The Best Chia Beaches

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There are many incredible Chia beaches. This ancient village in the southern part of the island, born from the small Phoenician settlement of Bithia and located in the municipality of Domus de Maria, is a place famous for its history and for the natural attractions: Chia can suit everyone’s needs.

Trekking and mountain bike routes offer a great scenic view of the coast, while the ancient ruins of the old city of Bithia can satisfy history buffs.

Of course, if you are looking for a more relaxing holiday or for a dive in the clear Sardinian waters, then Chia is the place to be, as there are plenty of Chia beaches to choose. This is an area I know well: comes summer and I often head in that direction to enjoy a day at the beach. Below you’ll find my personal selection of the best beaches in Chia and a few tips on how to reach them.

As always, let me stress that taking sand from Sardinian beaches is forbidden, as is walking on sand dunes.

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Su Giudeu Chia beaches

12 Incredible Chia Beaches

Su Giudeu

One of my favorite beaches in the whole island, Su Giudeu is really something else, and definitely one of the most famous Chia beaches. The long and wide beach is faced by a small island, which can be easily reached by foot, since the water is never too high. You will need sandals to walk on the island, as it’s very rocky.

Su Giudeu beach can get crowded during the peak summer months, but as it is very wide you’ll always find a spot. The sandy beach and the shallow waters make it perfect even for families and children, as it is equipped with everything to make their time even more enjoyable. If you prefer, you can take your beach umbrella and find a nice spot to lay down.

Don’t go on a windy day: this is not a sheltered beach and sand flies everywhere!

The best way to reach the Su Giudeu beach from Chia is by bus, as it only takes 3 minutes. If you prefer, you can make a 5 minute trip by car. If you are coming from Cagliari, follow the direction to Pula – which you’ll have to pass – and continue towards Domus De Maria. You’ll have to turn left a few km before the village. Once you are in Chia, plenty of signs will point you to the right beach.

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chia hotels Sa Colonia beach

Sa Colonia

A large white sand beach, Sa Colonia is perfect to enjoy the beautiful emerald waters of the Sardinian Sea. Located between two suggestive promontories, Sa Colonia also hosts a couple of kiosks where you can rent beach equipment such has umbrellas, loungers and sun beds, and where you can get a bite and a drink. Of all the beaches in Chia, it’s one of the most protected – however, I suggest you check out the weather in order to find the best day to visit the beach.

By car, from Cagliari you can take the SS 195 to Pula then Domus De Maria but before the village, you’ll have turn left towards Chia. Once in Chia, follow the directions to Torre di Chia and Sa Colonia.

Chia hotels

Monte Cogoni

Monte Cogoni is the other half of the Sa Colonia beach. While Sa Colonia is located under the Torre di Chia promontory, Monte Cogoni is close to the Chia lagoon, where you can sometimes see flamingos in their natural habitat. As Sa Colonia, Monte Cogoni has a kiosk where you can rent beach equipment.

To get there, you can easily follow the same directions to get to Sa Colonia.

Cala Cipolla

Cala Cipolla is a nice small beach that features white sand and a pine grove and Mediterranean bush at its back. The natural environment makes it one of the best beaches in Chia, if you are looking for a wilder place to explore and enjoy.

Less windy than other beaches in Chia (we go there on windy days, as opposed to the others), Cala Cipolla gets crowded especially in the summer and since it is not that big, it could be hard to find a spot. There is only a small kiosk where you can get a bit and rent some sunbeds but otherwise, it’s best to pack your own lunch.

Cala Cipolla is very close to Su Giudeu beach – they share the same parking lot – so the best way to get there is to park your car near Su Giudeu and then continue to Cala Cipolla on foot.

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Su Cardolinu

Named after the islet attached to it, Su Cardolinu is a free beach close to Chia. The union between the white sand and rocks creates a natural and relaxing atmosphere, especially at sunset. In case of low tide, you can easily reach the islet and enjoy a beautiful view of land and sea. Since there is not any equipment to rent on site, it’s better to bring all the necessary things, such as your umbrella and something to drink or eat.

