Hotel Faro Capo Spartivento: A Honest Review

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If you are looking for a stunning place to stay in Southern Sardinia, where you will feel fully pampered, look no further than Faro Capo Spartivento.

In the south-western part of Sardinia, the striking promontory of Capo Spartivento divides the Gulf of Teulada from the Gulf of Cagliari. Characterized by granite rocks and covered by the typical Mediterranean scrub, the promontory is home to a lighthouse – faro, in Italian – perched on its summit, which dates back to 1866. While the lighthouse is still operational, the interior and exterior of the building have been renovated to create a beautiful luxury hotel, Hotel Faro Capo Spartivento.

hotel faro capo spartivento

I recently spent two days at the hotel (I visited with my beloved sister). We wanted to spend a weekend away, not too far from home (which is Cagliari, for us) but in a location that would feel remote and unique at the same time, and where we could enjoy some pampering. We enjoyed our stay so much that I decided to write about it.

Let me be absolutely clear: I was not paid to write this review. In fact, I paid the full room fee myself and did not disclose my occupation, so that I could have the same kind of experience other hotel guests would have and deliver the most realistic and accurate information.

If you are planning a holiday in the south of Sardinia and are looking for a unique place to stay for a few nights, then you can consider booking a room at the Hotel Faro Capo Spartivento.

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Faro Capo Spartivento

The History Of The Lighthouse – Faro Capo Spartivento

Faro Capo Spartivento lighthouse was built in 1854 by the Italian Navy at the behest of King Vittorio Emanuele II of Savoy. During World War II, the lighthouse was hit by American air raids, only to be restored once the conflict was over.

Until the 1980s, the lighthouse housed the keepers and their families, who lived in the “residenza dei semaforisti” (the official residence for anyone working at the lighthouse) until it was automatized.

Subsequently, the building that hosted the lighthouse was left in a state of neglect for at least 30 years, until renovation works began in 2006. The work to restore the structure and transform it into a lighthouse-hotel lasted 8 years: they followed a precise plan to renovate the interior and exterior spaces of the structure without altering its historical appearance.

The building was constructed using materials such as stone, granite and wood, which can be found locally, while water and electricity are obtained naturally, with renewable sources of energy.

Faro Capo Spartivento

Hotel Faro Capo Spartivento Review

The location

The Capo Spartivento lighthouse is located on the top of the promontory of the same name overlooking the sea. The exclusive and unique location is surrounded by a protected natural area, where Mediterranean vegetation and granite rocks meet the emerald sea of Sardinia.

The natural setting blends perfectly with the relaxed and quiet atmosphere of the hotel. You literally won’t hear a sound during the night, other than that of waves crashing on the shore when it’s windy and there’s a storm.

The view of the sea from the promontory is spectacular, especially during the sunrise and the sunset, as they create a surreal atmosphere.

The hotel is actually located along one of the most popular hiking trails in Southern Sardinia, and close to some of the most beautiful beaches in the area. In fact, I had passed by the lighthouse many times during hikes and always tried to picture its interiors.

I promised myself one day I’d treat myself to a stay there and enjoy the prime location. Honestly, just that should be enough to make you want to book a room!

Faro Capo Spartivento

How to get to Hotel Faro Capo Spartivento

The Capo-Spartivento lighthouse is located in Chia (Domus de Maria), about 50 km from Cagliari and Cagliari Elmas Airport. The best way to reach it from Cagliari is by car, taking the SS 195 Sulcitana.

You will have to first follow the directions to Pula, then take a left turn to Chia and continue following the road until you get to the last parking lot which serves Chia Su Giudeu Beach and Cala Cipolla. From there, you’ll have to go up a steep dirt road.

The journey takes about an hour.

Keep in mind that to get to the lighthouse, you have to follow a dirt road. If you do not have a car with high suspensions, it is best to leave it in a nearby car park (we left our car at the parking lot in front of Aqua Dulci Hotel) and then have the hotel staff pick you up in their 4WD car. That’s what we did when we visited.

