Where To See The Sunset In Sardinia

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Sardinia is a place of a million colors and a million sceneries. You can see anything from ancient ruins to breathtaking beaches, and experience a kaleidoscope of emotions.

One of the best things to do in such a wonderful, magic place is indeed watching the sunset: the island is rich with panoramic spots from where you can enjoy some of the most stunning sunsets in the whole world. But what – and where – are the best places to see the sunset in Sardinia?

Here are some suggestions for an unforgettable evening and many fantastic pictures.

sunset in Sardinia

Where To See The Best Sunset In Sardinia

Cagliari, Libarium Nostrum Café

When it comes to sunset in Sardinia, few places compare to the views you can get on Via Santa Croce, where you will find the Libarium Nostrum café and bar. Make a not of it – and let the world know that this is by far my favorite sunset spot in town – or Sardinia. Or well, the world!

If you happen to be walking around the Saint Remy Bastione around sunset, consider a stop at this bar: you can not only enjoy some delicious cocktails, but also an incredible view of Cagliari, its sea and its sunsets… and all of this while sitting down after, maybe, a long day spent exploring the city. Thousand of people have already been here and recommended the place – including obviously yours truly!

Sunset in Cagliari

Cagliari, Fortino Sant’Ignazio

The place, which is actually called Forte di Sant’Elia but is more widely known by its other name, was originally a military fort built on top of the Sant’Elia hill. From there, you can enjoy unblocked views of Cagliari and this is, therefore, one of the best panoramic spots in the whole city: sunsets from here are simply magic.

If you want to get a better understanding of the site, make sure to get in touch with Arasolé – a company that does off the beaten path tours in the area. I joined their tour of Fortino Sant’Ignazio and was impressed!

Poetto Sunset

Cagliari, Poetto Beach

Cagliari’s main urban beach is one of the best sunset (and in fact, also sunrise) spots in the city. Many locals enjoy running along the beach with views of the sun as it settles behind the Sella del Diavolo promontory. But if running is not your thing, don’t worry: you can sit in one of the many bars scattered along the beach, or simply lay a towel and relax as you take the magic in. That’s Poetto Beach for you!

Capo Caccia

Alghero, Capo Caccia

Located near Alghero, Capo Caccia is one of the tallest cliffs in Sardinia and probably the one with the best view. Many tourists flock to the place to admire the sea and the incredible sunsets; moreover, it’s the starting point to walk down the Cabirol Staircase to visit Neptune’s Caves.

The stairs leading there, in fact, begin from the top of the cliff and guide the visitors through a stunning path, going from a place where you can almost touch the sky all the way down to several meters under the ground’s surface.

sunset in Alghero

Alghero, Bastioni

If you happen to be in Alghero, don’t stop at Capo Caccia for your top-sunset hunt. Have a walk on the defensive walls (bastioni) before you head for dinner: you will not regret it. The defensive walls offer you a great view of a big part of the city and are high enough that you can see one of the prettiest city sunsets in Sardinia. The pictures you will take in Alghero will surely be among your all-time favorites!

View from Malaspina Castle Bosa

Bosa, Malaspina Castle

Walk up Malaspina Castle, in Bosa, in time for sunset and you will be rewarded with an incredible view of the Temo River making its way to the sea, the colorful houses of the village – one of the most beautiful in Italy – and the million pink hues of the sky. While you may not make much of the castle (though trust me, the chapel with its frescoes is definitely worth seeing) the views from there is special at any time of day!

sunset in Masua

Masua Pan di Zucchero

Pan di Zucchero islet is probably the most incredible natural monument in Sardinia. The sunset from the beach overlooking it could leave anyone breathless. The best place spot to see Pan di Zucchero is Masua, a small beach from where you can actually kayak (or even SUP) to the Pan di Zucchero.

And if you prefer to look at the sunset from Pan di Zucchero… well, that’s also possible! You can get there by boat. Many climbers also frequently go there to climb its walls. Once you are at the top of the highest of the four peaks, the only thing left is enjoying the view!

Sardinian mines

Nebida, Iglesias

Only a few minutes from Masua and Pan di Zucchero, Nebida is an old mining village and its ruins are still a hot, suggestive place to visit. Sunsets here are simply unforgettable and incredibly picture-worthy. The whole site, which is obviously open to visitors, is part of a tentative list of UNESCO world heritage sites in Sardinia and deserves a tour: don’t miss the opportunity!

