Situated in the extreme north of Sardinia, Santa Teresa di Gallura has the Strait of Bonifacio and Corsica to the north, La Maddalena Archipelago to the east, and the whole rest of the island to the south.

Unlike the more affluent Costa Smeralda on the northeast coast, Santa Teresa is more down to earth. Don’t expect late-night partying and over-the-top glamour here. Instead, you can look forward to an authentically local atmosphere, even though it still draws the crowds each year.

Centered around the main town square with its shops and restaurants, the territory of Santa Teresa includes rugged stretches of coastline, ancient archaeological sites, charming towns, old wartime fortifications, and dozens of secluded – and often very laid-back – beaches.

If you’re planning a trip here, you’re in good hands. I’ve created this in-depth guide to Santa Teresa di Gallura to help you get prepared for the vacation of a lifetime. With day trips, information on beaches, and even places to stay, this guide definitely has you covered!

Rena Bianca Santa Teresa di Gallura

Rena Bianca is Santa Teresa di Gallura’s urban beach

The Best Beaches In Santa Teresa Di Gallura

The gorgeous beaches are obviously the main draw to Santa Teresa di Gallura. You will be in for a real treat – the beaches around the town are as beautiful as the best elsewhere in Sardinia.

To give you some inspiration for those beach days, here are my top picks for Santa Teresa di Gallura’s best beaches.

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Rena Bianca

The main beach in town, Rena Bianca is a 700-meter-long slice of sun, sea, and sand situated north of central Santa Teresa di Gallura. It boasts beautiful views of Isola di Municca, as well as the rugged cliffs of Corsica in the distance.

This is a stunning Blue Flag certified beach; as such, it’s super clean and boasts shallow turquoise water – all backed by picturesque cliffs. You’ll see it from the main piazza in town and, once you do, you’ll want to go down there to check it out for yourself.

Because of its amenities and its shallow, calm water, this is an excellent spot for families with children.

FACILITIES: Toilets, showers, lifeguards, parasols and sun loungers for hire, bars and restaurants nearby.

How to get to Rena Bianca

From the centre of Santa Teresa, it takes around ten minutes on foot. Getting down to the beach involves 300 meters or so of steps. There are a few car parks nearby, but in summer, these fill up fast.

Santa Teresa di Gallura

Rena Majore is one of the most popular beaches in Santa Teresa di Gallura

Rena Majore

Located at the mouth of the Rio Cantaro, and named after the nearby village of the same name, Rena Majore is a yellow-sand beach nine kilometers to the southwest of Santa Teresa di Gallura.

This vast beach (two kilometers long!) is a wild and rugged one, with a stretch of sand dotted with rocks and boulders and waves that crash against the shore. It’s not always the best beach for swimming – especially when the winds are high – but it’s a popular favorite for windsurfers.

That said, in summer, families flock here to linger in its calm – and ultra-clear – waters.

FACILITIES: Parking, bar.

How to get to Rena Majore

From Santa Teresa to Rena Majore, it’s an 11-minute drive along SP90, or there’s a direct bus (Line 728; 20 minutes, €3.90) that takes you to Rena Majore town.

Rena Bianca

The lovely Rena Bianca in Santa Teresa

Rena di Ponente and Rena di Levante

The twin beaches of Rena di Ponente and Rena di Levante are situated on either side of the isthmus that connects Capo Testa to the mainland.

If you’re heading towards Capo Testa, how could you resist stopping by their soft sands and gleaming waters?

You could opt for Rena di Ponente on the west of the isthmus, or Rena di Levante on the east. Depending on the wind direction at the time (it’s always changing in Sardinia, believe it or not!), one may be better for you than the other.

Ponente has soft white sand with a brilliant array of colors in the sea, while Levante has a low cliff and clear, shallow waters.

FACILITIES: Parking, sun loungers and parasols, bar, restaurant.

