The Best Guide To Oasi Bidderosa, Sardinia

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Oasi Bidderosa (sometimes written as “Oasi Biderosa”) is one of the most beautiful natural parks in Sardinia. Measuring 860 hectares, it’s located under Orosei’s jurisdiction and only 13 kilometers (8 miles) away from the village. The park is most famous for its beaches – among the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia.

The reserve divided into five coves, but there is much more to see and do than just swimming and sunbathing! You can, in fact, enjoy some hiking or birdwatching, join a guided tour of the area, have a nice picnic in one of its pine forests, and do several other activities – more about that in a bit.

As it is a highly protected area, access to Biderosa is restricted, and you have to book your visit in advance,

In this post, I will explain how to make the most of Oasi Bidderosa, including information on how to get there and how to book your access.


What To Know Before Visiting Oasi Bidderosa

The main features of Oasi Bidderosa

Oasi Bidderosa is made of a huge pine grove, Mediterranean shrub, five heavenly coves, two ponds, and a fruit and olives farming site. You can visit the place in its entirety, seeing all the main features of a typical Sardinian landscape: white sand, emerald sea, junipers, cork oaks, low bushes, and granite rocks.

The first beach is 4 km (2.5 miles) away from the main gate and about one km (0.6 miles) long. Each cove starts pretty much where the other ends. Each is unique and has its own features, but thanks to the fact that access to the oasis is restricted, the beaches are never too crowded, not even in the peak summer months.

Oasi Bidderosa

Having said so, the first cove obviously receives the largest number of visitors.

The most recommended coves for spending a quiet, relaxing day completely away from the crowds are number 3 and 4, while the ones most suited for families with kids are 2 and 5. Oasis (cove) number 3 is the only one with a kiosk. Both that and cove number 5 offer lifeguard services all day.

Another great thing about Oasi Bidderosa is that it is pet friendly. Just make sure to notify the personnel at the gate that you are bringing a dog with you, and they will suggest the best cove for you based on the day, and share some tips to make it an enjoyable day for you, your furry friend and other guests of the Oasis. The best cove for a dog-friendly day is number 4, the quieter one.

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Beautiful rock formations

Bidderosa’s Rules of Behavior

Like every natural park, there are some rules to follow at Biderosa. Here is the main set of rules – you will see that they are all very reasonable!

  • it is forbidden to light fires in the area (remember Sardinia can be very windy and the risk of fires during the summer reason is actually quite high);
  • smoking is not permitted;
  • you should not abandon your trash (there are garbage bins at the entrance gate and at the kiosks);
  • you shouldn’t damage anything or do anything dangerous;
  • you must keep your dog on a leash when wandering around;
  • you should always be mindful about other visitors’ wellbeing.

You can find the whole list of rules and warnings here: Terms and Conditions – Oasi Biderosa

A walk from cove to cove

Services at Oasi Biderosa

Visitors to Oasi Biderosa will find a place that is absolutely perfect for a relaxing day. Here is a list of services you will find, and the updated prices:

  • Toilet – present in each cove;
  • Shuttle bus from the gate to Oasis 2, it has a €10 fee;
  • Beach equipment rental: you can rent umbrellas for €8; sun beds are €8 each;
  • Kayak rental – one-seater costs €12 per hour; a two-seater costs €20 per hour;
  • Bike rental – €18 per person, there are various sizes available.

I encourage you to visit the official website for the most up-to-date prices.


Activities at Oasi Biderosa

Other than hanging at the beach, there are many other ways to make the most of Oasi Biderosa, and the park offers a number of guided tours to help you do that.

Walking tours

First of all, you can join a walking tour tour. This will lead you through all its famous and less famous spots, from the beaches to the viewpoint of Mount Urcatu.

You will also enjoy some birdwatching at the biggest pond (Curcurica Pond) and visit the old sheep herders’ sites. You will eat your packed lunch at the beach or in the pine forest and just overall experience an easy trail immersed in nature.