Parking in the area is free of charge in the off season from October to May included, but depending on the parking lot you use you’ll have to pay an hourly or a daily fee (only during daytime). Make sure to ask the hotel about the best parking options if you are visiting in the summer months.

The suites at Hotel Faro Capo Spartivento

The hotel’s accommodation consists of four elegant 35-square-meter suites located in the main building – the actual lighthouse. You can choose between the Sea View Suites, which are slightly more expensive, and the Mountain View Suites – they are all on the same level, separated by a lovely living room with couches, a fireplace and a book exchange.

There are also two rooms overlooking the garden, in a separate building, and four luxury suites in the Semaforisti Residence, ranging in size from 55 to 70 square meter (the largest ones are perfect for a small family) and featuring an outdoor area with a pool.

hotel faro capo spartivento

Sea view suites

There are two sea view suites at Hotel Faro Capo Spartivento, both overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. They both have wooden floors and classic-style furnishings, and a brick ceiling.

These rooms feature massive round beds, a very comfortable couch, air conditioning, a large flat screen TV and a minibar. The state of the art bathroom has a large shower and comes complete with boutique toiletries. You’ll also have two large closets to store all your belongings.

The room features two large windows from where you can overlook the sea. The overall feeling once you walk in is that of pure romance!

This is where my sister and I stayed: upon entering, the first thing we did was opening the window and let the marine breeze in. The view is absolutely breathtaking.

hotel faro capo spartivento

Mountain view suites

The ‘Classic Suites’ are divided into a living area and a sleeping area. The living area has a sofa and flat screen TV, while the sleeping area has a large classic bed. Since these rooms don’t enjoy views of the sea, they are slightly cheaper than the ones overlooking the sea – but just as comfortable.

hotel faro capo spartivento

Classic Garden Suites

If you are not set for a room overlooking the sea (I know I was when I booked my stay here), you can consider one of the two spacious rooms that were built outside the main building. These two rooms are spread across two floors and feel more like small apartments, and they are actually massive – with a total area of 50 square meters.

On the ground floor you’ll find the living area, while the sleeping area and the bathroom is on the first floor, which you can access via an iron spiral staircase.

The suites are furnished in a very classic style following similar color tones that are used throughout the hotel – white, wood, and grey. In this case, there is no wooden floor but beautiful dark ceramics.

Residenza dei Semaforisti

The suites of the Residenza Semaforisti are distinguished by their combination of modernity and tradition, with rooms divided into living and sleeping areas. From your room, you will be able to admire the lighthouse.

There is also a raised infinity pool that guests can used, from which you can admire the view of the hinterland and the coast.

hotel faro capo spartivento

Facilities At Hotel Faro Capo Spartivento

The Lighthouse

More than a facility, I’d actually say this is one of its winning features. The lighthouse has an impressive and powerful lantern, with a range of 18 miles.

The lighthouse where the hotel is located is still operational and it’s open to the hotel guests. You can simply walk up the spiral staircase to find yourself in the various control and viewing rooms at the lighthouse. It’s a particularly stunning view at night!

hotel faro capo spartivento


On the second floor of the building where the lighthouse is located, there is a 250 square meters terrace, from which you can observe the area. It’s the perfect place for sunset views or to admire the starry sky.

hotel faro capo spartivento

Swimming Pool

The infinity pool offers a wonderful panorama. On either side of the pool you can find comfortable couches where you can relax, go for a dip, have a drink or even breakfast al fresco. You can also relax in one of the Jacuzzi.


Surrounding the property and outside the Residenza dei Semaforisti there is a courtyard made of teak, with lounges, a wood-burning oven, a bar area and access to the wine cellar. The 3000 square meter garden has gazebos and a 12-meter-tall ancient olive tree. From the garden, you can also access a private movie theater, created inside an old winery.

breakfast at hotel faro capo spartivento

Eating at Faro Capo Spartivento

The hotel doesn’t have a restaurant proper – not one that external guests can access, at least. But there is a kitchen, a chef on site, and you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner at the hotel. In fact, when we visited the staff would not let us leave for our hike without a packed lunch – so light bites are available too.