How to get to Rena di Ponente and Rena di Levante

From the middle of Santa Teresa di Gallura, it’s either a five-minute car ride on Via Capotesta, or you could walk the same route (it’s only three kilometers), or take the coastal path, which is longer.

Cala Spinosa, Santa Teresa di Gallura

Cala Spinosa takes a bit of a hike but it’s oh so worth it!

Cala Spinosa

Cala Spinosa is situated in an inlet surrounded by cliffs and rocks on the northern side of Capo Testa. With its crystal clear waters set in a beautiful blue bay, there are lots of rocks to climb and explore here, as well as a wonderful view of Bonifacio across the sea.

For those who like rocky beaches, this is a great option. Because of all the rocks, it’s suitable for snorkeling. It is quite popular, especially in high season, so make sure you come early to get a spot.

FACILITIES: Parking along the road, restaurant with impressive views.

How to get to Cala Spinosa

Cala Spinosa is an eight-minute drive from the center of Santa Teresa along the Via Capotesta, or you could walk (it takes just over an hour).

La Marmolata

La Marmolata is one of the most charming beaches close to Santa Teresa di Gallura

La Marmorata

This beach is a classically beautiful one – think curving stretch of white sand (350 meters of it), rocks at either end, shallow turquoise seas, all backed by greenery. There’s actually a smaller, 200-meter-long beach alongside it, too, called La Laurina beach.

The sand here gently slopes into the emerald waters, making the water calm and great for families. Kayaking is popular, as is taking out a pedalo to explore. Be warned; because there’s a holiday resort nearby, this beach can get very busy in the peak summer months!

FACILITIES: Parking, lifeguard, sun loungers and parasols, restaurants, bars, water sport hire shops (kayak, pedalo, jetski, etc.).

How to get to La Marmorata

Situated around six kilometers from Santa Teresa, La Marmorata can be reached in around ten minutes by car along Via la Filetta.

Cala Balcaccia

Something of a hidden gem, Cala Balcaccia is often a much quieter spot than other beaches in the area. That’s probably because it’s a little more difficult to access it.

But once you’re there, you’ll find a beach in a large cove – bordered by rocks and Mediterranean macchia – that runs for 330 meters. It’s mostly made up of fine, white sand, though in the western part, it is more gravelly. The seabed here is shallow and sandy, making it a good place to cool off.

FACILITIES: None (rudimentary parking).

How to get to Cala Balcaccia

From Santa Teresa di Gallura, it’s about ten kilometers to Cala Balcaccia. By car, it will take 25-30 minutes to get there, but you’ll need to ask permission to drive the private (dirt) road, which is a left turn after passing through Marazzino on the SS133bis.

Capo Testa

Santa Reparata

This beach is a well-rounded mix of everything Sardinia’s beaches have to offer. There are interesting rock formations, fine sand, macchia, and (of course) crystal clear waters. It’s also quite small, just 160 meters long.

The views from Santa Reparata are equally beautiful, with the southern coast of Capo Testa over the Baia La Colba making up the backdrop to your beach day.

Because of its beauty, small size, and easy access, it’s a popular beach, but never too overcrowded. Note that when winds are strong, waves get very large here, so it’s best avoided. Other times, it’s perfect – like a swimming pool!

FACILITIES: Lifeguard, cafe, bar, parking, sun loungers and parasols, pedalo rental.

How to get to Santa Reparata

It’s an easy five-minute drive from Santa Tersesa di Gallura to Santa Reparata beach. Or you could walk (it takes about half an hour).

Torre di Longobardo Santa Teresa

Torre di Longobardo is a must-see when in Santa Teresa di Gallura

9 Cool Things To Do In Santa Teresa Di Gallura

There’s so much more to Santa Teresa than just the town itself – even if it is a pretty place to explore – and the gorgeous beaches. There’s a lot to see and do right on the doorstep, making this a place you could explore for weeks at a time. Here are some of my favorite things to do here…

Visit the Torre di Longosardo

Torre di Longosardo is the ruins of a tower sitting on the coast of Santa Teresa di Gallura. It was built as a defense tower by the Aragonese (now Spain) in 1559 as a defense against Moorish invasions.

