The Ultimate Guide To Oristano, Sardinia


Oristano is located on the Western side of central Sardinia and is considered an area that has stayed natural, more authentic compared to the ones that have seen a huge touristic flow throughout the years. The city and its surroundings have a long history because they were inhabited since Nuragic times. The Oristano we know … Read more

Who Were The Mont’E Prama Giants?

Mont'e Prama Giants of Sardinia

Did you know that Sardinia, among its many nicknames, is often called “Island of the Giants”? This original name comes from the fact that several historical ruins and relics on the island are undoubtedly oversized; moreover, several legends mention big, tall people who used to live in Sardinia at the beginning of time. The traces … Read more

The Best Guide To Tharros, Sardinia


Located on the southern far end of the Sinis peninsula, with its two-thousand-years long history, Tharros is considered one of Sardinia’s most important archaeological sites. It is often called an “open-air museum” because of the abundance of well-preserved ruins and relics, and thanks to its location, right next to the beautiful west Sardinian beaches. The … Read more

A Quick Guide To Visiting Su Nuraxi, Sardinia

Su Nuraxi

Su Nuraxi is the most famous nuraghe in Sardinia, and if you are planning on visiting the south of the island you really should not miss the chance to go. I have lost count of how many times I have visited, and each time I am captured by its mystery. If you have checked my … Read more

A Honest Review Of Antica Dimora Del Gruccione

Cities in Sardinia Santu Lussurgiu

The Antica Dimora del Gruccione is a fine example of “Albergo Diffuso” (Dispersed Hotel), meaning that rather than being a series of rooms located inside a single building, it consists of several rooms and apartments scattered around the lovely small town of Santu Lussurgiu. This boutique hotel is one of my favorite in Sardinia. I … Read more

Where To Go Climbing In Sardinia

Climbing in Sardinia

You may not know it yet, but climbing in Sardinia is world class. The Italian island of Sardinia, floating in idyllic Mediterranean waters, is a rock climbers paradise. The jagged and rocky landscape, brimming with limestone mountains of all shapes and sizes, is a place where world-class climbers are honing their skills, as well as … Read more

The Nicest Small Towns And Cities In Sardinia

Cities in Sardinia Santu Lussurgiu

There are many lovely cities in Sardinia. a Despite being a rather large island, only about 1.6 million people live in Sardinia, the majority around the main hubs of Cagliari and Sassari, and the rest scattered in some lovely small towns and villages which have made it a point to retain their original character and … Read more

A Useful Guide To Santu Lussurgiu, Sardinia

Cities in Sardinia Santu Lussurgiu

Santu Lussurgiu is a pretty medieval town in the Oristano province, especially famous for its traditional festivals and the amazing parks and natural sites in the area. Many visit Santu Lussurgiu to have a taste of folklore and enjoy some fresh, clean air, escaping from the heat of the cities and beaches during the summer, … Read more

Where To Stop For A Coffee In Cagliari

coffee in Cagliari

Looking for a place to have a delicious coffee in Cagliari? You have come to the right place!  Italians are coffee lovers and are used to drink coffee several times per day. We literally can’t start the day without coffee (with or without milk); we usually have it as a quick break at work, after … Read more

The Best Costa Rei Hotels

Costa Rei Hotels

Costa Rei is a marine hamlet part of Muravera’s municipality, about one hour drive from Cagliari. Its beaches are considered among the best ones on the island and the area and this is a favorite summer holiday destination for locals and tourists alike. While locals often own a holiday home, tourists may need to look … Read more