Breakfast is served daily either in the internal dining room or on the terrace overlooking the sea, by the pool – it just depends on the weather. When we visited, we were blessed with gorgeous weather and we could sip our coffee staring at the magnificent sea views. Breakfast is served to order and consist of a basket of bread and croissants, fresh seasonal fruit, yogurt, juice, eggs cooked to your liking and any hot drink you may want.

With regards to dinner, the menu changes every night depending on what is available locally. Every afternoon you’ll find the menu in the common area, and you can let the staff know what you wish to have – you can opt for the full menu (appetizer, pasta dish, main course and dessert), or just one or two courses. The chef is very accommodating in terms of intolerances so don’t hesitate to let the staff know of any dietary requirement.

drinks at hotel faro capo spartivento


There is no bar in the classic sense of the word, but the staff is available to prepare any cocktail you may want, and there is a small cellar with a wide selection of top-quality Sardinian wines, ideal for an aperitif while enjoying the splendid panorama offered by the promontory. We truly enjoyed our sunset drink!

Living Area

The living area of the lighthouse features elegant wood and crystal tables combined with comfortable chairs and couches. If you happen to visit in the winter months, it can be extremely cozy as the fireplace will be on and it’s so romantic!

Weddings and events at Faro Capo Spartivento

I actually did not know this before visiting, but the outdoor spaces of the hotel are available for weddings and other events – some even celebrate their birthday here. In general, the pool area is recommended for aperitifs, while the garden area with its crystal gazebos is perfect for lunch or dinner receptions.

Cala Cipolla

Nearby Places To Visit And Activities

Spending your days relaxing at the hotel certainly sounds like a great thing to do, since it it such a beautiful, welcoming place. But for the active traveler, the area is actually packed with places to visit and things to do.


If you want to relax on a beach, a short walk will take you to Cala Cipolla, one of the most charming coves in the South of Sardinia. I shall warn you – it can get very busy during the peak summer months, especially at the weekend. Alternatively, you could spend your day at Chia Su Giudeo beach, famous for its sand dunes, or head to Tuerredda.

You won’t need a car to get to Cala Cipolla, and it’s only a short walk further to get to Su Giudeu, but if you wish to go to Tuerredda you will indeed need to drive.


Archeological sites

Not far from the Hotel Faro Capo Spartivento there are several places worth visiting. One of my favorite ones is the Archaeological Area of Nora, one of the most important archaeological sites in Sardinia where you can admire the Phoenician and Roman ruins. The site overlooks the sea and there’s a small beach you can enjoy, and it’s right by Pula, a lovely small town that is worth exploring too.

Roman Road hike


For the most active travelers, there is also the possibility to explore the surrounding nature, thanks to the numerous hiking trails that run along the coast or in the Guttu Mannu Natural Park.

If you don’t feel like driving, you can simply walk out of the hotel and follow the trail that runs along the coast and will take you to the small coves of Cala Antoniareddu and Perda Longa. This is an easy hike, but given the nature of the terrain you will need good hiking shoes or boots.

You can also follow the trail that goes all the way to the ruins of Sa Guardia Manna, a former military view point that offers stunning views of the coast. It’s a steep trail, but short.

Further away, you can go to Pinus Village and find the trailhead of the Roman Road that goes all the way to the Spanish Watchtower of Chia. It’s a moderate hike, but keep in mind you won’t find any water or food along the way, so go prepared.


Finally, golf lovers can test their skills at the Is Molas golf course, located a few kilometers and easy driving distance from the hotel.


So, should you stay at Hotel Faro Capo Spartivento? Honestly, yes! If you have the budget to splurge for a day or more, staying at a lighthouse hotel is a unique experience. The comfort of the rooms, the stunning locations, the peaceful surroundings, the sea views, the friendly and professional staff make this an incredible place to stay for your holidays in Southern Sardinia, and I wholeheartedly recommend it!

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