The remains of the fortification can still be seen today. It’s not only history that can be glimpsed here, though – with the top of the tower 41 meters above sea level, it’s also a stunning viewpoint.

You don’t have to look out for any invaders – just lovely views of Corsica!

Stick around for sunset, which is equally beautiful. After the sun disappears, this iconic part of Santa Teresa is illuminated to create some interesting shadows.

GOOD TO KNOW: Feel like a walk? Close to the adjacent beach, you will find the hiking trail to Capo Testa, which starts at this point.

PRACTICAL INFORMATION: It costs €2.00 to enter the tower and reach the top, which has a small gift shop inside. It’s open 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm daily.


Take a day boat trip to Corsica

While you’re in Santa Teresa, why not take a day trip over to neighboring Corsica? Santa Teresa di Gallura is the closest town to Corsica (you can easily see it on clear days), so it’s very easily accessible.

This large Mediterranean island is French but has a unique culture and language of its own, much like Sardinia. Surprisingly, there’s a lot you can do on a day trip to Corsica – from Bonifacio and beyond.

There are some fantastic beaches on the jewel-like Isola Piana, for example, while Lavezzi is an archipelago of islets and reefs in the Strait of Bonifacio – think coves, beaches, and rugged beauty.

PRACTICAL INFORMATION: To reach Corsica is fairly straightforward. Two companies ply the route from Santa Teresa di Gallura and leave multiple times per day. The Lavezzi islands can be reached via shuttle boat (leaving hourly) from the port of Bonifacio. Tour companies, however, will whisk you to a handful different destinations, making them the easier option. Expect to pay between €70 and €80 for a full day trip – with or without lunch, and depending on the kind of boat and how many passengers it carries. Trips leave from the tourist harbor right outside the center of town.

Surfing in Sardinia

There are many places to go surfing in Sardinia

Go surfing in Porto Liscia Sciumara

You may think that outdoor activities at the beach in Sardinia are all about sunbathing – and maybe a bit of snorkeling – but there’s much more to it than that. In fact, because of the different winds that blow around Sardinia, water sports are top-notch here.

And that includes surfing!

One of the best spots for surfing anywhere in Sardinia is Porto Liscia (or Liscia Sciumara). The constant winds here make for ideal conditions and create something of a surfer’s paradise.

It’s not just the surfing that’s good here, but also windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing – anything wind-powered. You may even catch sight of paragliders floating above you!

GOOD TO KNOW: Not an expert surfer? Don’t worry; there are surfing schools here. And when you’re hungry, there are plenty of restaurants and bars.

PRACTICAL INFORMATION: It takes around 13 minutes to drive from Santa Teresa di Gallura to Porto Liscia, along the SS133bis. You can catch the bus (Line 601); it takes 20 minutes and costs €1.90.

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Capo Testa

A great spot during the day, Capo Testa is a great place to admire sunset

Admire sunset in Capo Testa

If you’re big on sunsets, or even if you’re not, catching a sunset at Capo Testa is a must-do when you’re in Santa Teresa di Gallura.

On the northwest of this former island (now connected to the mainland artificially), friends, locals and holiday makers gather to watch as the sun sinks below the horizon, the light changing through deep oranges, pinks and reds. It’s a beautiful sight.

With all the rock formations adding to the scene, it’s certainly one of the best places around to watch the sunset.

GOOD TO KNOW: Head to the lighthouse and find a rock to perch on to get the best view!

PRACTICAL INFORMATION: While it’s possible to hike (leave at least an hour one-way), by car, it’s a ten-minute drive to reach the parking lot on the cape.

