A Short Guide To Cala Murtas, Sardinia

One of the best dog friendly beaches in Southern Sardinia, in the Sarrabus region, Cala Murtas is actually such a nice place that you shouldn’t consider visiting only if you have a dog! Sure enough, I go there every summer, as this is one of the lesser known beaches on the island and as such it’s pleasantly quiet even during the peak summer months.

Easy to reach from Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, and within quick driving distance from popular summer holiday destinations such as Costa Rei or Tortolì, Cala Murtas is the perfect place to spend a day in the sun, away from the chaos of other places, and where you can safely take your dog with you.

I have recently been to Cala Murtas and decided to put together a short guide for you.


Everything You Need To Know About Cala Murtas Beach

Cala Murtas Beach

Cala Murtas is a gorgeous, long beach located in the municipality of Villaputzu, in an area known as Quirra and famous for having a NATO military base. As a result of the presence of a military base, there are no villages nearby – which makes the beach a bit harder to access than most in Sardinia – nor services on the beach. However, the lack of villages nearby and the complete lack of services means this beach is fabulously quiet, and the perfect place to hang out if you aren’t a fan of crowds, noise and what not.

This 6 km (3.7 miles) long beach is has gorgeous, thick Mediterranean vegetation at its back, and is characterized by a fun mix of golden sand and tiny pebbles which give it a unique look.

Water at Cala Murtas is almost immediately deep, which makes it perfect if you are a good swimmer – but not so quite if you have small children who can’t swim. If this is the case, definitely consider going to another beach.

There is nothing in the way of equipment at Cala Murtas – no toilets, no kiosk and no lifeguard on duty, so you will have to take whatever you need for the day, and swim with caution! On the northern bit of the beach you will find a fenced area that marks the dog-friendly beach. Keep in mind that phone reception at the beach is scarce and erratic.

Cala Murtas

How to get to Cala Murtas

The beach is located about 92 km (57.4 miles) west of Cagliari, in the municipality of Villaputzu. Driving there from Cagliari will take you around 1.5 hours, whereas if your starting point is Costa Rei it will be 41 km (25.4 miles) and 40 minutes drive.

To get there, follow SS 125 northbound towards Muravera. Past that, continue driving towards Quirra. There will be a sign to your right pointing to Murtas Beach. The roads is narrow and windy and goes through the countryside. After about 10 minutes on that road you will find a sign pointing you to the dog beach – that’s the one you have to follow. It’s another couple of minutes drive along a dirt road until you get to the parking lot, which is free.

Other Useful Information

Here is some additional tips to make the most of Cala Murtas beach.

DON’T BE LOUD – This is a place where people go in search of peace and solitude. If you need loud music to have fun, you should probably head elsewhere.

DON’T TAKE SAND – Or shells, stones and pebbles! This is one of the few beaches where you may still find a good mix of beautiful pebbles and shells. Leave them where they are. Not only taking them is disrespectful of the environment, but it’s also forbidden by law and should you be caught with it, you will be given a fine. Make sure to read my post about Sardinian sand theft here.

ONLY BRING SMALL CHILDREN IF THEY CAN SWIM – Water is immediately deep at this Sardinian beach, so it is not a suitable place if you have small children who can’t swim. Either way, make sure to supervise them closely!

DON’T LEAVE GARBAGE – Small garbage bins are scattered on the access points to the beach and will remind you to separate between plastic, paper, organic waste and glass and tin. Dispose of your garbage accordingly, and if you have larger items, bring them home with you.

Quirra Castle

Other Nearby Beaches And Attractions

QUIRRA CASTLE – One of the lesser known castles in Sardinia, you can easily reach this castle by car following the signs from the beach. From the parking lot, it’s another hour walk. It’s mostly in ruins, but charming nonetheless.

COSTA REI – About 30 minutes drive from Cala Murtas you will find the beaches of Costa Rei. This area is characterized by a 12 km (7.5 miles) long, sandy beach with clear shallow waters and is a favorite of families for its ease of access.

Where To Stay Near Cala Murtas

There is nothing in the way of accommodation close to Murtas, as there are no villages. Your best access point will be Costa Rei, where accommodation option abound with plenty of holiday rentals, small hotels and some of the best beach resorts in Sardinia.

For a selection of places to stay in Costa Rei, click here.

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