From Chia, turn left on a bridge, just before the coffee bar on Viale Chia. Keep going until you get to a small grove, then take the dirt road. After about 1 km (0.6 miles), you can park the car and continue on foot. Make sure not to accidentally drive on the sand dunes! You can also get to Su Cardolino following the Roman Road from Pinus Village – it’s a lovely, easy coastal hike.

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Porto Campana

Located between Su Giudeu and Cala del Morto, the beach of Porto Campana is famous for its spectacular dunes – but remember you are not allowed to climb them. The dunes also serve as a protection from the wind, making Porto Campana a perfect place to bask in the sun and to dive in the emerald waters. You can rent beach equipment and if you love golf, you can try your swings on the course next to the beach.

To get there from Chia, you have to reach Resort Chia Laguna by car and then turn left on Viale Spartivento. After the bridge, turn left and then go straight until you find the parking sign.


Also known as Torre Chia, Porticciolo is perfect if you are looking for a beach with soft white sand. This makes Porticciolo a good choice if you have kids, it even has a kiosk where you can buy drinks and food.

From Chia, the best way to get to Porticciolo is by car. Just follow the directions for Torre Chia, until you reach the parking spot close to the beach.

Best beaches in Chia

Cala del Morto

Don’t let the ominous name intimidate you, Cala del Morto is one of the most famous beaches in Chia. The hills and the emerald sea encircle the beach, creating a beautiful landscape. The beach doesn’t have a kiosk or any equipment to rent, so be sure to come prepared.

You can get to Cala del Morto following the same directions for Porto Campana. From the parking spots near the beach, you have to continue on foot. Take the path that runs along Porto Campana, until you get to Cala del Morto.

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BONUS #1 Capo Spartivento

Capo Spartivento is a location near Chia, famous for its 19th century lighthouse. Built by the Italian Navy, the lighthouse was commissioned by Vittorio Emanuele di Savoia. In 2006 it was renovated and transformed in a luxury resort. Apart from the lighthouse, Capo Spartivento offers some great tracks if you love hiking and some great views of the coast.

You can get to the lighthouse from Cala Cipolla Beach. Park the car at Su Giudeu and then walk up on the hill, until you reach the main path for the lighthouse.

Sardinia photography Chia beaches

BONUS #2 Cala Antoniareddu

This is actually one of my favorite beaches in the world! Not too far from Chia, Cala Antoniareddu is a beautiful natural bay encircled by cliffs. The golden sand beach and the fascinating natural landscape create a wild and unique atmosphere. Cala Antoniareddu is not famous as the other beaches in Chia, so it’s perfect if you are looking for a less crowded place to chill and relax.

From Chia, take the road to Perdalonga/Tueredda. When you see a sign for La Pinneta take a turn left on a dirt road and drive until you reach a small parking lot. From there, it’s about one km to the beach.

Best beaches in Chia

BONUS #3 Perda Longa

If you plan to go to Cala Antoniareddu and Capo Spartivento, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the beautiful beach of Perda Longa, characterized by a shallow seabed perfect for children and for adults alike.

By car from Chia, take the SS 195 and go straight until you find the directions for Perdalonga.


BONUS #4 Tuerredda

Tuerredda is a beautiful beach not too far from Chia, where the white sand and the emerald sea create a captivating landscape. The sandy seabed is the hosts various species of marine life, making Tuerredda a great place for snorkeling. The beach is well equipped with kiosks where you can get food and drinks and rent any beach equipment you may need.

Keep in mind this is a protected beach where no more than 440 visitors are allowed every day, on a first come first serve basis – plan to be there no later than 8:00 am to claim your spot. Alternatively, you can book an umbrella and sun beds by calling one of the kiosks – Poseidon +39 339 7246817 or +39 070 2082113; Tropico Mediterraneo +39 348 5665502

To get to Tuerredda, from Chia, you have to drive for about 3 km, following the directions to Perdalonga.

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Guided Tours Of Chia Beaches

If you want to visit the beaches in Chia but are short on time or don’t have a car, you could consider joining a guided tour.

For a jeep and boat tour of the hidden coves of Chia and Teulada click here.

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