Valle della Luna

Valle della Luna is a popular spot near Santa Teresa di Gallura

Visit Valle della Luna / Cala Lunga

Cala Lunga – better known today as Valle della Luna – is a mysterious place in the west of Capo Testa. A popular hotspot with hippies since the 1960s, today, this decidedly bohemian hang-out attracts those looking to wind down and enjoy nature.

Named after its moon-like landscape, Valle della Luna is made up of seven mini-canyons divided up by huge rocks and boulders dotted with caves. This makes it a popular spot for rock climbers, too, who enjoy scaling the intricate trails and routes along the rocks.

The beach, with its laid-back vibe and turquoise water, is a great place to chill for an afternoon.

GOOD TO KNOW: The International Jazz Festival Musica sulle Bocche takes place here every year in August and September.

PRACTICAL INFORMATION: You can drive from Santa Teresa di Gallura (around ten minutes) to Capo Testa. From there, it’s a bit of a walk along the trail down to Valle della Luna, so make sure you wear appropriate shoes.

Visit Batteria Ferrero

For history buffs – or even if you just like seeing atmospheric old buildings – Batteria Ferrero ticks all the boxes.

This hidden gem offers an insight into the more recent history of Sardinia, with the remains of World War II military defenses still on show. Here you can find bunkers, open-cast mines, light and heavy artillery (including cannons) still left in place.

It’s pretty surprising how unknown this place is, given how extensive it is.

More intrepid urban explorers may want to take a look around the abandoned military complex, but take care – this isn’t a developed tourist site. No tickets necessary!

PRACTICAL INFORMATION: From Santa Teresa di Gallura, drive to the neighboring village of La Ficaccia and take Str. Batteria de Calori, keeping to the left. This takes around 20 minutes to drive. From La Ficaccia, it’s possible to walk along the road (about 40 minutes’ walk).

La Prisgiona

La Prisgiona is a great attraction near Arzachena, not far from Santa Teresa di Gallura

Visit the nearby Nuraghe sites

Nuraghe are ancient buildings that give their name to the Nuragic culture – a civilization that was indigenous to Sardinia thousands of years ago. With some dating as far back as 1800 BC, they make for fascinating places to explore.

Luckily for you, there are a few within striking distance of Santa Teresa di Gallura. Lu Brandali is a small complex of Nuragic sites that can be explored easily on foot (allow 30 minutes to an hour).

It’s also near here that you’ll find a Tomba Dei Giganti – a stone tomb dating back to the Bronze Age.

Also nearby is the Vignamarina Nuraghe, situated slightly south of town. It’s an overlooked yet well-preserved site. To the north of Santa Teresa, on Isola di Municca, there’s a (probable) nuraghe.

Others around the area include Nuraghe La Colba, Nuraghe Lu Naraconi, and Nuraghe Li Fichi.

Around a 40 minute drive from Santa Teresa, the charming Nuraghe La Prisgiona (which is a must-visit) and Nuraghe Albucciu are great places to learn about the history of Nuragic culture. They can both be visited on a day trip, and both have entry fees and opening hours.

GOOD TO KNOW: Some nuraghe can easily be found while you’re exploring. It would be easy to pass them by, so try out Nurnet, a handy map of known and possible nuraghe across Sardinia.

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The vineyards of Luogosanto are at an easy drive from Santa Teresa di Gallura

Try the famous Vermentino

The region of Gallura, where Santa Teresa di Gallura is located, is home to one of the most celebrated Sardinian wines – Vermentino. It goes without saying that one of the highlights of your trip to Santa Teresa should be visiting a winery (or more, in fact). You will find several in the immediate surroundings, and a few more not far from town in places such as Arzachena (around 40 minutes drive) or Olbia, at little over one hour drive.

Among the wineries you should consider visiting there are Mancini and Siddùra, both located in Luogosanto – a quick drive from Santa Teresa; and Capichera and Surrau, just outside Arzachena and famous for their fantastic Vermentino.