The total walking distance is 11 km (6.8 miles). Tours leave at 9:00 am from the main gate, where you’ll be back at 4:30 pm. The cost is €20 per person, while kids up to 12 pay half the price.

A day in Biderosa

Canoe tours

The canoe tour takes you to the Curcurica Pond, where you will be able to enjoy the view and admire some swamp birds which either permanently live there or use the park’s pond to rest during their migrations.

The canoe tour costs €25 per person (€15 for kids up to 12 years old), and it lasts about two hours. You can book the tours via phone by calling +39 333 179 8335; or send an email at [email protected].


Jeep tours

Jeep tours are available to explore the many coves of Bidderosa Oasis, the forest and ponds and the nearby Capo Comino beach. They are offered by a local operator called Orosei AdvenTours and include pick up from your hotel in Orosei.

I recommend this Oasi Biderosa and Capo Comino tour that lasts 8 hours and includes admission to the oasis.


If you don’t like guided tours but still want to explore the park, the best option is to go by bike or rent one at the park directly, and pedal around at your own pace and terms. Be sure to be back at the gates before 7:30 pm, though!

There are a few bikes for rent at the park, in various sizes. Rental costs €18 and you should definitely book yours in advance via the official website.

White sand and Mediterranean shrub

How to book your visit

Oasi Bidderosa is a protected natural area and, as such, there are numerous rules and precautions to take when visiting this place, but the first and most important rule is to avoid overcrowding.

Therefore, the park has a limited access number for each day and you will need to book your spot in advance if you plan to get there by car or motorbike. There is no limit for people coming by bike or on foot, though.

Fees are as follow:

  • Cars: €12 – the daily limit is 140 cars;
  • Motorbikes: €6 – the daily limit is 30 motorbikes.

There is an additional fee of €1 per visitor.

You can book your visit directly via the website here. Alternatively, you can call +393423559975 or +393331798335. The website is in English and very easy to use, but in case you can’t use the Internet for any reason, you can still call the Oasis; you will surely find someone who speaks English. If you don’t feel comfortable with a phone call, you might try asking your hotel receptionist to help you with the booking.

The Park is open from 8:00 am until 7:30 pm daily. The last admission is at 5:00 pm, and you are required to leave before closing time.

Camper-vans are not allowed inside the park, but you can leave them in the parking lot outside. You can also reach the park via sea with some kayak and canoe tours organized by the nearby resorts; or by bike – rental is usually available at the best hotels and guest houses in the area.

Oasi Bidderosa
The clear waters of Oasi Bidderosa

How to get to Oasi Bidderosa

If you are staying in Orosei and you have a car, you can reach Oasi Biderosa in about 30 minutes by following State Road SS125. The entrance gate is at km 236,5. Some hotels have a shuttle bus to the park – make sure to enquire before booking.

The lovely Orosei

Where to sleep near Oasi Biderosa

The closest village to Oasi Biderosa is Orosei, where you will find a number of good places to stay and a selection of local restaurants. Here are the best accommodation in the area.

Albergo Diffuso Mannois – This hotel is located in several stone buildings across the neighborhood; it offers every comfort you might dream of, and even has a private beach nearby. Unfortunately, there is no shuttle service to and from the airport, but the hotel is among the best rated nonetheless.

Sa Domo de sos Massaios – This is one of the best B&B in the area. They offer free Wi-Fi and toiletries, and breakfast is included. The beaches are only a few miles away.

Orosei Home Holiday – Rimediu -This complex offers independent apartments with heating and air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and a kitchen with every comfort (oven, microwave, toaster, coffee machine, and more). Parking is free as well.

Oasi Biderosa is a hidden gem of Sardinia. I absolutely recommend visiting it if you are staying in the area of Orosei or even Dorgali and want to spend a relaxing, peaceful day in a place that’s never overcrowded.

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