A Useful Guide To Porto Giunco, Sardinia

Porto Giunco

Porto Giunco is one of the most famous, beautiful beaches in Southwestern Sardinia. Characterized by very soft, fine white and pink sand and shallow, topaz transparent waters and by a lagoon home to pink flamingoes, Il Giunco – a locals lovingly call it – is the ideal place for one … Read more

A Wonderful 10 Days In North Sardinia Itinerary

Alghero Airbnb

Sardinia is beautiful. With all its beaches and stunning coastal towns, historical sights, rugged landscapes and traditional culture to lap up, it’s no wonder that it also enjoys a certain level of popularity – especially during summer. And where better to see the island in all its glory than in … Read more

Where To Take The Best Pictures Of Sardinia

Is Sardinia expensive

We could all hours browsing social media just staring at amazing pictures of Sardinia. This island, where I grew up, is the place to be in the summer – though I insist that there are many more things do to in Sardinia throughout the year. My Instagram feed (oh hey, … Read more

The Best Airbnb Cagliari – Recommendations By A Local

Airbnbs in Cagliari

Finding the best Airbnb Cagliari may be easier said than done.  Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, is a fantastic city with lots to see and do. Perched on the hills and right on the Mediterranean, the city is packed with interesting sights – think Roman and Punic ruins (but not … Read more

13 Hacks To Visit Sardinia On A Budget

Sardinia on a budget

Can you visit Sardinia on a budget? You can, indeed, if you smarten up and follow some of my best travel hacks.  With quaint cities; paradisiac beaches; pristine nature; unique archeological sites; fantastic food; great wines and much more, Sardinia is a fantastic holiday destination, perfect for families with children, … Read more

Everything You Must Know About The Sardinian Flag

Sardinian flag

I often get asked about the meaning of the Sardinian flag and – shame on me! – despite being born and raised on the island I can never give an accurate answer.  You see, we Sardinians love our flag. Known as “I Quattro Mori” (The Four Moors), you can often … Read more

What To Wear In Sardinia

what to wear in Sardinia

Are you planning a trip to Sardinia and considering what to wear in Sardinia? You’ve come to the right place! I am a local, and can share plenty of insightful information on what to pack and what to leave home. With its beautiful coastlines, gleaming beaches, fantastic food, fascinating history, … Read more

31 Great Movies Filmed In Sardinia And About Sardinia

Movies about Sardinia

Did you know that there are many movies filmed in Sardinia? Sardinia isn’t just a beautiful place for tourists; it’s an alluring place for filmmakers, too! Throughout the 20th century, directors, stars and their whole movie entourages have descended on Sardinia – from James Bond to Spaghetti Westerns, and some … Read more

17 National Parks And Nature Reserves In Sardinia

national parks in Sardinia

There are many beautiful nature reserves and national parks in Sardinia. Sardinia may be known for its beaches and upscale holiday destinations, but there’s a whole lot more to this island than lounging around on the sand! We actually have so many nature reserves in Sardinia, as well as two … Read more

10 Parks In Cagliari You Should Visit

best parks in Cagliari

There are many beautiful parks in Cagliari. The capital of Sardinia may be known for its galleries, museums, and historic sites – as well as its intriguing warren of streets and lanes. But if you need a break from pavement pounding, don’t worry; there is also a great selection of … Read more