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Cork products are among the best known souvenirs from Sardinia


Though there’s plenty to explore in the surrounding area, of course, closer to home there is some excellent shopping to discover in Santa Teresa di Gallura.

Whether you like to window shop or delve deep amid the bargains and boutiques, there are certainly going to be some good places where you can browse and buy.

Notably, there are a lot of jewelry shops to check out in Santa Teresa di Gallura; there are also a fair few fashion boutiques, such as Azul Bottegacreativa – it’s smart and contemporary with a relaxed atmosphere.

For traditional crafts and locally-made items, La Gallina Matta is a Sardinian craft shop with handmade items that make for awesome gifts. If you’re in the market for something bigger – from lamps to ornaments – the Ceramiche Artistiche Leoni Arte is the place to shop.

Artigianato Tipico Sardo Margherita is a good option if you’re looking for small, friendly souvenir shop; so is Casa dell’artigianato Muntoni, which stocks earthenware and local wines, too (you’ll find it near the main square).

There’s also the nightly market hosted on the pedestrianized Via Umberto and Via Carlo Alberto in summer. For wine and food at any other time of year, there are shops for that.

L’Isola del Mirto is a wine store with everything you need, including other small souvenirs; you can even sit in and sample the wine. Elsewhere, Panificio Filigheddu sells delicious fresh bread – what better way to start the day?

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Santa Teresa di Gallura

Santa Teresa di Gallura town center is a lovely place for a walk

Practical Information To Plan Your Trip To Santa Teresa Di Gallura

How to get to Santa Teresa di Gallura

Santa Teresa di Gallura is almost on the opposite end of Sardinia from Cagliari. It takes a few hours, but if you want to self-drive, there are two routes you can take.

The first route sort of follows the east coast, driving north along the SS131 until you get to the exit marked Olbia/Nuoro, then continuing up towards Palau before turning off for Santa Teresa. This takes basically four hours to drive.

The other route starts the same but continues on the SS131 until turning off through Tempio Pausania. This is a less fun drive and can be very windy, even if it is shorter (around three hours 40 minutes). I recommend the first route!

If you are driving from Sassari or Alghero, go via Castelsardo – it’s significantly more scenic as the road goes by the coast, and albeit a bit longer it’s much better as it is not as windy as the road that does through Tempio Pausania.

If you don’t have your own car, no worries; public transport is also an option.

From Cagliari train station, you can catch the train to Olbia (four hours ten minutes), then hop on a bus (Line 601) to Santa Teresa di Gallura. The total? Seven and a half hours. Long, yes – but it could be an experience!

Santa Teresa di Gallura

There’s an abundance of good accommodation options in Santa Teresa di Gallura

Where to stay in Santa Teresa di Gallura

When it comes to staying in Santa Teresa di Gallura, there is actually a surprisingly good selection of accommodation. It ranges from down to earth bed and breakfasts to upscale resorts with their own swimming pools and restaurants.

Here are just some of the options that I think could be great for you on a trip to Santa Teresa di Gallura.

Best Luxury Hotel in Santa Teresa di Gallura – Nonna Pasqualina B&B

You may be wondering why a bed and breakfast is my top pick when it comes to luxury in Santa Teresa, but trust me – it’s gorgeous. This place uses traditional touches and contemporary style to make it look the part, complete with a lush garden. It’s immaculate, there’s breakfast served up each morning, and it’s a 15-minute walk to town, 3 minutes to the beach. What’s not to like?

Click here for the latest rates and here for reviews.

Best Budget-Friendly Hotel in Santa Teresa di Gallura – Hotel Canne al Vento

One of the things I loved most about this place is the sea-themed decor in my room – think white-washed walls, wooden furnishings and turquoise accents. What’s also great is how welcoming and friendly the hosts are, and the plentiful breakfast, of course. Coupled with a central location, it truly is terrific value for money.

Click here for the latest rates and here for reviews.

