The Ultimate Guide To Cala Zafferano

Located at the southwestern tip of Sardinia, Cala Zafferano (at times also referred to as Porto Zafferano) is a stunning beach with the brightest, whitest sand and the most beautiful, clear azure waters you can think of.

As the beach is located in a military area, getting there can be a bit of an ordeal. Once you are there, you will feel completely rewarded of all your efforts. In fact, you will feel like you have been let into one of the best kept local secrets.

If you are curious to know more about this slice of paradise on earth, and want to discover how you can enjoy it too, you are in the right place. Just continue reading!

Cala Zafferano

Everything You Must Know About Cala Zafferano

Cala Zafferano Beach

Cala Zafferano is a beautiful white and pink sand beach located in the area of Teulada. It’s surrounded by sand dunes that are covered in juniper and the water is shallow and incredibly transparent, of a beautiful shade of blue.

As it is located in a military area, the beach is only accessible to visitors who can get there by boat in the months of July and August, and on the condition that they don’t disembark. A military lookout patrols the area to make sure that tourists abide by the rules, but they are usually flexible enough to let you disembark for a quick walk on the beach, on the condition that you don’t plant any umbrella.

Since it is so isolated, Cala Zafferano is incredibly quiet and chances are that even if you visit in peak season you’ll have to share the beach just with a handful of other visitors.

As there is nothing in the area, you will need to bring anything you need for the day – food, water, sunblock etc.

TIP: The best time of day to capture the incredible colors of Cala Zafferano is between 12:00 and 3:00 pm. That’s when the photos you seen in this post where taken.

TIP: Check the wind conditions before making your way to Cala Zafferano, as this part of Sardinia is very exposed to the wind best avoided when it blows strongly.

How to get to Cala Zafferano

There is no road access to Cala Zafferano, and since it is in a military area, you can’t walk or hike there. The only way to get there is by boat. If you don’t have one, you can rent a zodiac from the nearby Capo Malfatano or Porto Tramatzu, which is at about 1 hour and 45 minutes drive from Cagliari, and 15 minutes drive from Teulada.

From Cagliari, you will have to drive along SS195 towards Domus de Maria and then Teulada.

In Porto Tramatzu, Teulada Charter is a reliable company for rentals. You can expect to pay around €250 for the day, depending on which model you pick. Keep in mind that prices normally rise during peak season in August, and to the price of the rental you’ll have to add that of gasoline. You need to book at least a week in advance.

IN SHORT: Cala Zafferano can only be accessed by boat in the months of July and August.

Important Rules of Behavior At Cala Zafferano

Cala Zafferano is a heavily patrolled beach, so you need to observe a few rules to stay out of trouble. Here they are:

DON’T ANCHOR YOUR BOAT – This rule is in place, but the military that patrol the beach are a bit more flexible about it, as long as you stay within a certain perimeter. If you don’t, you’ll discover soon enough as they will be quick to approach you!

DON’T PLACE YOUR UMBRELLA – This is a military area and you are a mere guest. While you can walk on the beach and sit on the sand, you can’t do anything that would amount to occupying the territory, even if only temporarily.

DON’T PUSH TOO FAR IN YOUR EXPLORATION – You are welcome to walk along the beach and on the rock formations at its southern end, but you shouldn’t push yourself through the forest.

Cala Zafferano

DON’T TAKE SAND, SHELLS OR PEBBLES – This rule actually applies to all beaches in Sardinia. If you are caught in the act of stealing or caught with sand or shells in your bags, you will be subjected to a fine. Just don’t risk it.

DON’T ABANDON YOUR TRASH – Cala Zafferano is not an equipped beach, and you won’t find trash cans to dispose of your garbage. Bring whatever trash you produce home with you and dispose of it properly, keeping in mind that you are required to recycle. The same goes for cigarette butts: don’t drop them in the sand or in the water.

DON’T PICK UP JELLY FISH OR STARFISH – If you spot a jelly fish in the water, just swim away from it. Don’t pick them it and by all means do not kill it, as it contributes to the delicate local ecosystem. The same goes with starfish: don’t pick them up and don’t take them out of the water. Starfish are more delicate than you can imagine and staying out of water, even if only for a few seconds, causes their death. For more information, click here.

Porto Tramatzu Beach
Porto Tramatzu Beach

Other nearby beaches

There are many other beautiful beaches in the area. Here are a few you can consider:

PORTO SCUDO – Also located in the military area, and once again only accessible by boat.

PORTO TRAMATZU – You will be going through this beach if you pick up your boat rental there. It’s a beautiful, small sandy beach with clear waters, serviced with a kiosk and where you can find umbrella and sun bed rentals too.

TUERREDDA – One of the most famous beaches of Southern Sardinia, characterized by fine, white sand, a Spanish watchtower surmounting it, and a small island in front of it.

CALA ANTONIAREDDU – Lovely, tiny cove that’s among the most isolated in the area. It looks a bit like a fjord; it’s characterized by fine, white sand and surrounded by thick Mediterranean shrub. The water is incredibly clear.

Where to stay to easily access Cala Zafferano

You can visit Cala Zafferano on day trips from Cagliari. The capital of Sardinia has a wide range of excellent accommodation option. For hotels in Cagliari, click here.

The closest town is Teulada, which offers a few good places to stay (click here for more information). Other good access points are the lovely Pula, where you’ll find a great range of hotels, resorts and private holiday homes (click here for more) and Chia, a well known holiday resort. Find your accommodation in Chia here.

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