15 Must Visit Wineries In Sardinia

wineries in Sardinia

There are many incredible wineries in Sardinia and visiting at least one is a must-do! When planning your trip to the idyllic Italian island of Sardinia, I’m sure that a winery visit is on your list! If going to a winery isn’t on the docket, then I’m betting that at least drinking wine is on … Read more

Cagliari Nightlife: A Guide To Cagliari Best Bars

Cagliari nightlife

Cagliari nightlife is thriving.  If you’re planning a trip to Sardinia, there’s a good chance you’ll be visiting the capital city of Cagliari. And if you’re visiting Cagliari, there’s an even better chance that you’ll be on the hunt for the best spot to enjoy a drink. If you’re craving the best cocktails, beer, and … Read more

The Most Interesting Archeological Sites In Sardinia

Su Nuraxi

There are many fabulous archeological sites in Sardinia. You may already know that the Italian island of Sardinia is world-renowned for pristine beaches and crystalline waters, but did you know that Sardinia is also famous for breathtaking archeological sites? Sardinia is home to a rich history that dates back millennia. The ancient megalithic edifices called … Read more

The 18 Best Museums In Sardinia

Best museums in Sardinia

If you’re a history buff, art lover, or someone who just loves learning, then the museums in Sardinia will be a real treat for you. While lounging by the beach in a sunbed along the turquoise-blue waters of Sardinia is positively divine, there is a bevy of museums in Sardinia that really merit a trip … Read more

Where To Go Climbing In Sardinia

Climbing in Sardinia

You may not know it yet, but climbing in Sardinia is world class. The Italian island of Sardinia, floating in idyllic Mediterranean waters, is a rock climbers paradise. The jagged and rocky landscape, brimming with limestone mountains of all shapes and sizes, is a place where world-class climbers are honing their skills, as well as … Read more

A Complete Guide To Diving In Sardinia

Diving Sardinia

Let’s get real. Who doesn’t want to feel like the Little Mermaid? When you go diving in Sardinia, it’s going to feel like the real deal. If only Flounder would tag along! This dream Italian island nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean offers you truly unique diving experiences right off the stunning coastline, or … Read more

The Most Beautiful Beach Resorts In Sardinia

beach resorts in Sardinia

Are you looking for the most beautiful beach resorts in Sardinia for the most memorable holiday? Lucky you! Sardinia has more than one claim to fame, but the beaches really are one of Sardinia’s main crowning jewels. From the turquoise and emerald waters in the Northeast of Costa Smeralda and the idyllic coves in Costa … Read more

A Guide To Nuraghe In Sardinia

nuraghe in Sardinia

Nuraghe are unique to Sardinia, and if you are planning on visiting the island, you really should make a point to visit at least one. There are many scattered around, and if you drive around the island you will often spot them not far from the side of the street. Some easy to reach; others … Read more

The Most Incredible Day Trips From Cagliari

Sardinia name origin

You can go on many great day trips from Cagliari. As the capital city of the Italian island of Sardinia, Cagliari is the perfect place to base yourself for your island adventures! While there is so much to do and to see in Cagliari itself — from checking out the Bastione of San Remy to … Read more

What You Should Know Before Traveling To Sardinia

traveling to Sardinia

Are you traveling to Sardinia? Great! It’s the right thing to do – and I promise you will fall in love with it. But if you think you already know everything about it to have a memorable trip, you may be mistaken. Sardinia is nothing like you may have imagined. This mythical land hides many … Read more