10 Best Wine Bars In Cagliari

wine bars in Cagliari

Wine-lovers alert! There are many great, 100% authentic wine bars in Cagliari! When you’re in Cagliari, you’ll often find the best way to experience the culture here is to find somewhere to eat and drink and let your tastebuds learn for you. I find that the very best places to get this sort of experience … Read more

19 Best Restaurants In Cagliari, 100% Authentic

best restaurants in Cagliari

There are many great restaurants in Cagliari. If you are looking for authentic restaurants in Cagliari, where locals go, you are in the right place. I am a local and I have a thing for a good meal out! If you are visiting Cagliari and think that tasting local dishes is part of the trip … Read more

A Wonderful 3 Days In Cagliari Itinerary

Stampace Cagliari itinerary

Are you looking for a Cagliari itinerary? I am a local, and I have you covered! If you are planning to visit South Sardinia, you’ll probably land at Cagliari Airport and use the city as a base for your adventures. You will probably also want to visit Cagliari and wonder, how long would it take … Read more

How To Get From Cagliari Airport To The City Center

from Amsterdam to Sardinia airports in Sardinia

If you are traveling to Sardinia, you have the option to fly into three different cities – Cagliari, the capital at the south of the island; Olbia, the capital of Costa Smeralda at the northeast of the island; and Alghero, which is on the northwestern coast of Sardinia. If you are flying to Cagliari and … Read more

15 Great Things To Do In Cagliari, Sardinia

things to do in Cagliari

There is a great offer of things to do in Cagliari.  Although Sardinia is a popular summer holiday destination, not many realize that Cagliari, its capital, is a fantastic place to visit year round and where you are most likely going to learn a great deal about the local history, culture and overall vibe. Cagliari … Read more

4 Unmissable Historic Cafés In Cagliari

historic cafés in Cagliari antico caffè cagliari

There are four historic cafés in Cagliari, and a few extra ones that throughout the years have maintained at least some of their historic charme. Nowadays we Italians drink coffee at what we call a “bar”, often drinking it in a hurry during the lunch break or perhaps in the morning, before getting to work. … Read more

Where To Stop For A Coffee In Cagliari

coffee in Cagliari

Looking for a place to have a delicious coffee in Cagliari? You have come to the right place! In this post I will share the best, most authentic cafés in Sardinia’s capital, places owned by locals, frequented by locals, and by the occasional tourist too. Italians are coffee lovers and are used to drink coffee several … Read more

5 Markets In Cagliari For Your Shopping Needs

Markets in Cagliari

Markets in Cagliari are fantastic places to catch local action and shop for groceries. As the capital city of the Italian island of Sardinia, Cagliari is a bright and bustling spot buzzing with energy and activity. There’s no better place to discover the real Sardinia than at the incredible markets in Cagliari. Whether you’re looking … Read more

What To See In Cagliari Underground

Cagliari Underground

If you are planning a trip to South Sardinia, you’ll probably have already thought about visiting Cagliari. Other than being a historical city, Cagliari is also a great place to stay, since from there you can reach almost every beach in the southern part of the island. You have probably read about Cagliari in one … Read more