A Short Guide To Cala Sinzias, Sardinia

Cala Sinzias is a long beach of white, fine sand and touched by emerald waters. Located on the southeast part of Sardinia, not far from the more famous Costa Rei, Cala Sinzias is a perfect place to relax in a unique natural landscape.

If you are planning a trip to South Sardinia and wish to visit Cala Sinzias, continue reading. I have been going to Cala Sinzias since I was a child and I’ll give you some useful information on this beautiful beach, how to get there, where to stay in the area and much more.

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Cala Sinzias

Everything You Must Know About Cala Sinzias

Cala Sinzias beach essential information

Surrounded by blue gums and protected by two promontories, Cala Sinzias is 15 km (9.3 miles) from Villasimius; just 7.5 km (4.6 miles) from Costa Rei, and part of the Castiadas Municipality. Being one of the most beautiful beaches in the southeastern part of the island, Cala Sinzias is visited by tourists and an incredible popular place among locals too, so it can get really crowded, especially in the summer. Yet, it’s a gorgeous place you should visit if you are in the area.

The beach is perfect for families, with shallow waters on the shore where the kids can play safely. Snorkeling aficionados will have plenty to see, especially near the promontories.

Cala Sinzias also offers great opportunities for diving and windsurfing.

You can also explore the blue gum grove and observe the typical Mediterranean vegetation that covers the promontories. If you feel confident in your step (and have the right shoes: please don’t do this in sandals or flip flops), you can climb the promontories to enjoy a spectacular view of the emerald sea and of the whole bay.

If you want to just relax, you can also rent a beach umbrella with sunbeds at one of the bathhouses on the beach, which also have restaurants where you can order food and drinks.

One more positive not about Cala Sinzias is that it is fully accessible to disabled. Finally, you are allowed to bring your dog to the beach until 8:00 am and from 8:00 pm, and throughout the day if you choose to rent an umbrella from one of the bathhouses on the beach (you will have to call ahead to specify you are going with a dog).

Cala Sinzias Top Hack!

Cala Sinzias is 2 km (1.2 miles) long, so you can easily find a spot to place your umbrella and towel lay down and relax. However, try to get there early in the morning, in order to have more chances to get a spot near the shore. If you are planning to get an umbrella and sun beds at a bathhouse, I recommend to book them – this is also a good solution to easily find a parking spot as they normally reserve a bunch for their customers.

You can contact Lido Tamatete to book your place and even a table at the restaurant (actually one of my favorite on the area, so you may want to go even just for a meal). You can call them at +393355313886.

Another good bathhouse with a restaurant is Maklas. You can call to reserve a spot at +39070995012.

Important rules of behavior for Cala Sinzias

Please remember to follow some basic rules when staying in Cala Sinzias, in order to enjoy the beautiful environment without damaging it and in order for everyone to have a good time:

DON’T TAKE SAND – This rule applies to every beach in Sardinia. It is strictly forbidden to take sand, shells and stones with you. Keep in mind that by doing so you may be subjected to a fine. Make sure to also read this post for more information.

RESPECT THE MARINE LIFE – Please refrain from taking starfishes, jellyfish and crabs out of the water and do not encourage your children to play with the marine life. Starfishes in particular are fragile and can die in a few seconds without water.

KEEP THE BEACH CLEAN – Be sure to clean after yourself before leaving the beach. You can throw the trash using the trash cans at the bathhouses, by the parking lot, or dispose of it at home. Remember to recycle!

DON’T PLACE YOUR UMBRELLA TOO CLOSE TO OTHERS – Even if the beach is packed, it’s polite to ask permission to place your umbrella if you think you will be quite close to other people.

BE POLITE – Ball games may bother other people if you loose control of the ball. Just as well, avoid playing loud music – you may be a fan of rap but your neighbor may not necessarily have the same taste!

Monte Turno Cala Sinzias

Other nearby beaches

There is no shortage of excellent beaches in the area of Cala Sinzias. The main ones you need to see are the following ones:

Cala Pira – a half-moon shaped bay with white sand and dunes covered by vegetation. It is a great place to relax, and the calm waters and the soft sand make it a perfect place for families with children. If you are in for some exploring, be sure to visit the Spanish Tower on the promontory watching over the bay. You can find out more about this beach here.

Cala di Monte Turno – this small beach shares the same features with Cala Sinzias and Cala Pira, with the presence of volcanic rocks on the beach and on the shores. For more information about this beach, click here.

Cala Sinzias

How to get to Cala Sinzias

The bus that connects Cagliari to Costa Rei and further Muravera makes a stop in Cala Sinzias, however, you are significantly better off getting there by car!

If you are driving from Cagliari, follow the signs to Muravera along the SS125 and take the first exit to Costa Rei. Go straight at the traffic light on the small bridge and turn right on the following intersection, taking SP18. There will be signs pointing to Cala Sinzias to your left.

If you are coming from Costa Rei, you will just need to follow SP18 southbound. It will take you about 15 minutes.

From Villasimius, take SP19 all the way to Cala Sinzias – it will take you about 20 minutes to get there.

Parking in Cala Sinzias can be a bit of an issue. There are a few (paid) parking spots close to the beach that get filled up very quickly. If those are full, there’s another paid parking lot (it costs €5 for half a day) on the other side of the main access road to Cala Sinzias. Just make sure not to park your car along the main road as it is prohibited and you will get a fine!

Where to stay to easily access Cala Sinzias

If you are looking to stay as closer as possible to Cala Sinzias, you can find many great selection of places to stay in Costa Rei, a popular summer hub among locals and tourists, with hotels, all inclusive resorts and small holiday apartments for rent.

Alternatively, you may want to stay in Villasimius, which is a better choice if you prefer to stay in a small town with all the services you may need.

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