes regularly so you may not find these dishes -. but others which are just as good.

Dessert here is mouthwatering too. I had a white chocolate mousse with an apple jelly: I would have asked for seconds if I hadn’t been full!

There is an extensive wine list and the sommelier will help you pair your meal with a fabulous wine. The service is attentive and friendly at same time – in fact the staff and chef want you to feel at home.

Essenza Bistrot is located in Via delle Terme 8A, Olbia, and opens from Tuesday to Saturday from 12:30 to 2:15 pm and from 7:00 to 10:00 pm. On Mondays it is open for dinner only. You can easily book via the app The Fork or its website.

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Abbamele – Mamoiada

In Barbagia, the rural and mountainous heart of Sardinia, lies Abbamele, one of the best restaurants in Sardinia. Chef Mauro Ladu takes the Sardinian recipes of poor and ancient dishes, mainly based on meat and dairy products, and reinvents them in a modern way and contemporary shapes. It is a perfect fusion of ancient and new.

Abbamele takes its name from one of the ancient products of Sardinian gastronomic tradition: Sapa di Miele (honey).

The menu changes weekly according to the freshest products the season can offer. There are two tasting menu: a four-course menu and a six-course menu, both with wine pairing.

When we visited, we opted for the four-course menu and had an amazing goat tartare, a revisited version of pane frattau, called ‘Ovu vrattau’ by the chef; pork cooked at low temperature with wine sauce, yoghurt and sun-dried tomato cream. We concluded our meal with a wonderful new interpretation of Sardinian typical dessert seada.

The atmosphere at Abbamele is rustic, cozy and familiar. Chef’s wife, Sara, welcomes all customers with a smile and will take care of you by explaining the dishes, recommending a wine from their selection.

Since the restaurant is in the small village of Mamoiada, not far from Nuoro, it is frequented mostly by locals. If, on your itinerary, you plan to visit one of the many splendid museums in Nuoro (Museo Grazia Deledda, MAN, Museo dei Costumi and so on), you should definitely plan to have lunch or dinner here. But the restaurant itself is worth a trip to Mamoiada.

Abbamele is located in Corso Vittorio Emanuele 59 in Mamoiada, and it opens from Tuesday to Saturday for lunch from 12:00 to 3:00 pm and for dinner from 7:30 to 11:00 pm. It is open for lunch only on Sundays. I booked in advanced, and as there are only few tables it is highly recommend you do the same. If given advance notice, the chef can also cater for intolerances and allergies such as gluten and celiacs, lactose-intolerance and vegetarian customers.

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La Bitta – Arbatax

I saw the beautiful terrace of this restaurant while walking on the shore of Porto Frailis Beach, so I decided to book a table and the first time I went was followed by many more. I try to go at least once a year.

The location of this restaurant is the first reason (first but not the only one) that made me decide to list it among the best restaurants in Sardinia, and one of the reasons I fell in love with this place. From the main dining hall, you have an amazing view on a beautiful small beach, the moon reflecting in the sea, the sound of the undertow and the scent of the sea.

You should definitely make reservations as soon as you decide to come to Sardinia and ask for a table by the big windows, usually opened in summertime. Warm and excellent service and the quality of the food are also ingredients to this perfect formula.

My favorite dish here is the linguine with braised scorpion fish, cherry tomato, pistachios pesto and burrata. The flavors are well balanced, you can taste all the ingredients, and the pistachio gives the dish a note of crunchiness.

The portions are actually quite hearthy too. Raw seafood is another delicacy to taste. During my visits I tried all the desserts and they are all sublime.

There is a good wine list – most wines here are Sardinian, and the sommelier will help you pairing the wine to the dishes you ordered.

La Bitta is in Località Baia di Porto Frailis (Arbatax). It is open from April to October for lunch from 12:00 to 14:30 and dinner from 20:00 to 22:00. Make sure to book a table. The restaurant is part of a hotel. Prices are medium but worth the whole experience.

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  1. Hello! Do you know of any families or restaurants that host a cooking class and dinner? I would love to learn how to cook a traditional Sardinian dish and get to enjoy it after! The main towns I will be in are Olbia, Alghero, and Cagliari. I will be driving from Olbia to Cagliari on the West side.

    Thank you!

  2. Hi Claudia. Thanks for the great insights into the local dining scene. We’re travelling to Sardinia in June next year (about 16 of us- adults and children). I’m hoping you could recommend a “rockstar” venue for a long linch to celebrate a milestone birthday that would be suitable for adults and kids? Thanks for your help.

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