The Best Amsterdam To Sardinia Flights

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Getting from Amsterdam to Sardinia is incredibly easy and – depending on the season – you can also count on several Amsterdam-Sardinia flights to one of the three Sardinian airports.

Sardinia is popular summer destination, though it is becoming increasingly more popular even during other seasons. Whether you want to enjoy some lazy days on a beach or explore the island’s inner secrets, hopping from village to village, trying every local food you can, you just have to set a date and book a flight.

Flying from Amsterdam to Sardinia isn’t difficult, there are plenty of options available which will suit every budget. Of course, the best solutions are direct Amsterdam Sardinia flights, which are comfortable and will get you to the island in no time.

If you book a non-direct flight, things might get more complicated and will definitely be less comfortable, but unfortunately, direct flights from Amsterdam to Sardinia are seasonal –most of them being operated during the summer – while non-direct flights are operated all year round.

In this post, I share some concise information that may help you plan your trip from Amsterdam to the island.


Amsterdam To Sardinia Flights

Length and Cost

A direct flight from Amsterdam to Sardinia will take between 2.30 and 2.50 hours, depending on your airport of arrival and on the weather conditions on the day of your flight. Non-direct flights’ duration is nearly impossible to estimate, for obvious reasons: it greatly depends on how long your layover will be.

With regards to prices, they also hugely depend on the company you choose and on the type of flight – not to mention, how far in advance you book your tickets. A direct flight with KLM will always be more expensive than one operated by RyanAir (unless you start including luggage and priority boarding, in which case Ryanair hardly seems to be a budget airline).

In general, most direct flights will be cheaper than non-direct ones. You can find great deals off-season or booking beforehand, and you will probably spend a lot of money if you buy a ticket last minute.

You can check the prices of flights from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport here.

Amsterdam to Cagliari

Cagliari is the main airport in Sardinia, it’s directly linked to the city by train and it has its own train station (Elmas Aeroporto, it takes about ten minutes to get to Cagliari city center). It operates a huge number of flights every day and is of course a very busy travel hub in South Sardinia.

There isn’t, unfortunately, any direct flight from Amsterdam to Cagliari during the winter months.
During the summer, KLM operates a direct flight every day. Make sure to check the website of KLM for the exact departure time, as it varies a lot depending on the day and season.

Other companies operate non-direct flights, with the most common layovers being Milan (both Malpensa and Linate airports) and Rome (Ciampino and Fiumicino). There are also a few flights with layovers in Verona.

You can check the prices of flights from Amsterdam to Cagliari here.

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Amsterdam to Olbia

Olbia is the second most important airport in Sardinia and probably the busiest of the three during the summer months: it is in fact the closest airport to Costa Smeralda and thousands of people flock to it every day.

There are two direct flights from Amsterdam to Olbia, operated by Transavia during the winter.

During the summer months, more flights are operated.

EasyJet operates flights 3 times per week from the end of March, and one flight per day from the end of June. Transavia operates flights every day but Tuesday, following this schedule.

Make sure to check out the schedule of the various flights directly on the airline website.

There are plenty of other flights and they have layovers in several airports, both Italian and European.

You can check the prices of flights from Amsterdam to Olbia here.

You can get to Olbia city center from the airport very quickly: it is a five minutes drive from there and several bus lines will bring you to town in no time.

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Amsterdam to Alghero

Alghero is one of the most unique cities in Sardinia and many travel to its airport in order to visit the city and its surroundings. Its Catalan origins and still alive traditions make it a top holiday destination: it’s a gem in itself, close to some spectacular beaches and natural monuments, and just some ten minutes drive from other beautiful Sardinian landmarks.

There isn’t any direct flight from Amsterdam to Alghero during the winter months, and unlike it happens for the other two airports, there aren’t really many flights during the summer months either. Starting in April all the way to October, only Corendon flies from Amsterdam to Alghero once per week, but there is still a lot of non-direct flights to the Sardinian-Catalan city. You can get there anyway!

You can check the prices of flights from Amsterdam to Alghero here.

You can get to the city center via car (there are numerous car rentals inside the airport), shuttle bus or public transportation.

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To sum it up, it is definitely easier to get from Amsterdam to Sardinia during the summer, but it’s not impossible during the other seasons.

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  1. Hi, my friend and I would like to go to Cagliari around July/August 2023 for a couple of weeks. We would be travelling from N.W England (Manchester/Liverpool region) but are finding it almost impossible to get a flight/holiday and it is SO expensive. We usually stay within walking distance of a good beach and local amenities and we prefer clean but simple apartment/accommodation (usually self-catering) wherever we go on holiday but Sardinia seems to not have anything like that to offer. These are our preferences but we are willing to compromise so long as the cost is not too high. Any advice/suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  2. Flights are not out yet, so that’s the issue! Re. apartments, you are visiting Sardinia in the very peak season, so prices are high. You need to really secure a place ASAP if you want to grab a decent deal. Have you checked my guide “Where To Stay In Sardinia” in this post?

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