What Is Sardinia Sea Temperature?

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Contrary to what many people in Northern Europe appear to think, Sardinia is far from being a tropical island – at least, weather wise.

Indeed, although Sardinia is often described as a tropical heaven-like island, its climate is quite different from what you would find on a Caribbean island, and of course this has an impact on Sardinia sea temperature as well.

If you are planning a trip to Sardinia and hope to be able to enjoy the gorgeous, clear waters, you really need to familiarize yourself with Sardinia water temperature.

In this post, I will give you a brief overview of the temperature of the sea in Sardinia throughout the year, and suggest the best time to visit if all you want to do is swim. But first, let me answer the most important question!

Sardinia sea temperature
Enjoying the clear waters of Sardinia during the summer

Can You Swim In Sardinia Throughout The Year?

Let me cut through the chase here, and give you the brutal news: Sardinia sea temperature is not always warm and you can’t swim in the Sardinian Sea throughout the year. If you were planning to visit in February and hoping to enjoy a swim in the sea away from the August crowds, you’ll be in for a bad surprise.

There is indeed a time frame when it is not recommended to do so unless you want to freeze. If you get in the water then, you really need a dry suit! In fact, the water becomes ice-cold during the winter and the beaches – in fact, the cities and the countryside too – are hit by a strong, cold northern wind called mistral (maestrale in Italian).

It is virtually impossible not only to swim in the sea, but also to stay at the beach to sunbathe (though you can definitely enjoy a walk!), because the tides and waves are often strong, so much that they hit and usually change the coastal shape every year, digging or burying big chunks of beach.

Sardinia Sea Temperature Throughout The Year

Below is an easy table that sums up the sea temperatures in Sardinia throughout the year. A quick look at the table will show you that the island is definitely not suitable for a swim in the sea in the winter months.


The table obviously reports the average sea temperature in Sardinia: there are some coastal areas which are usually colder and others which stay warmer, depending on several factors – such as the beach position, the amount of daily sunlight, the water depth, and so on.

Sardinia water temperature isn’t always as warm as you would like it to be for a quick dip in the sea – or a long swim. Depending on the years’ climate, some braver locals first go swimming during the second half of April; but the beginning of swimming season is typically from the second half of May onwards – though to be fair, I personally find the water to be too cold even then.

The water stays warm and pleasant until the end of September, but again, braver locals keep swimming until late October. If your body is used to it, there are fewer chances you’ll suffer any consequences, but it is better to be safe than sorry: don’t jump in the water when the temperatures are too low.

Sardinia Costa Rei
Winter calls for long walks along the beach

When Is It Best To Visit To Enjoy The Sea In Sardinia?

Thanks to its Mediterranean climate, Sardinia is a great place to visit all year round, especially because of the variety of events and attractions it has to offer. As this is a post about Sardinia sea temperature, however, in case you aren’t a fan of winter, rain, wind and lower temperatures, you can definitely plan your holiday from the end of May – the beginning of June onwards.

The sun shines high and bright during the summer months, and there is almost no rain, so June to August is definitely the season when you’ll find the warmest water (but the most crowded beaches as well).

Lastly, the sea in September and early October is still quite pleasant to swim in, because the sun has kept it warm for almost four months and the water will need some time to cool down again. This is my personal favorite time to spend time at the beach: there are considerably fewer people, and you can relax in the sun before fall begins.

The important thing to remember is, although Sardinia might look like the Caribbean, its climate is completely different, and you can’t swim in the sea throughout the year. It’s very dangerous to do so as you may actually be too cold!

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3 thoughts on “What Is Sardinia Sea Temperature?”

  1. Hi Claudia, I have a question. Even in mid summer (July/August) the sea temperature in some beaches either South or North of Sardinia have cold water. Why is that? Cold currents, winds, etc? How to know which beaches are exposed to this? I love warm sea temperatures but it happened to me at least 4 times to arrive in a beautiful beach in the midst of summer and feeling the water unusually cold. I personally okay to swim in 20C or even lower sea temperatures but when in Sardinia in July I am not mentally prepared for it.

  2. There are a million reasons for that. Wind / outside temperature / currents / fresh water springs directly in the sea water… yes, in some places the sea temperature is actually quite cold. Cala Goloritze for example has fresh water springs and it’s freezing in some bits. Also, water tends to warm up by the end of the summer so often in July it’s still a bit cold.

  3. Thanks for these stats. I am an open water swimmer and I swim year round in Lake Mead (Las Vegas) so by Jan-Apr which is the coldest I swim without a wetsuit at 52ºf. But, the currents you mentioned might be the problem and also swimming solo at a winter beach area is dangerous in case you get a cramp and no one can see your emergency.

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