How To Get From Corsica To Sardinia

Albeit close, getting from Corsica to Sardinia isn’t necessarily straightforward. The ferry from Corsica to Sardinia runs regularly, but the schedule changes just as regularly and it makes researching information actually frustrating. But don’t worry, I am here to help!

Corsica is the fourth biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is part of France and it’s located right above Sardinia: the two islands are only 11 km apart (about 6.8 miles) in the closest part of the Bonifacio Strait (known as Bocche di Bonifacio in Italian), a tiny piece of the sea that has been a challenging area to navigate since very early in history, because of its rocky seabed and constantly strong currents.

Corsica, like Sardinia, is a mainly mountainous region, whit cliffs overlooking stunning beaches, and typical medieval cities to explore and get lost in. Many people choose to visit both Sardinia and Corsica together, especially if they are planning to visit the North of Sardinia and the South of Corsica.

The two islands offer an incredible variety of activities and landscapes, and you can have a trip strictly focused on hiking and adventure or one spent sunbathing here and there.

If you want to hit both islands during the same trip, you are probably wondering how to get from Corsica to Sardinia. Continue reading, and I will share all the useful information.

For information on the ferry from Corsica to Sardinia, click here. If you are only keen on visiting the wonderful beaches of southern Corsica, you may want to consider a boat tour such as this one.

How To Get From Corsica To Sardinia

The only way of getting from Corsica to Sardinia is by ferry. Traveling by ferry from Corsica to Sardinia can have its downsides since the trip can be slow and not everyone is a fan of traveling by ferry – especially in the area since the Strait of Bonifacio always makes for rocky navigation – but it also has extremely positive aspects.

First of all, traveling by ferry from Corsica to Sardinia means you can bring your car with you, and have the total freedom to move around the two islands without being tied to the local transportation’s schedules (which are less than efficient); you can book a room and have some hours of rest while you wait for docking, and the process of embarking is ten times easier and more stress-free than that of boarding a plane.

For information on the ferry from Corsica to Sardinia, click here.

ferry from Corsica to Sardinia

Taking The Ferry From Corsica To Sardinia

As this is crucial information, it is worth repeating that there aren’t any flights connecting Corsica to Sardinia.

Ferries are the only viable option. The routes connect the South of Corsica with the North of Sardinia, the two closest sides of both lands. Unfortunately, the schedule is somewhat erratic and there are frequent changes, so you really have to keep an eye on it and make sure the ferry is available on the day you want to travel, and plan your trip around it.

Below are the main routes available. Keep in mind that since the schedule changes every month, I am not reporting it.

For the schedule and ticket prices of the ferry from Corsica to Sardinia, click here.

Santa Teresa di Gallura

Ferry from Bonifacio to Santa Teresa di Gallura

This is the fastest option to get from Corsica to Sardinia, by crossing the Bonifacio Strait, the windiest stripe of the whole Mediterranean Sea. There are four daily crossing operated by two different companies.

The Moby Lines ferry from Corsica to Sardinia operates from April to October, and ferries depart daily at 8:30 am and 12:30 pm.

Ichnusa Lines also operates daily ferries departing at 10:30 am and 3:30 pm.

The crossing from Bonifacio to Santa Teresa di Gallura takes about one hour.

I encourage you to check the schedule and ticket prices of the ferry from Corsica to Sardinia, click here.

Ferry to Sardinia

Ferry from Ajaccio to Porto Torres

There is only one route connecting Corsica to Porto Torres, operated by Corsica Ferries. The ferry departs from Ajaccio. The crossing lasts 4.5 hours. The schedule varies every month but ferries usually depart at 7:00 am. There are no crossings in June, July, August and September.

Make sure to double check the schedule and ticket prices of the ferry from Ajaccio to Porto Torres, click here.

Ferry from Bastia to Golfo Aranci

Ferries from Bastia to Golfo Aranci are operated by Corsica Ferries. The crossing lasts 5.5 hours and is available twice per week, with 6:30 am departures on Mondays and Thursdays throughout July. It appears there are no crossings in August, and they resume in September. At the time of writing, no crossings are available after mid September.

For the exact schedule and ticket prices of the ferry from Bastia to Golfo Aranci, click here.

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  1. Hi Claudia, your guide (and whole site) is very helpful. Do you know if there is anywhere you can store luggage near the ferry port in Santa Teresa Gallura? We are travelling from Corsica to Sardinia without a car, and want to walk around the town before we take the bus to Alghero.

  2. Hi Claudia
    Thanks for your help in advance. I’m travelling next year in the middle of March. I want to travel by ferry….the one that only takes an hour or so. Do you know if there is a particular company that does ferries in March? This would be from Sardina to Corsica.

  3. If you click on the links in the post, you should be able to get to the company that sells the tickets and check the various routes / timetables and prices.

  4. Greeting Claudia! I enjoyed reading through all your useful info. My husband Eugene and I would love to make a trip to Corsica and Sardinia next year in our own little car from France, where we have recently moved from South Africa. We would like to travel from mainland France -first to Corsica – by ferry. Which one would you suggest that is both reliable, economical and from which port? We live in Hautes Pyrénées in Occitanie. Are there any ferries from the Spanish side that is closer to us that you could suggest possibly? All your suggestions will be valuable to us. We want to visit archaelogical sites, primarily, after reading Freddy Silva’s book that has a facinating chapter about Sardinia in it! Thank you!

  5. If we wish to take the ferry from Bonifacio to Santa Teresa di Gallura, do we need to purchase tickets in advance or can we buy on the spot?

  6. I’d get them in advance if there is a chance. Personal preference, but unless the ferries run several times a day, you are better off saving a spot for yourself – especially if you have a car.

  7. Dear Claudia,
    My husband and I are staying in Castelsardo in Sardinia for a week this July, and are considering to go for a day trip to Corsica, from Santa Teresa di Gallura. We will have the car rented during our stay. How do you suggest me to do this trip the best way? Should we go to Santa Teresa by car, leave it there, and then board the ferry on foot, and then spend the day in Bonifacio? Or is it better to take a car to Corsica and move around there with a car? Is it easier or better to have a car around in Corsica or not, in terms of parking and accessibility, etc? In general, what do you suggest worth of visiting in Corsica for a day? I would appreciate every advice.

  8. If you only have one week in Sardinia, stick to Sardinia. There is so so so so so so much to see and do here that I don’t recommend the hassle of having to drive all the way to Santa Teresa for less than a day in Corsica. Corsica is gorgeous and deserves a trip of its own, much like Sardinia! One thing you could do, if you are keen, is joining a boat tour that takes you to the Bonifacio straight from Santa Teresa – you get to see Ile Piana, the Bonifacio Straight and Ile Lavezzi. But it literally is a day at the beach.

  9. Thank you so much for this blog Claudia 🙂 my husband and I are visiting Sardinia in a week and are so excited
    Are there ever days where the ferries just dont depart at all from Santa Teresa despite saying that they will?

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