A Quick Guide To Posada, Sardinia

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Posada is a small village on top of a hill, in an area of Sardinia called “Baronia”, on the border between Gallura and Ogliastra. It’s one of the most ancient villages on the Island and has been awarded as one of the prettiest for several years: a walk around Posada’s streets will feel like a trip back in time, in a town from the Middle Ages where everything flows slowly and following the rhythms of nature.

Posada is a lovely place to visit – for a day or for a week – and you won’t find shortages of things to do. You can do anything, from bird watching to water sports to sunbathing. Being an ancient town, there is also a number of important ruin and monuments you can’t miss. And of course, the food there is amazing: you have to try their traditional desserts, cogoneddos and aranzada.

Curious to find out more about the lovely Posada, Sardinia? Continue reading! I happen to have been there recently and I am ready to share everything I know about it.

Posada Sardinia

A Short History Of Posada, Sardinia

Like the prehistoric ruins in the area clearly show, people used to live nearby Posada since the dawn of time. Some Punic artifacts and some other of Etruscan ones have been found that prove the ancient roots of the town.

The Romans had probably tried to set up a colony there a whole century before the actual conquer of the island, and Posada quickly became an important harbor and commercial hub, sort of supporting and upgrading Olbia’s influence and role.

The city was an important place – even one of the nobles’ holiday residences – all throughout the Middle Ages, the Guidicati, and the Spanish-Aragonese eras. It resisted the Saracen’s invasions and several epidemics and kept existing until the current times, despite the many challenges its people faced.

The Best Things To Do In Posada

See the Castello della Fava

Located on top of the hill Posada is built on, this castle was probably not a defensive building but rather a place where the aristocracy (and among them, Eleonora d’Arborea) would spend their holidays during their kingdoms – or at least, that’s what the scholars seem to think based on the castle’s walls, deemed not too fit to be of strictly defensive nature.

Despite having not been built to resist a siege, that’s exactly how the castle earned its current name (Castello della Fava, Castle of the Fava Beans in English) – which is a bit hilarious if you don’t know its backstory.

The legend says that, around the 1300s, a troop of Turkish pirates was trying to conquer Posada with, you guessed it, a siege: they were basically waiting for the villagers to give up because of hunger.

Posada Sardinia

However, someone thought of a trick: they gave their last portion of food – fava beans – to a pigeon, then lightly hurt it so that he would fall nearby the Turkish encampment. The pirates, seeing the bird had a full stomach, thought Posada still had plenty of food to resist them – while they were running out of it – and decided to leave immediately.

The castle is much in ruins today, but the tower is still fully standing and it’s a great vantage point to take in the views of the village and the surroundings – so make sure not to skip it.

The Castello della Fava is open daily from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 3:30 to 7:00 pm. Admission is €3. it is free for children under 12.

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Go on a stroll around town

Considered among the most beautiful borghi (medieval towns) of Italy, you need to spend some time just casually strolling on Posada’s streets. The city still looks like it did centuries ago, and is a great source of inspiration for pictures. Take your time exploring every corner, enjoy the atmosphere and try to find as many hidden gems as you can: there is plenty to discover.

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Try the many local desserts

All Sardinian food is delicious, but the local delicacies are on a whole different level. Posada is famous for two typical desserts that are handmade during its patron Saint festival, on January 17th. On this day, the city celebrates Sant’Antonio Abate and, among the various rites, you can witness a huge bonfire and enjoy these two desserts while staring at the flames.

The first dessert, called aranzada, is made with orange peels, honey, and almonds and is as difficult to make as it is delicious – the women in the area are very jealous of the recipe! The second dessert, called cogoneddos, is made with flour, lard, eggs, sugar, and yeast and is often paired with red wine.

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Posada Sardinia

Have a go at kayaking and bird watching

Beneath the hill Posada is built on, a river – homonymous with the village – flows and has been the main reason for Posada’s longevity.

The Rio Posada is part of a natural reserve, called Tepilora Park, where you can enjoy several activities. Make sure to go on a kayak tour of the river, or follow one of the many hiking trails in the area. Other options to explore Posada’s surroundings are mountain bikes and horse rides.

This area is mostly humid and made of swamps: this made Posada a safe and ideal haven for birds of all sorts, from the most common ones to extremely rare and shy species. If you like bird watching, there are regular tours you can join to see the animals in total safety and snap excellent pictures while at the same time respecting their lives and environment. Make sure to enquire locally for the best options.

Posada Sardinia

Enjoy the many beaches of Posada, Sardinia

The area where Posada is located isn’t very broad, and the majority of beaches are either in San Teodoro’s or Budoni’s municipalities nearby. The total length of Posada’s beaches is about 5 kilometers, divided into five smaller parts all with similar features.

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It’s the first beach (starting from the North) in Posada; it has a restaurant, free parking space, and a pine grove nearby. The sand is fine and soft and the sea bottom is sandy, not too deep at first.


A natural continuation of Orvile Beach, Iscraios is however not very similar to the former: its sand is thicker and grainy, the water gets deep very fast and the beach itself is more difficult to reach because it’s nearby some swamps. This makes it a lot more enjoyable if you are not a fan of crowds, but not so much if you prefer comfort over silence.

Sutt’e Riu

A beach on the Rio Posada’s outlet, Sutt’e Riu has thick sand and a green-emerald water ideal for snorkeling. There is free parking and the beach can be reached by foot via a 600 meters long wooden pathway.

San Giovanni beach Posada

Su Tiriarzu

This is the longest beach among the five, is only reachable by a bridge that crosses Rio Santa Caterina (a minor watercourse), and has medium-grain sand and pristine clear water, which gets however very deep almost immediately.

San Giovanni

Located in the homonymous hamlet, San Giovanni Beach is considered the prettiest of the five. It has fine white sand and clean, crystal water, with a rocky bottom that makes it great for snorkeling. There is a parking lot and a pine grove and the beach is served by some kiosks and a restaurant.

Practical Information

How to get to Posada, Sardinia

Reaching Posada is quite easy if you have a car, as it is about 50 km (just over 37 miles) away from Olbia and directly on State Road SS 125 course. Just take this road and follow the road signs to Posada – you will actually be able to spot it from a distance!

Where to sleep in Posada, Sardinia

Blue Sea Apartments

If you like having some sort of freedom over schedules and rules, renting an apartment might be the right choice. The rooms in this property are equipped with every comfort, located in a nice area of town, and perfect for couples. Free parking is also available on site.

B&B Feronia

This Bed and Breakfast is equipped with everything you might need: it has a terrace, and free parking on site. You can drive to the nearby beaches and the whole property has free Wi-Fi; you will appreciate the silence of the area and sleep very well!

Sale Hotel

The property features free WiFi, a bar, and rooms with private bathrooms and free toiletries. It is nicely located in the heart of the village. Breakfast is fabulous.

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