The Nicest Squares In Cagliari

Albeit locals will tell you otherwise, the weather in Cagliari is good year round for the most part (though admittedly, it’s been raining almost every day for the last two weeks as I write this). This means that we in town get to enjoy the many lovely squares in Cagliari throughout the year. 

Lovely places full of sun and breathy during the spring; comes summer, and the squares in Cagliari are lovely places to spend some time enjoying the cool evening breeze. During the fall, the weather is still pleasant so that we can enjoy an afternoon coffee with a friend; and when the winter chill arrives, we still use squares as meeting points and – whenever the weather is nice – hang out in one of the lovely cafés with outside seatings. 

Are you curious to know which are the nicest squares in Cagliari? I have selected the prettiest ones fore you – just continue reading.

The Italian word for square is “piazza.”

squares in Cagliari
A view of the Bastione from Piazza Costituzione

10 Lovely Squares In Cagliari

You can easily visit the squares mentioned in this post by yourself during your wanderings of the city. To make the most of your time in Cagliari, however, I recommend joining a guided tour. Here are a few good options that will all take you to at least some of the squares:

Piazza Costituzione

Connecting Via Garibaldi, Via Manno, Viale Regina Margherita and Viale Regina Elena, this square is a favorite meeting point for locals, and one of Cagliari’s oldest squares. It’s been completely restored recently: enlarged to allow more room for pedestrians; the steps that lead to the Bastione di Saint Remy (more about that below) completely restored too, and a roundabout placed to ease the traffic of the historic center. It’s where one of the most famous historic bars in Cagliari – Antico Caffé – is located.

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Bastione di Saint Remy

Not exactly a square, but more of a massive terrace – but it may as well be! Connecting the historic district of Villanova to that of Castello, it’s one of the most important fortifications in town. The monumental staircase that from Piazza Costituzione leads to the Bastione – surmounted by the arch – was added in the 19th century and leads to the beautiful “covered walk” that locals love and that is often used for celebrations and art exhibits. The views of the city from the terrace are impressive.

Piazza Yenne

Piazza Yenne

Probably the most famous square in Cagliari, it’s in the historical heart of the city, surmounting Largo Carlo Felice and right at the intersection of recently renovated Corso Vittorio Emanuele II (one of Cagliari’s nightlife hubs) and Via Manno (a beautiful shopping street). Behing the square, Santa Chiara staircase leads to Castello. 

Piazza Yenne is a hangout place for people of all ages, and for locals and tourists alike. Right on the square you will find a multitude of small restaurants, cafés and bars. 

squares in Cagliari
Piazza Carlo Alberto is one of the most lively squares in Cagliari

Piazza Carlo Alberto

In the heart of Castello historic district, between Via Canelles and Via Lamarmora and right in front if Cagliari’s Cathedral, Piazza Carlo Alberto is one of the oldest and most charming squares in Cagliari. In medieval times the square was used for public executions. Nowadays, the square is surrounded by buildings that – albeit in need of restoration – are undeniably charming. At the center of the square you’ll spot a statue of St. Francis of Assisi. 

Located on the square there are a couple of cafés, and a few steps from it the meeting point of the Jewish Association of Cagliari. The square is truly local in the sense that kids still go there to play, and on Sundays there often is a small local market.

Piazzetta Mercede Mundula
Surrounded by crumbling building, Piazzetta Mercede Mundula is charming

Piazzetta Mercede Mundula

Much like the rest of the historic district of Castello, Piazzetta Mercede Mundula is surrounded by derelict buildings – yet is it a lovely place to hang out. From there, you can enjoy great views of the city (it’s a great sunrise spot) and take the public elevator to Viale Regina Margherita.

Piazza San Domenico is a locals’ favorite

Piazza San Domenico

Truth be told, this is another square that really isn’t a square but the prolongation of a street – yet, we all refer to it with the word “piazza.” Located in the heart of Villanova historic quarter, this is easily my favorite square in town – a place I regularly go to for a walk, to meet friends, to hang out or just take in the views. Right on the square there are several bars, pubs and restaurants – Florio is the most popular one.

Piazza San Giacomo
In the heart of Villanova you’ll find Piazza San Giacomo

Piazza San Giacomo

Another lovely square in Villanova historic district, it’s home to the beautiful San Giacomo church. It connects Piazza Costituzione to the rest of the Villanova district. It perhaps is a bit less popular compared to other squares in the historic center, but nevertheless charming. 

Piazza del Carmine

Located between Via Roma and Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, in the heart of Stampace historic district, Piazza del Carmine was built in the 18th century and is where the historic post office of Cagliari is located. Surrounded by trees, it’s a pleasant place to hang out int he summer months so it’s common to find families with children happily playing there. At the center of the square there’s the statue of Immaculate Conception by Luigi Guglielmi. 

Around the square you will find a few bars and a lovely gelato place – one of the best in town. Visit at Christmas time and you’ll see it’s also home to a small but nice Christmas market.

Piazza Garibaldi

Piazza Garibaldi

Another square that has seen important changes and improvements in the last few years, Piazza Garibaldi – named after Italian unification hero Giuseppe Garibaldi – connects shopping mecca Via Garibaldi to the rest of Villanova historic district. A pleasant place to hang out for families with children as well as older generations, there are plenty of trees and shade, a few coffee shops and bars. Located on the square there is Riva primary school – one of the oldest schools in town. 

Squares in Cagliari
Outside the center of Cagliari, Piazza San Bartolomeo is a true hidden gem

Piazza San Bartolomeo

One of Cagliari’s best kept secret, Piazza San Bartolomeo is located outside the historic center of town, closer to Poetto and connecting Quartiere del Sole – one of the newest districts in town – with Calamosca street and beach. At its center you can see a fountain, and there are a couple of nice cafés and a lovely small church often used for weddings.

Have you ever been to Cagliari? Which squares in Cagliari did you like the most?

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