A Brief Guide To Is Arenas Biancas, Sardinia

Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Southern Sardinia, Is Arenas Biancas is indeed a special place. Located in a military area, this is a place of unique, raw beauty, home to impressive sand dunes that attract visitors often unaware (or pretending to be so) that walking on them is actually prohibited (the photos in this post were all taken in spots where access was allowed).

Easy to reach from the capital, Cagliari, this is an ideal beach for a summer day trip – as long as there is no wind! And since it is beautifully long and there are no villages immediately nearby, it never gets too crowded.

I have recently been to Is Arenas Biancas and thought I’d share everything you need to know to plan your perfect day there.

Everything You Need To Know About Is Arenas Biancas Beach

Is Arenas Biancas Beach

Among the most impressive, unique beaches in Sardinia, Is Arenas Biancas, in the territory of Teulada, lies in a military area that can be accessed in the summer months. The fact that it is part of a military base means that there is no village or construction nearby, which makes the beach quite remote and – while easily accessible – not nearly as crowded as other beaches in Sardinia.

This 1 km (0.6 miles) long (though longer if you consider it continues onto Porto Pino) beach is famous for being home to some of the most beautiful sand dunes in Sardinia, some of which are as tall as 30 meters (98.5 feet), which are highly protected. At its back, Mediterranean shrub gives it an extra exotic touch.

Water at Is Arenas is shallow and transparent. This, paired with the beautiful sand, make it an ideal place for families with children who will find no shortage of entertainment!

The beach is equipped with a kiosk serving plain sandwiches, drinks, ice-cream and coffee, and where you can rent umbrellas and other beach equipment. A chemical toilet is found right by the trail that leads to the beach and there are also a couple at the parking lot, where you will find garbage bins too.

Unfortunately, Is Arenas Biancas is not equipped for disabled access so not really suitable for people with mobility issues. Life guards are on duty on various spots along the beach.


How to get to Is Arenas Biancas

From Cagliari

The beach is located about 85 km (52.8 miles) east of Cagliari, in the municipality of Teulada. Getting there from Cagliari takes about 1.5 hours. To get there, drive along SS 130 and turn at Siliqua and follow SS 293 all the way to Giba. Once in Giba, take SS195 to Is Solinas where you’ll have to take SP 73 all the way to Is Arenas, past Porto Pino.

From Teulada

From Teulada, you will have to drive along SS 195. After about 10 minutes drive you will find a sign to your left pointing you to Is Arenas Biancas. That’s where you’ll have to pay for your parking, which is another 6 km away on a dirt road. Parking there costs €7 per day and the same ticket can be used to park in other beaches in the area. Ask your host for a ticket so that you can get a discount to the parking lot.

From the parking lot, it’s another 500 meters (0.3 miles) to the beach, along a wooden track.

Other Useful Information

Here is some tips to make the most of Is Arenas Biancas beach.

DON’T GO WHEN IT’S WINDY – Such a sandy place is not the best when the wind blows, making sand fly everywhere, literally!

RESPECT THE LAW – The sand dunes at Is Arenas Biancas and in all other places in Sardinia are protected. There are signs suggesting that transit on the dunes is forbidden and there are rangers walking along the beach with a whistle to stop people trespassing. Some still do, and if caught they get a fine up to €180. Similarly, remember that stealing sand, shells, pebbles and stones is forbidden in Sardinia and if caught you may get a fine. Make sure to read my post about Sardinian sand theft here.

FIND YOUR PERFECT SPOT – Is Arenas Biancas is a massive, long beach and if you continue walking along the shore from the parking lot you will find a spot that is not crowded, even during the most crowded months.

DON’T LEAVE GARBAGE – There are garbage bins in the parking lot, but depending on where you stay on the beach there are none. Don’t leave garbage on the beach and remember that we recycle in Sardinia!

Cala Zafferano

Other Nearby Beaches

PORTO PINO Quite similar to Is Arenas beach, though perhaps a bit more crowded as there are more villages nearby, this is a long, white sand beach with sand dunes at its back and very shallow, clear waters.

CALA ZAFFERANO – This marveluos small cove is only accessible in the summer months – July, August and September, by boat from Porto Tramatzu. It’s part of a military base, so while you are welcome to swim in the cove, in theory it is forbidden to get to shore and the Coast Guard patrols the area. However, they typically tolerate people getting down to shore and walking along the beach. Planting umbrellas, however, is strictly prohibited.

Is Arenas

Where To Stay Near Is Arenas

The closest small town to Is Arenas is Teulada, a rather plain village where, however, you will find a few good accommodation options. When I visited, I stayed at S’Attobiu, a small guest house with lovely rooms and wonderful hosts. You can book it here. The best restaurant in town is Da Stefano – make sure to book in advance.

You will find more places to stay in Chia. For more information, click here.

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