A Short Guide To Cala Regina Beach, Sardinia

Sardinia is famous for its wild and beautiful beaches, suitable for lovers of adventure and nature. For those who prefer comfort, the island also offers beaches where is it possible to spend a relaxing day without getting too far from the cities.

Cala Regina Beach is the perfect combination of a beach that can be easily reached from the city and that is at the same time completely natural. Plan to visit especially if you are traveling around the southern part of the island, and maybe a stay in Cagliari or Villasimius for ease of access.

Since I regularly go to Cala Regina, I thought I’d share my knowledge about it with you, so that you can plan your visit. In this guide, you will find useful information about Cala Regina Beach, how to get there and also some information on the other nearby beaches that are worth visiting.

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Cala Regina Beach

What You Must Know About Cala Regina

Cala Regina Beach

Located on the coast of Quartu Sant’Elena, at a few kilometers from Cagliari, Cala Regina is a beautiful tiny cove, surrounded by cliffs that offer shelter from the wind. This particular feature makes Cala Regina very popular with (a few) tourists and locals, especially on days when the mistral wind is particularly aggressive.

Characterized by gray large pebbles and a turquoise sea with a deep, rocky seabed, Cala Regina Beach is perfect for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. On the other hand, the same features make it less suitable for families with children, who may find it hard to get in the water, or may be intimidated by its depth and may also get bored for the lack of sand.

The surroundings of the beach feature typical Mediterranean scrub, with pine and eucalyptus trees. On one of the cliffs you can see the Cala Regina Tower, an Aragonese watchtower, about 9 meters tall (29.5 feet). The watchtower can be reached by following a path that starts in the parking lot – the views from there are absolutely wonderful.

Cala Regina Beach is completely wild, and other than a parking lot you won’t find any other service. There is no place to rent umbrellas and sunbeds, no toilets or kiosks to grab a bite, so if you decide to visit you will have to take everything you need for the day. As it is very pebbly, placing the umbrella won’t be easy. You should also plan to bring a small beach chair in case you find sitting or laying on the rocks uncomfortable.

The beach is completely free to access and doesn’t require any reservation, but since it can accommodate just about 124 people, I suggest you go there early in the morning to find a nice spot to relax.

cala regina

How to behave at Cala Regina Beach

While relaxing at Cala Regina beach, you’ll have to keep in mind some important rules.

DON’T TAKE ANYTHING FROM THE BEACH – it is forbidden to pick up and take away sand, pebbles, stones or shells from the shoreline or the sea. If found by the authorities, you will be subjected to a fine. Read more about it here.

KEEP THE BEACH CLEAN – don’t leave litter on the beach, you can use the trash cans near the parking or, if they are missing (they are often only seasonal) simply take the trash back home with you and dispose of it following local recycling rules.

RESPECT THE MARINE LIFE – don’t pick up crabs, starfish, jellyfish or other marine life out of the water. It dies almost immediately and doing so is absolutely irresponsible – besides, it is prohibited by law.

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Cala Regina

How to get to Cala Regina Beach

Cala Regina is easy to reach by car from Cagliari. Follow State Road (SS) 17 for about 27 km 16.7 miles). You will find a sign pointing to the beach after a hairpin bend – the road will follow downhill and you will soon get to a parking lot for cars, caravans and motorbikes, from which you can get to Cala Regina on foot.

Mari Pintau

Other nearby beaches

The coast where Cala Regina is located is packed with excellent beaches so should you not find a spot there simply continue driving to the next one.

My favorite in the area is by far Mari Pintau, whose name literally means “painted sea” – and you’ll get why it’s called like that as soon as you see it. A bit larger than Cala Regina, this beach is also characterized by pebbles and emerald green waters, but the seabed is sandy. Unlike Cala Regina, Mari Pintau is a fully equipped beach.

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If you’re staying in Cagliari and don’t want to travel too far, you can comfortably relax on Poetto Beach, located right on the city’s waterfront. The white sandy beach is washed by the crystal clear water of the sea. Keep in mind, however, that this beach can be decidedly crowded.

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Where to stay to easily access Cala Regina beach

To easily reach Cala Regina and other beaches in the area, you can stay in either Cagliari or any of the beach hamlets on the way to Villasimius, including Torre delle Stelle or Kal’e Moru.

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