A Guide To Visiting Sella E Mosca Winery, Alghero

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Sella e Mosca is one of the most important Sardinian wineries, and by far the largest on the island. It produces several wines with the most famous endemic grapes, and many other less famous variants. The vineyards and the winery are located in Alghero, the headquarters immersed in the Alghero countryside. The property there is massive – 540 hectares wide, but the winery also owns other two grapevine farming sites, one in Gallura and the other one in the Sulcis area.

I have recently visited the Cantine Sella e Mosca (that’s the name in Italian) during a trip to Alghero and loved the experience, and the wines (which I already knew, actually) and thought I’d share a few facts to raise your interest. I am sure you will want to visit by the time you are done reading this post.

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A Short History Of Sella E Mosca Winery

Sella e Mosca was founded in 1899 by two young men from Piemonte, Erminio Sella and Edgardo Mosca, who reclaimed a broad area that was used as a pasture and turned it into a profitable business.

The reclaiming operations, despite going smoothly for the most part, had to be adjusted because of the finding of a now famous pre-nuragic necropolis, Anghelu Ruju (Anghelu Arribiu in Sardinia), which still falls inside the property’s area and even gives name to one of their most famous wines.

With time, the Sella e Mosca winery grew to be the largest in Sardinia and one of the largest in Europe, and it makes some of the most delicious wines you may have in Sardinia. Its wines are now exported around the world so you may come across them in the best wine shops and on the menu of the best restaurants.

The winery was acquired by Campari Group in 2002 and was then acquired by Terra Moretti in 2016.

The winery’s founders both loved Ancient Egypt and decided to include references to it in their company. Sella e Mosca’s symbol comes from a drawing of some Egyptian workers making wine.

Sella e Mosca

The Best Wines At Cantine Sella E Mosca

Sella e Mosca is one of the most renowned wineries in Sardinia and produces several local wines, plus some from imported grapes. I have tried many of them – both during wine tasting experience and at home or in restaurants. Among the many wines, these are my favorite ones and some of their best-sellers:

Torbato Terre Bianche Cuvé

There are several types of Torbato wines, but Terre Bianche Cuvèe is the best among them. It’s one of the wines Sella e Mosca is most proud of, it pairs well with fish and any seafood-based dish (especially fried!) and has a delicate, flowery taste.

Vermentino Monteoro

Produced in the Gallura fields, nearby Monte Limbara, Monteoro is a Vermentino, a strong yellow wine excellent if paired with cheese and seafood dishes like risotto.

Cannonau Dimonios

Cannonau is one of the symbols of the Sardinian wine tradition. Sella e Mosca produces a few different Cannonau types, and the best among them is definitely the Dimonios. This wine is generally thick, with a strong flavor, and goes well with meat, especially game.

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Anghelu Ruju

Anghelu Ruju

Anghelu Ruju is an exclusive type of Cannonau produced by Sella e Mosca only, with a very particular making process. The grapes are put on frames made of reeds and let to dry under the sun for about twenty days; then the wine is left to rest in special barrels. Anghelu Ruju is mostly a meditation wine, for it is very sweet. It’s a wine you can pair with various kinds of cheese as well as chocolate.

Marchese Villamarina

Marchese di Villamarina

Like any Cabernet, this wine can be paired with any type of meat, from steaks to game, and has a strong, firm flavor. Its name comes from the area where the grapes are farmed, nearby an old noble’s villa in the Alghero countryside which has now become a place of stay for the winery’s visitors.

The Marras Collection

Antonio Marras is a designer originally from Alghero, and one of the most famous Italian designers. I am a massive fan of his style, which always manages to create an eclectic look by pairing unique fabrics with innovative design while blinking at Sardinia and its traditions. I was excited to know he paired with Sella e Mosca winery, for whom he designed some new labels and wines, creating a set of characters for every product, each with its own story.

Among them, the most famous are Mustazzo, a special Cannonau produced in Mamoiada, represented by a typical-Sardinian looking man with a dark mustache, and Ambat, a Vermentino with two twins who are Alghero sailors, experts of sailing and who therefore know all about the winds of the area, the same that blow on the grapevines used to produce this wine.

Visiting Sella E Mosca

Wine tasting experiences

One of the best ways of getting to know Sella e Mosca winery is to join a tour of its vineyards, which will also include wine tasting. Tours – which are available in various languages including English – typically last between two and three hours and include a visit of the museum, the bodega and a selection of wines to taste (the number of tastings and the wines you get to taste depends on the selection you make).

Prices of tours and wine tasting range between €15 and €50. If you want to taste the classic wines – the most famous ones, that is – opt for Le Selezioni tour. Keep in mind that you can always opt to ask for an extra glass during the wine tasting!

Make sure to book your wine tasting experience a bit in advance, especially if you are visiting in peak season. You can send an email at [email protected].

Sella e Mosca

The Museum

The winery also has a small museum you can visit as part of the tour. Here you can see the ancient tools used to make wine and farm the grapes, and get an idea of the birth and evolution of Sella e Mosca.

The Chapel

Located inside the property there is a small but pretty chapel that was built in the 1950s for the workers of the vineyard. Next to it, hidden among the vegetation, there is a statue representing Madonna and Child by Sardinian most famous sculptor Pinuccio Sciola.


The Wine Shop

Needless to say, you should take the chance of buying lots of wine when visiting the Cantine Sella e Mosca. You can even have them delivered directly to your home address if you prefer. They surely make for a nice present and one of the best souvenirs from Sardinia.

Sella e Mosca

Practical Information

How to get to Sella e Mosca winery

Sella e Mosca winery is just a few kilometers away from Alghero and its airport. Like many other places in the area, it is best reached by car. You just need to follow State Road SP 42 and the road signs pointing there, and you will be at the winery in about fifteen minutes. It’s literally a few hundred meters away from Anghelu Ruju necropolis, which you can visit immediately before or after going to the winery.

Sleeping at Sella e Mosca

If you are planning to visit their property and join some tours, or if you simply want to be surrounded by the beauty of the vineyards, you can also book a room in Sella e Mosca hotel, Casa Villamarina. They have incredible rooms in a beautiful setting overlooking the vineyards, and a stay there is granted to leave a long-lasting memory. A scrumptious breakfast is included in the price.

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