A Short Guide To Costa Paradiso, Sardinia

Costa Paradiso is a tiny village and holiday hub in the Trinità d’Agultu e Vignola municipality. Thought to be one of the nicest beach towns in Italy, it was first founded in the 1960s as a VIP exclusive holiday spot and later became one of the most renowned – and less exclusive – beach destinations in north Sardinia.

The village now thrives with tourism, especially in the summer months, and is a favorite holiday destination thanks to all it has to offer, with options suitable for any budget.

The whole area including Costa Paradiso, Isola Rossa, and the neighboring hubs is famous for its stunning beaches surrounded by the typical Sardinian vegetation.

A stay here is ideal if you love sunbathing and easy hikes, or if you are a fan of surfing and wind sports and are looking for a good balance between relaxing and at the same time staying active.

Li Cossi

The Best Beaches In Costa Paradiso

Needless to say, the gorgeous beaches are the main draw to Costa Paradiso – home to some of the best coves on the island.

There are several beaches around Costa Paradiso, and they are all small and can fit few people: the territory doesn’t offer any long sandy beaches here – just small coves with a mix of fine sand and rocks.

Due to the area’s position, it’s not recommended to go to the beach during days when the mistral wind blows too strongly, as it would result in a terrible experience, with sand flying around and strong currents making it impossible to swim.

However, every beach is a piece of paradise (hence the name) on any other day. The rocks and the sand make for incredible colors of both the water and the surroundings, and you’ll definitely feel compelled to snap a picture or two.

The only small flaw is that you’ll need to walk a bit to reach some of these places.

Below is a list of the best beaches in Costa Paradiso and its vicinity.

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Li Cossi

Li Cossi

Li Cossi is one of the most famous and beloved beaches in the area. Shaped like a half-moon, it’s surrounded by pink granite rocks and well sheltered from the winds.

Families like this beach because the water is shallow and it’s not too difficult to get there – even though you’ll need to walk for approximately one km from the parking lot to the actual beach. Li Cossi is also a fabulous sunset spot.

best North Sardinia beaches Costa Paradiso

Cala Sarraina

One of the best locations to admire a stunning sunset, Cala Sarraina is a small beach that looks the best during days with zero or moderate winds. It’s equipped with toilets and you can rent umbrellas and sun-beds, and there is a restaurant nearby.

A number of trails depart from the beach. They are easy to follow and will take you to several incredible viewpoints.

Costa Paradiso

Isola Rossa

Isola Rossa (Red Island) is another small hub that takes its name from the homonymous small islet in front of it. Like Costa Paradiso, it’s mostly populated in summer and offers stunning beaches and views.

The most famous are Long Beach, a long stripe of white sand particularly loved by families, and La Marinedda, a beautiful cove ideal for windsurfing and surfing lovers. A trail goes around La Marinedda beach. You can follow it to get views of the coast and the beach and snap plenty of photos!

Much like all other beaches in the area, it’s best you avoid it on strong mistral days as the sea gets really rough. That’s when surfers will enjoy it, though!

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Tinnari Costa Paradiso


Tinnari – or Cala Li Tinnari – is a small cove on the border between Costa Paradiso and Isola Rossa areas. It can be reached only after a 30 minutes easy hike – which is well worth it! – and is mostly frequented by people who prefer quiet, secluded places to the most crowded and famous ones.


Famous for the unique shape of its rocks and the natural pools that sometimes form on the shore, Calarossa is easily reachable from Trinità d’Agultu and it doesn’t require much of an effort to actually get to the beach. You can also enjoy some shade in the pine grove nearby.

Li Baietti

A rocky beach that can be reached via two staircases, Li Baietti is a small but beautiful cove especially appreciated by snorkeling lovers. Better be careful when entering the water, because the rocky bottom is slippery and might be dangerous.

Costa Paradiso

Li Tamerici

Li Tamerici is a calm, secluded cove that you can reach with a short walk, particularly appreciated by families because the water is shallow and the place isn’t usually crowded.

Cala Le Sorgenti

The most northern beach in the area, Le Sorgenti can be reached with a short hike and consists of a sandy area and some rocks that are commonly used as trampolines to dive into the water. Snorkeling here is highly recommended!

Cala di Faa

Cala Faa is a bit difficult to find if you don’t follow the directions with care. It is hidden behind the trees and bushes, and requires a 2 km hike to get there.

Once you reach this splendid cove, however, you can really leave all the stress and noise behind: not many tourists adventure there, and you will be able to enjoy a peaceful day.

In Costa Paradiso

Other Things To Do In Costa Paradiso

Costa Paradiso is the right place for everyone who wants to spend both relaxing and adventurous days. I already talked about the beaches, so let me give you some tips about what else you can do in this area.

Hiking and Biking

The region is mountainous and still quite wild, and there are tons of trails that you can explore both walking and with a bike. If you like (figuratively) getting lost in nature and experiencing what the real Sardinian panoramas look like, this is the right place for you.


The rocky bottoms in the area are excellent hideouts for any type of small marine creature. Be sure to bring your snorkeling equipment and a gopro camera with you, you won’t find yourself short of things to take pictures of.

Costa Paradiso


Similar to the reason why snorkeling is an excellent activity here, diving is also quite fun due to the marine life you’ll be able to spot deeper in the sea. Remember to never go diving alone, check the weather conditions before heading out and check the surroundings for any sharp rock or danger.

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Wind sports

Isola Rossa is one of the most renowned Sardinian spots for surfing, wind and kite surfing: thanks to the strong winds, these sports are extremely popular and fun to practice. There are even important competitions held here every year.

Costa Paradiso

Practical Information

Where to sleep in Costa Paradiso

Costa Paradiso and Isola Rossa aren’t huge villages and there isn’t much of a choice for places to sleep, but there are still some gems worth to be mentioned. The most common choice is renting a small holiday rental, but of course, that will depend entirely on your budget.

Another valid option – which is however less practiced – is using the nearby Castelsardo as your base and exploring the area from there. In fact, that’s what I normally do as Castelsardo has many more restaurants and bars.

If you are keen on sleeping in the area, here are some good places to stay in Costa Paradiso and Isola Rossa.

Jatika Boutique Hotel

Located in Aglientu, in Vignola’s vicinity, on the beachfront, this hotel is a top choice among tourists visiting Costa Paradiso. It offers free WiFi, rooms equipped with every comfort, and airport shuttle bus service in case you don’t feel like renting a car, and it is an excellent position if you want to explore the area.

Hotel Sorgente

Located in Aglientu, 9 km away from the beaches, this hotel is ideal if you want to explore a bit of the inland area too. Its rooms are equipped with every comfort and it has a restaurant that specializes in traditional Sardinian food. Free WiFi is available and the property is pet-friendly.

Casetta Al Mare

This B&B is just a few minutes away from Isola Rossa, and offers free WiFi and a fabulous breakfast included in the price of the room. The rooms are equipped with everything you might need and there’s WiFi available throughout the property.

Costa Paradiso

How to get to Costa Paradiso

Costa Paradiso is more or less at the same distance from Alghero and Olbia airports, and close enough to Porto Torres harbor – so you can decide to fly to either city and then drive there.

From Olbia, you just need to follow State Road SP14 to Trinità d’Agultu e Vignola. It will take you about one hour and 30 minutes over a rather windy road.

From Alghero, take State Road SP90 and follow the directions to Trinità d’Agultu e Vignola. You will have to follow the same itinerary if you arrive in Porto Torres. Make sure to take the coastal road as it’s one of the most scenic drives in Sardinia!

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