A Quick Guide To Is Arutas, Sardinia

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Usually named among the most beautiful and unique beaches in Sardinia, Is Arutas is located on the west coast of the island, not far from the small town of Oristano. An incredibly popular place during the summer months, it’s splendid throughout the year.

Part of the Protected Marine Area of the Sinis Peninsula, the main characteristic of Is Arutas beach is the sand, which is actually made of tiny white and pinkish quartz pebbles which resembles little grains of rice and are fun and soft to walk on – and they glow in the sun.

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Is Arutas

Everything You Must Know About Is Arutas

Is Arutas Beach

Is Arutas is a beautiful, 480 meters (around 1580 feet) long beach with pristine, clear waters. As the closest town is located at 16 km, the surroundings are completely wild: no buildings, and just beautiful Mediterranean shrub.

At each side of the beach, there are beautiful rock formation you can easily climb for panoramic views. The most adventurous ones actually use them as a jumping spot!

Water at Is Arutas is almost immediately deep, and the combination of incredible transparency and a rocky seabed make it an excellent place for snorkeling.

GOOD TO KNOW: Whenever I visit this beach, I spot lots of local families with children, so the obvious conclusion is that this is a family friendly beach. However, keep in mind that the lack of classic sand to play with and the fact that water is immediately deep may make it a tricky place if your kids aren’t confident in the water: they make get bored!

Located right behind the beach, closer to the parking lots, you will find a few places where you can eat (typically fish and seafood dishes), grab a snack and enjoy a drink, and there also are toilets and showers you can use to rinse your feet off the precious sand before leaving.

Umbrellas and other beach equipment, on the other hand, are not available for rent.

GOOD TO KNOW: The location of is Arutas makes it an incredible sunset spot, so plan to linger in a bit longer to enjoy seeing the sun as it falls behind the horizon. Just as well, the location makes it a no-no spot when the mistral wind blows, as it is completely exposed.

TIP: Is Arutas is one of Sardinia’s favorite beaches, and it can get very crowded in the peak season and at weekends. If that’s when you are visiting, plan to be there early – no later than 9:00 or 10:00 am, to secure a spot. Otherwise, plan to visit at the very beginning of the season, in early June, or towards the end, in mid-late September.

Is Arutas

How to get to Is Arutas

The closest town to Is Arutas is Cabras, which is at about 20 minutes drive.

If you are staying in Oristano, you can take bus 430 which regularly leaves from the town center. The journey takes about 50 minutes.

If you are driving, from Oristano follow the directions to Cabras and from there take SP (Strada Provinciale) 6, then turn right on SP7 and finally left on SP 59. It takes about 30 minutes.

If you are coming from Cagliari, you will have to drive to Oristano along SS131 and follow directions from Oristano.

There is plenty of parking spots along the beach, but you will have to pay for the duration of your stay – it’s up to €10 per day.

Is Sardinia expensive
The gorgeous Maimoni, not far from Is Arutas

Other nearby beaches

Not far from Is Arutas there are several beautiful and usually lesser crowded beaches. Here they are:

MARI ERMI At just 15 minutes drive north, and honestly very similar and just as crowded. Mari Ermi is where tours to the nearby Isola di Mal di Ventre depart from.

SAN GIOVANNI DI SINIS – A completely different beach, located about 15 minutes drive south and close to Tharros, one of Sardinia’s most beautiful archeological sites.

MAIMONI – The closes beach to Is Arutas, it’s a gorgeous stretch of sand with clear waters. It’s dog-friendly.

Where to stay to easily access Is Arutas

The best place to stay if you want to sleep close to the beach is Camping Is Arutas, which is at about 500 meters from the beach. Alternatively, you will find plenty of good accommodation options in Cabras. Check them out here.

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Is Arutas

Important Rules of Behavior At Sardinian Beaches

It is important to respect the delicate environment of this and other Sardinian beaches and for this I am sharing a few basic rules of behavior – they may sound redundant and obvious, but trust me they are worth repeating:

DON’T TAKE SAND – Signs at the various entry points to the beach will warn you that taking sand from Sardinian beaches is forbidden, and you should respect that, even more so in a place as special as Is Arutas. If you are ever caught in the action, or with it, you may end up being subjected to a fine.

DON’T ABANDON YOUR TRASH – Right at the back to the beach, on the way out and close to the kiosks, there are plenty of garbage bins. If you don’t find them, or if they are full at the end of the day and / or you have bulky items, bring your trash home with you and dispose of it appropriately. We recycle in Sardinia, so check out the local customs for recycling too.

BE RESPECTFUL OF OTHERS – Please avoid playing ball games close to other people, and to smoke in their face (and then leave cigarette butts in the sand).

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