A Quick Guide To Mari Pintau, Sardinia

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Mari Pintau means “painted sea” in Sardinian language, and as soon as you get to this marvelous Sardinian beach you will understand how it got its name. It’s located on the southern coast of Sardinia, along a road that is considered one of the most scenic drives on the island.

A very popular spot for locals who enjoy it throughout the weak during Sardinia’s long summer, and increasingly known to tourists too, this is one of the most beautiful beaches easily reached from Cagliari, and as such an ideal spot for a day trip out of town.

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Mari Pintau
Mari Pintau is by far the best beach near Cagliari

Everything You Must Know About Mari Pintau

Mari Pintau Beach

Mari Pintau is a small cove located on the road that connects Cagliari to Villasimius, one of South Sardinia’s most popular holiday destinations. Seeing from the road, you will have the impression of having laid your eyes on a giant pool – that’s how clear the water is. At the back of the beach, the Mediterranean shrub and the small pine forest contribute to its charm.

The shallow seabed and the very calm water make it a perfect spot for swimming. Water at this beach is usually calm, so it’s perfect for swimming.

This is a pebbly beach, so not the most comfortable spot if you are hoping to lay in soft sand. But as soon as you get in the water, pebbles give way to soft, fine sand that is lovely to walk on.

TIP: Make sure to carry a beach-chair or a sun-bed for a more comfortable stay. Flip flops or rock shoes are also a must, as walking on the pebbles barefoot is painful.

GOOD TO KNOW: Despite the lack of sand to play with, children love this beach where the shallow, transparent waters are the ideal setting for a lot of fun, water games.

Mari Pintau is also one of the few gay-friendly and nudist-friendly beaches in Sardinia, along with Cala Fighera, though if you are planning of visiting with children you have nothing to worry about – in fact, nudist beachgoers usually tend to isolate themselves at the far western corner of the beach, among the rocks. Personally, I have never spotted one and many will tell you it’s not a nudist beach because they’ve never spotted anyone!

The beach is fully serviced. Located on the trail that leads to the beach you will find a kiosk where you can get sandwiches, salads, ice-cream, quick yet tasty meals as well as snacks and all sorts of drinks.

Further down along the trail you will find toilets and showers (for which there is a €1 fee) and on the same spot you will be able to rent sun-beds for the day – they cost €5 each for a day.

The beach is also equipped with a bathhouse where you can rent umbrellas and sun beds, and with a lifeguard on duty. Beds and umbrellas are usually assigned on a first come, first serve basis; but you can call ahead the number + 39 331 883 7020 to book yours. The cost of an umbrella and two beds for a day is between €20 and €25.

How to get to Mari Pintau

Mari Pintau is located at about 40 minutes drive from Cagliari.

To get there, you will have to drive along Poetto Beach on Via Lungomare del Golfo until the very end, when you get to a roundabout, and from there take SP17. You will spot the beach from a distance and immediately recognize the gorgeous water. You can park along the road – just watch out when crossing, as there are no zebra lines. There are a couple of trails that lead to the beach. Make sure to wear shoes for a more comfortable walk!

Cala Regina

Other nearby beaches

The entire coast where Mari Pintau is located is packed with beautiful beaches, so you won’t have troubles finding a spot where you can relax and go for a swim. Here are the ones I recommend:

CALA REGINAComing from Cagliari, you’ll find this beach a bit before Mari Pintau. It’s a small, pebbly clove with waters perfect for snorkeling, and nicely sheltered from the wind – though I must warn you, placing an umbrella is close to being mission impossible! It’s completely unserviced.

KAL’E MORU – If you’d rather go to a sandy beach, this is the closest to Mari Pintau. It’s nicely sheltered. It’s a good option if you want a beach with a bit more services.

BACCU MANDARA – A bit further, this sandy beach is one of the lesser known beaches by tourists, but a popular spot for locals. There is a kiosk where you can get food and drinks and where you can rent umbrellas and other beach equipment.

Where to stay to easily access Mari Pintau

Mari Pintau is close enough to Cagliari so it’s an ideal place for a day trip. For accommodation in Cagliari, click here. If you wish to stay closer, you could opt for a holiday rental in Gereméas – for more information, click here.

Mari Pintau

Important Rules of Behavior At Sardinian Beaches

The main thing you need to do when visiting a beach in Sardinia is to respect its environment, and the other people there.

DON’T TAKE SAND, SHELLS OR PEBBLES – Mari Pintau is a pebbly beach and I doubt you will want to take pebbles with you – but alas, it’s worth saying that this is forbidden. Leave sand, shells and pebbles where they are because if you are caught with it you may end up having to face a fine.

DON’T ABANDON YOUR TRASH – There are large trash cans at the beach, for small waste you produce during the day. Any large item should be taken home, where you can properly dispose of. Keep in mind recycling is the thing to do in Sardinia, but the ways to do it vary from place to place so you may want to double check with your host.

BE RESPECTFUL OF OTHERS – Ball games are impossible at Mari Pintau – but if you engage in ball games in any other beach in Sardinia, make sure to be respectful of others. Though smoking is still allowed at most Sardinian beaches (some have designated areas for that), please beware that cigarette smokes is not pleasant to breathe to non-smokers. By all means, don’t drop cigarette butts in the sand or in the water!

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