Moreover, there are plenty of excellent beaches in the area: you could visit Nebida in the morning, enjoy some sun and swim in the clear waters, then come back there for the sunset.

Sunset in Sardinia

Chia, Capo Spartivento

The lighthouse in Capo Spartivento, a promontory in the Chia vicinity, has been renewed and transformed into a luxury guest house where only the luckiest can stay, but the area is still very open to visits.

If you take your car from Chia, and park at the last parking lot near Cala Cipolla, it’s a short walk and you will be there in no time and you will be able to see a stunning sunset falling directly into the sea. Be sure to bring your camera, because the whole area deserves a full photoshoot!

Check out my post The Most Scenic Lighthouses In Sardinia.

Valle della Luna

Santa Teresa di Gallura, Valle della Luna

This place got its name (literally meaning Moon Valley) because of its white rocks and sand that resemble a lunar environment. It’s a secluded cove – actually, a group of seven coves – immersed in nature and with a dazzling view.

Although it takes some time to get there from Santa Teresa di Gallura (you have to drive to the parking lot out of town and walk the last 700 meters after parking your car), the landscape is something well worth the sweat, both during daytime and nighttime, when the beach shines under the moonlight in an almost magical way. It comes without saying that the sunset there is magical, too. Don’t expect to be there alone though! This is one of the most popular places to see sunset in Sardinia.

Sunset in Carloforte

Carloforte, Capo Sandalo Cliff/Lighthouse

The whole cliff area around Capo Sandalo, in San Pietro Island, is an optimal viewpoint for sunsets. If you really want to feel like you’re standing at the top of the world, you can climb the lighthouse building and enjoy the landscape from above the 138-meters-tall cliff. The sunset from there will paint a huge portion of the sea with colors you probably never saw before.

sunset in S'Archittu

Cuglieri, S’Archittu

This is one of the most unique sunset spots in Sardinia. The small beach gives off a peaceful vibe and the sun slowly going down, passing through the famous arch, and then disappearing over the horizon is an amazing sight. I would recommend spending a full day on this beach near Cuglieri, on the central western coast of Sardinia: from early morning until night, you will enjoy every second of it.

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Li Cossi

Costa Paradiso, Li Cossi

The beach is protected by tall cliffs from where you can admire beautiful sunsets. Located in the famous Costa Paradiso, between Santa Teresa di Gallura and Castelsardo, Li Cossi is a small beach with golden sand and shallow waters that deepen further away compared to other beaches, making this place a perfect fit for families and expert swimmers alike. You can reach the beach via a short walk and staircase from the top of the cliff.

Costa Paradiso, Vignola Mare

This small village in the North of Sardinia, part of the gorgeous Costa Paradiso and located about half way between Castelsardo and Santa Teresa di Gallura, is a prime spot for sunsets in Sardinia. You will be getting views that, on a clear day, span all the way to the island of Corsica. The views of the Torre di Vignola (Vignola’s Tower) and the bay where it is located are certainly among the best you can hope for. Head to My Beach Café for your prime spot.

Sant'Efisio church, Nora

Pula, Nora Ruins

The ruins of the ancient Punic-Roman city of Nora are a wonder no matter what time of the day you visit them, but the sunset adds something more to the landscape. Try to get there in the morning, have a stroll around the area, and maybe even book a guided tour: there’s plenty to see.

And then, wait until the sun goes down and enjoy the sight! If you like photography, use your time during the day to find the perfect spot for great pictures. And if you visit in the summer, bring your swimsuit as the local beach is lovely!

Sunset in Villasimius

Villasimius, Primo Molo Bar

Located in Villasimius tourist harbor (Porticciolo Turistico) right next to the lovely Spiaggia della Fortezza beach, this is a prime location in southern Sardinia to admire a spectacular sunset. While you can certainly stop along the street to snap a photo – though you have to be mindful of traffic, you should actually make reservations for the bar. Primo Molo mixes fabulous cocktails: nothing better than enjoying a Sardinia sunset with a drink in hand!

sunset in Sardinia

So, Where Can You See The Best Sunset In Sardinia?

There is no top sunset spot in Sardinia. Everyone has their favorite one, be it for the colors, the scenery, or the memories that come with it. If you visit Sardinia, try to find your personal favorite sunset! It could be among the ones I listed or a completely unknown, random place you may come across while wandering the island. The best encounters are always accidental!

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