The Best Nudist Beaches In Sardinia

There aren’t many nudist beaches in Sardinia, but if you have a passion for skinny dipping and want to sunbathe in your birthday suit, you are bound to find something on the island – especially since I am here to tell you where to go!

Nudist beaches are becoming a trend as of late. People wanting to enjoy some chilled time under the sun, without the bother of wearing clothes or a swimming suit are growing in numbers and demanding some rules to have their spots granted. It is currently forbidden, in Italy, to be naked under any circumstance when in a public place. A big portion of the nudist beaches are just secluded spaces where nudists gather but, if someone were to file a report to the police, nudists would be forced to leave.

The problem with nudist beaches is, in fact, that there is no proper Italian law defining where and how it is allowed to stay without risking a fine. There are some regional regulations and a verdict (year 2000) from the Italian Corte di Cassazione (verdict nr. 1765 and 3557) saying that not allowing some private and safe spaces for nudists is discriminating, but the law stops at that.

For what concerns Sardinia, Regional Law nr. 16 (July 18th, 2017) ensures that nudists have a few beaches and coves where they can relax without complain from other beach-goers. There are, moreover, some other spots where nudism is not legally allowed but has been practiced for so long that it has become a custom, and nobody ever reports anyone.

Sardinia sand

Legal Nudist Beaches In Sardinia

Let’s first see the only two legal nudist beaches in Sardinia.


Piscinas, in the wild area of Costa Verde, is not only an excellent spot for nudists but also a beach with a few records on its shoulders. It is, in fact, the widest dune beach in Europe; its dunes are the tallest in the continent, and the 800 meters (about half a mile) wide area dedicated to nudists is the biggest in Europe.

It’s a bit tricky to reach it by car – your car’s shock absorbers will be indeed tested – but it’s totally worth the trip. The nudist area can be found south of the equipped area.

Porto Ferro

Porto Ferro

Porto Ferro is a beautiful beach in Sassari’s municipality (although it’s closer to Alghero) and has reserved a nice spot for nudists in the area between Torre Bianca and Torre Nera. This has been rated among the top 5 most beautiful nudist beaches in Europe. It’s considered one of the best spots on the island, because of both the great, comfortable location and the stunning sea colors.

The area, on the beach’s northern side, is well marked by several road signs and posters: it’s impossible to be mistaken or get lost.

Is Benas

Only added to the official list of nudist beaches in Sardinia in May 2022, Is Benas beach is located on the western coast of Sardinia, close to San Vero Milis, in the Sinis region, a truly charming yet lesser known location on the island. It’s also a fabulous sunset spot and close-by you will find some excellent accommodation options too, such as Is Benas Country Lodge.

Tolerated Nudist Beaches In Sardinia

Here’s a list of the best spots for nudists on the island. Even if they’re not officially recognized by law, the practice is totally approved and supported by locals, so you’ll find no risk to be fined!

Porto Liscia

This beach, located west of Santa Teresa di Gallura, is a nice spot for nudists even if it looks crowded at a first glance. You will only need to walk some meters further from the spot immediately in front of the parking lot, and you’ll find the nudist area, quiet, peaceful, and not so crowded.

Cala Fighera

Cala Fighera is a stunning cove next to Sella del Diavolo, only a few kilometers from the center of Cagliari. The colors of the sea and the white of the rocks enclosing it makes for an incredible view. Moreover, the cove is quite secluded (it’s a bit of a hike to get there) and only nudists go there. No one will bother your relaxing day.


Located close to Muravera and Costa Rei, Feraxi is a beach of approximately 3 km (1.8 miles) in length, with a nudist-only area. Being close to an essential and well-equipped tourist hub, you can spend a nice and comfortable holiday, without missing anything. The beach itself is quite nice and easy to reach.

Mari Pintau

Mari Pintau is nearby Quartu Sant’Elena and the nudist area is easily reachable by foot after parking your car along the main road. The beach is made of small pebbles and is a perfect sunbathing spot. The location guarantees quite a high level of privacy as it is surrounded by hills and Mediterranean scrub.

To get there, you will have to walk to the main beach and once you get to that, continue walking to your right.

Make sure to read my Complete Guide To Mari Pintau Beach.

Is Arenas

About 6 km (3.7 miles) wide, Is Arenas is one of the pearls of Oristano’s province. The beach not only guarantees a safe spot for nudists: on its northern corner there also a nice pine grove, a resort with golf fields, and much more. The ideal location for a holiday you will remember, and in an area that’s not as overcrowded as many others on the island.

Capo Carbonara

Capo Carbonara

The area nearby Villasimius is a paradise of emerald water and secret coves. Capo Carbonara with its Cala Usai is no exception: the nudist beach is next to the old dock, impossible to be missed. You can reach it with a short walk and enjoy your day without any worries.

Spiaggia dell’Acqua Dolce

This beach, one of the many in the Cala Gonone area, is renowned for the stunning colors typical of the coves in this part of Sardinia. The contrast between the sea and the white cliffs is breathtaking and, once again, you will find a quiet, private spot where the Mediterranean flora embraces and protects you.

Nudist beaches in Sardinia

Lido di Orrì

There is more than one cove dedicated to nudists in this 16 km (almost 10 miles!) long beach. The water doesn’t get deep until about 300 meters (328 yards) from the shore and the sand is soft and fine, making this long beach in the Tortolì municipality one of the most internationally awarded in terms of safety, appearance, and services.

There are more tolerated nudist beaches in Sardinia other than those mentioned in this post, and you will surely find one wherever you choose to go on vacation. Just remember to make sure locals don’t complain about seeing you named – don’t spoil your holiday because somebody doesn’t approve of nudism. Just look for a different place if that’s the case!

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  2. Hi there. We’re staying near La Caletta in May – where is the closest nudist beaches to visit from there ?

  3. Hi, you should have left a link to where we could find these beaches easily. I’m interested in Sardinia, but also like to swim without clothes. So I wonder if I instead should travel to Croatia, again, or try out Sardinia! Good question? 🙂

  4. Dear Claudia,

    Thank you sooooo much for guiding us trough a lot of nudist “optional” beaches to go to on your very beautiful island! Without your site we probably would not have concidered to visite Sardinia because of the lack of nudist options! With respect for the island people this gives us a totally different perspective!

  5. Oh I am so glad! To be on the safe side, opt for the ones that are legally recognized. I am sure they are bound to increase 🙂

  6. Hi Claudia

    We’ve just bought a small house in Carloforte on San Pietro island. Do you know of any places there that we can sunbathe without causing any problems?

  7. Legally, you are only allowed to go nude in nudist beaches. While women who go topless are commonly accepted in most beaches around Sardinia, men who go nude are not accepted as easily. You may or may not have issues, but that really depends on who sees you and how accepting they are.

  8. My wife and I are planning one week stay in Sardinia and haven’t booked any hotels yet. We’re flying at the end of June. Last year we took a Rib-boat rental at Cala Gonone, but missed Spiaggia dell’Acqua Dolce. We also wanted to rent again in La Maddalena but it was too windy. Dear Claudia, where else are their rentals and is it usually that windy in the end of June? Gracie mile!

  9. Hello Erik, I can’t predict the wind, really! Re. boat rentals: I have a post on the best boat tours of La Maddalena that also mentions boat rental. Otherwise, ask locally once you are there as there are many.

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