A Guide To Spiaggia Del Relitto, Caprera

The Spiaggia del Relitto is one of the most popular beaches in La Maddalena Archipelago. One of the reasons it’s so popular is that it’s incredibly easy to reach – it’s easy to drive there, and there’s a large parking lot too. But the beach is actually gorgeous, too.

My friends and I visited the Spiaggia del Relitto on a recent trip to La Maddalena Archipelago and spent a few relaxing hours there, so I thought I’d write a short post to explain everything you need to know about it and to guide you in planning a relaxing day with your family or friends.

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Spiaggia del Relitto

What You Must Know About The Spiaggia del Relitto

Spiaggia del Relitto

The name Spiaggia del Relitto is due to the presence of a shipwreck right on the shore, easy for everyone to see. This is not actually some archeological remains, as it sometimes happens in other pars of Sardinia. It’s a more recent shipwreck from 1955, when a sailboat caught fire and ran aground here.

This is a small cove with incredibly fine, white sand, and shallow clear waters. The presence of rocks along the sides give it depths and colors, and make it a great spot for snorkeling. The shallow waters mean it’s a fantastic beach for families with children.

Surrounding the beach is thick Mediterranean vegetation. There’s a trail that goes through the forest that you can follow to get views of the beach.

While spending time at this beach is completely free if you have our own equipment, you’ll be glad to know that this is an equipped beach where you can also rent umbrellas and sun-loungers if you wish so. If you get hungry and forgot to bring lunch, you’ll be happy to know there is a kiosk right behind the beach where you can also have lunch or drinks and that serves nice local staples.

How to behave at Spiaggia del Relitto, Caprera

Since Spiaggia del Relitto is so easy to access, it can get very crowded in the peak summer months so it’s important to observe some basic rules of behavior – or beach etiquette if you wish – to make sure everyone has a good time and to protect its pristine environment. Here are my recommendations:

BE POLITE WHEN PLACING YOUR UMBRELLA – When a beach is crowded, it’s hard to find a place to place your umbrella and towels, and you’ll often end up being quite close to the people next to you. Most of them won’t be bothered by that at all, but as a rule of thumb just ask if it is ok to place your stuff there. This simple act of courtesy will result in a “of course” most of the time.

DON’T TAKE SAND – tourists often ignored this as it is allowed in many other places, but Sardinia begs to differ. Do not take sand, shells, pebbles from the beach. If you get caught in the act or caught with it at the airport or while boarding the ferry, you’ll be fined. Similarly, do not take marine stars or jellyfish or any other marine life out of the water. They are protected! And remember, this is part of a national park so the rules are even stricter. Read more about it here.

DON’T LITTER – there are garbage bins on the beach and by the kiosk. Don’t see them? Well that is no excuse to abandon your trash. Take it home with you, and remember that recycling is taken quite seriously in Sardinia.

AVOID BALL GAMES – the Spiaggia del Relitto can get very crowded during the peak summer months. Many people will play ball games – soccer, matkot, and what not. When the beach is crowded, this is simply bad manners. You risk bothering others, and even hurting them if the ball hits them!

Spiaggia del Relitto

How to get to Spiaggia del Relitto

If you are staying in La Maddalena, the easiest way to get to the Spiaggia del Relitto is by car. It’s a straightforward 25 minutes drive along 11 km (6.8 miles). Once you get out of La Maddalena town, follow the signs to Caprera and cross the bridge that connects the two islands, and continue southbound until you reach the parking lot.

During the summer months, there’s also a bus service from La Maddalena that goes to the Spiaggia dei Due Mari, from which you can easily walk to the Spiaggia del Relitto.

Cala Coticcio Beach

Other nearby beaches

As you can imagine, Caprera is blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia, and the Spiaggia del Relitto is only one of them. The following are just some of the beaches you’ll find nearby:

CALA ANDREANI – The closest beach to the Spiaggia del Relitto, you’ll find it on the southern part of the island. It’s backed by a thick forest of Mediterranean pines, and the sea is incredibly clean and clear here. It’s not equipped so bring whatever you need for the day. It’s a prime sunset spot, too.

SPIAGGIA DEI DUE MARI – Also known as Cala Portese, the name is due to an islet that separates the water making it seem like there are two seas here. It’s a nice place for families thanks to the shallow clam waters.

DOG BEACH – This is one of the few beaches in La Maddalena Archipelago where you can bring your dog. You’ll find it on your way to the Spiaggia del Relitto, soon after crossing the beach that connects La Maddalena to Caprera.

CALA BRIGANTINA – On the east coast of Caprera and north of the Spiaggia del Relitto, this beach requires a bit of a hike (and hiking boots) to reach. It’s a gorgeous, not equipped beach where you’ll find clear waters, fine sand and lots of marine life that make it a perfect place for snorkeling.

CALA COTICCIO – A bit further north in Caprera island, Cala Coticcio can only be reached via a guided hike that you need to book via the Maddalena National Park site. It’s literally a slice of heaven, and highly protected.

spiaggia del relitto

Where to stay in the area

Most people visiting Caprera opt to stay in La Maddalena town, the only one in the archipelago. That’s where you’ll find the best accommodation options and the vast majority of restaurants and services.

When I visit La Maddalena, I normally stay at Hotel Villa del Parco, which has double rooms or suites with a kitchenette perfect for self catering, and offers a delicious breakfast every morning.

If you want a budget friendly place to stay, the Tra Rocce e Mare Guesthouse is definitely a great option. Again, you’ll enjoy a good breakfast every day, and there’s on site parking too.

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