Best Airbnb in Santa Teresa di Gallura – Apartment 100 meters from the Sea

A simple but clean and modern space, this bright apartment comes with everything you need for a place to call home in Santa Teresa. Located in the centre of town, close to the beach, it comes equipped with a kitchenette, comfy beds, and a seating area, all topped off with a balcony that boasts sea views.

Click here for the latest rates.

Da Thomas

Da Thomas serves delicious food

Where to Eat (and Drink) in Santa Teresa di Gallura

Once you’ve found the perfect place to stay in Santa Teresa, I’d recommend having a few restaurants, cafes and bars noted down – just so you know somewhere you can refresh and refuel before you get too hungry! When in Santa Teresa, make sure to try the local Zuppa Gallurese – it’s a very earthy dish, honestly not exactly summery, but oh-so-good! 

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You may also want to consider joining a guided tour or cooking class to make the most of local food. Here are a good options:

To help you with your food and drink odyssey, here is a selection of the best places to eat in Santa Teresa di Gallura.

Da Thomas

Da Thomas is an excellent fish restaurant in town. I’ve tried it personally and can attest that everything here is nothing short of delicious – from the lobster linguine to the fresh oysters.

The interiors here are smart and minimal, with white-washed walls and bright, modern artwork adorning the walls. Although it’s popular and can get quite busy, the staff offer excellent service, and there’s a pleasant atmosphere. The prices, too, are acceptable!

PRACTICAL INFORMATION: Located at 22 Via Valle D’Aosta, Da Thomas is open daily from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm and again from 6:45 pm to 12:00 am.

Locanda dei Mori

Another seafood restaurant in Santa Teresa, Locanda dei Mori is a little bit more of a rustic, traditional offering compared to Da Thomas. It’s not easy to find, but when you do, you’ll be very pleased.

With spots to sit outdoors in a picturesque terrace in summer, the only thing better than the cosy setting is the food itself. It’s an agriturismo spot, which means locally sourced and very fresh ingredients.

PRACTICAL INFORMATION: Locanda dei Mori is situated just off of the Castelsardo-Santa Teresa di Gallura road (SP90), around eight minutes’ drive from the centre of town. If you want wine with your meal, you can take the bus (Line 728; 24 minutes, €1.30). Check their website for bookings and opening hours.

Cala Spinosa

The restaurant above Cal Spinosa has incredible views – and delicious food

Pizzeria la Lucciola

If you’re a fan of pizza, don’t go anywhere else in Santa Teresa di Gallura until you’ve sampled the pizza they serve at this incredible spot. With its kitsch and colorful exteriors, you won’t miss it!

The interiors are cosy, the owner is super friendly, and the pizza is served quick, fresh and hot. You buy it by the slice (around €2-3.00) and can eat it either inside or out on their balcony.

I personally recommend pairing a few slices with a cold bottle of Ichnusa beer – Sardinia’s own refreshing lager (for more Sardinian beers, check out this post).

PRACTICAL INFORMATION: This delicious pizzeria is located at 42 Via Maria Teresa. It’s open every day from 10:30 am to 3:00 pm, and again in the evening from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm; on weekends, it’s open all day from 10:30 am to 9:00 pm.

Paradise Beach

Good for daytime drinks, brunch, lunch, and afternoon snacks, this beach bar really comes into its own as a prime spot for sundowners. Situated on Rena Majore beach, it’s a great place to hang out all day, or grab a mojito (or any other cocktail of your choice) as the sun begins to set for an aperitif.

Food here comes in the form of simple plates of meats, olives, and bruschetta, as well as burgers and panini. It’s a cool beach bar that looks like it’s been made of driftwood, all with a soundtrack of chilled music – just what you need for a day at the beach.

PRACTICAL INFORMATION: Located on Spiaggia Rena Majore, at a close distance from Santa Teresa di Gallura, Paradise Beach is open every day from 8:30 am to 10:00 pm.

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