The Best Paris To Sardinia Flights

The beautiful city of Paris is served by various international airports and if you are traveling from there you will have a fantastic choice of destinations you can reach with a direct flight.

Among the many flights departing regularly from the Ville Lumiere, there are plenty of Paris to Sardinia flights, so if you are planning to visit Sardinia for a short weekend getaway or for a longer holiday, you will have plenty of choice of flights, no matter what your budget and travel style is.

What are the options then? In this post, I will highlight all the various flights connecting Paris to Sardinia, so you will know exactly what to look for and will have an easier time planning your holiday.

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Fortino S. Ignazio Paris to Sardinia flights

What You Must Know About Paris To Sardinia Flights

Flight duration and costs

The duration of flights from Paris to Sardinia varies depending on the airports of departure and arrival but is usually around two hours long – if it’s a direct flight, of course. In the case of a non–direct flight, the travel’s duration may increase considerably, depending on the layovers.

The cost of the flights also varies depending on the airline and type of flight. You can find cheap low-cost options for a few euros or spoil yourself and book a normal flight with every comfort you can think of. Prices also vary a lot with season, with the peak summer months being inevitably more expensive. There are plenty of choices!

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Where do Paris to Sardinia flights land?

Of the three Sardinian airports, direct flights from Paris to Sardinia land in Cagliari Elmas and in Olbia Costa Smeralda. There are no direct flight options to Alghero Fertilia.

Cagliari Elmas

Cagliari Elmas is the airport of the capital city of Sardinia. It’s the most trafficked airport all year round and serves a huge number of cities, both Italian and European. It gets, of course, busier during the summer, because Cagliari (which is only a few kilometers away and can be reached by train via the airport’s station) is located in an excellent area, nearby stunning beaches, and ancient ruins.

Find the schedule and prices of flights to Cagliari here.

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Olbia Costa Smeralda

Olbia Costa Smeralda is the second most important airport in Sardinia and gets especially busy during the summer months. Olbia is literally a few minutes’ drive from the airport and is the gateway to Costa Smeralda: when summer comes, Olbia airport becomes 10 times busier!

Find the schedule and prices of flights to Olbia here.

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Alghero Fertilia

If you want to fly to Alghero, you won’t have the choice of a direct flight. Alghero is a Catalan city on the North-Western side of Sardinia.

It is indeed a nice place to visit, quite different from all the other cities on the island. Its airport is not the most crowded, but it still serves a good amount of cities and people, especially the tourists aiming for a holiday in the area.

Find the schedule and prices of flights to Alghero here.

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Paris to Sardinia flights

Where do Paris to Sardinia flights depart from?

Charles de Gaulle Airport

Charles de Gaulle is the biggest and busiest airport in France. It serves pretty much all European capitals and many minor cities, and it’s the airport where the biggest number of international flights depart from and to.

Find the schedule and prices of flights from Charles de Gaulle here.

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Paris Orly Airport

Orly was the biggest airport in France before the opening of Charles de Gaulle airport and is now the second busiest airport in the nation and the second international hub in the country. It’s located about 13 kilometers from Paris.

Find the schedule and prices of flights from Paris Orly here.

Beauvais Airport

Beauvais – Tillé Airport is located a bit farther from Paris (85 km) but it’s still a very important hub for charter and low-cost airlines. Sometimes you can find pretty good deals to fly here, and getting to Paris doesn’t take that much either: that’s why I included it on this list.

Find the schedule and prices of flights from Beauvais here.


Active Paris To Sardinia Flights

At the time of writing, the current flights connect Paris to Sardinia directly. You may have more options to fly to Sardinia from Paris if you decide to have a short layover in another city in Italy like Milan (including Bergamo Orio al Serio Airport), Rome (including Ciampino Airport) or Pisa.

Keep in mind some direct flights are only seasonal, so make sure to double check with the airline to see what’s available.

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Fortino S. Ignazio

Paris Orly to Cagliari

Transavia operates two weekly direct flights from Paris Orly to Cagliari – check with the airline directly for the exact departure times. The flight is about two hours long. Despite these being the only direct flight available, there is plenty of other options that include a layover.

Paris Orly to Olbia

Orly is well connected to Olbia and offers a direct flight every day except on Thursdays. Transavia operates the flights three times per week, and Easyjet twice a week. Again, make sure you check directly with the airline for the exact departure time.

Check out the prices of flights from Paris Orly here.

Fortino S. Ignazio

Beauvais to Cagliari

Ryanair operates a direct flight Beauvais-Cagliari three times a week. You are better off checking out the schedule on Ryanair website.

Check out the prices of flights from Beauvais here.

Charles de Gaulle to Cagliari

AirFrance operates two direct flights per week from Paris Charle de Gaulle airport to Cagliari Elmas Airport, however you should check their website for the schedule.

Charles de Gaulle to Olbia

There is only one direct flight per week from Paris Charles de Gaulle to Olbia. The schedule varies, so make sure to check the website of AirFrance for more precise information.

Check out the prices of flights from Charles de Gaulle here.

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