Why You Should Visit Sardinia In Spring

Spring is probably the best season to visit Sardinia, if you want to see more than a few beaches and not melt in the summer heat. The months going from March to May are ideal for a long list of activities that would be too tiring or downright dangerous if done in summer, when the temperatures can spike to 40°C / 104°F and make things difficult for tourists and locals.

So, if you can, pack your bags and book a ticket for a trip to the island during the spring months: you will not regret it. Sardinia is stunning during those months: attractions aren’t crowded; the weather is nice and the locals will welcome you with open arms – but this is something they do all year round, actually.

Here’s a list of reasons why you should consider a trip to Sardinia in Spring.

Why Visit Sardinia In Spring

The weather is awesome

Summer in Sardinia can be harsh. The temperatures are very high and, despite the mistral wind blowing constantly and bringing some relief, the sunlight is strong and it’s dangerous to walk around during certain times of the day – heat strokes aren’t uncommon at all!

On the other hand, the weather in spring is warm but bearable and comfortable and the skies are almost always clear – except for some seasonal rain. The temperatures during the day are in the range of the 20-25°C/68-77°F, which is the ideal climate for any activity, including long walks at any time of the day.


Everything is cheaper

It comes with no surprise: Sardinia is a lot cheaper when it’s not peak season. If you plan a spring holiday, you could manage to book great hotels – some places you can only dream about if you visit in summer ; you can enter many places at reduced prices, and even enjoy cheaper meals (yup, the restaurants inflate their prices during tourist season).

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Sardinia Costa Rei Sardinia in Spring

Beaches are less crowded

Actually, everything is less crowded and beautiful, but the Sardinian beaches spring are something different. If you come to the island around the end of April and May, you could even try to dip your feet in the water (though Sardinia’s sea temperature is still too cold then), but that’s for the bravest of you.

Anyway, the beaches are less crowded and are a great place for long walks and picnics (be sure to clean up after yourself!). Many families choose to spend Sundays on a beach in spring: the weather is good, they can spend some quality time without the overwhelming summer crowds and the general mood is peaceful and relaxed. Plus, the sunlight during spring days makes for excellent pictures!

Sardinia in spring means hiking…

…without suffering the heat. Sardinia is a region that’s filled with mountains and unique rock formations, a paradise for hikers and climbers, but these activities are highly discouraged during the summer months.

The strong sun causes the rocks to overheat very fast, which could be potentially dangerous for the people exploring the area. If you visit Sardinia in summer, all hiking trails will be open but the local guides will tell you not to adventure there.

But if you plan your trip to Sardinia in spring, you can enjoy some breathtaking experiences and views without putting your health at risk. One of the most famous hiking trails is the Selvaggio Blu, in the Gulf of Orosei: if you are a fan of this sport, you should definitely join a group and embark in this 7-day, challenging hike.

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scenic roads in Sardinia

Nature is in full bloom

Sardinia has a whole different set of colors for every season: while summer is a whole palette of blue and yellow, spring is the season when flowers bloom and every road and corner is painted with the most beautiful and various shades.

If you take a scenic drive alongside the coast, you will see a lot of yellows (the brooms are especially beautiful), while if you drive a little bit inside the hinterland and come across the fields and farms, you will witness some of the most beautiful fruit trees in full bloom, a triumph of pink (cherries and peaches) and white (plums).

Of course, the sea is always there with its stunning turquoise and emerald shades. All in all, if you like photography – or take pride in your Instagram feed – you should consider spring for a holiday in Sardinia.

The Best Things To Do In Sardinia In Spring

Take a walk on the beach

The beaches are less crowded and very nice in spring. Whether you like long walks, picnics with your family, or just sitting on a rock and listening to the waves sound, this is the best season to enjoy some quiet time even in the most famous of places. It gets even better!

Since the weather is pleasant, you can actually hike for views of the best beaches. Porto Giunco, near Villasimius, and even Poetto Beach in Cagliari are best seen from above and there are lovely hiking trails that will reward you with stunning views.

There aren’t many tourists around, no one is crowding the shoreline to swim and play in the water, and the beach is a peaceful, safe haven where to spend some hours and, maybe, snap some beautiful pictures. And since it’s not so hot, bring a towel or even a blanket and lay down for a nap!

Explore the cities

Despite the cities being beautiful year round, the summer heat can really suck the fun out of any city tour. During spring, the weather is cooler and you can walk around for longer, without having to stop at every coffee shop and store to grab a fresh drink or enjoy some air conditioning.

All the major cities in Sardinia are worth a visit, but don’t forget to adventure in the smaller villages too: every place has some unique features and monuments worth visiting.

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Attend a festival

Spring is the season of festivals in Sardinia! The weather allows a lot of outdoor activities and that’s exactly what a lot of villages plan and do. There are so many celebrations and rites that you wouldn’t believe it.

The majority of festivals are linked to religious celebrations (the Holy Week is, probably, the event with the most heartfelt and beautiful rites – all of them different from village to village).

A lot of events are dedicated to celebrating the cities’ patron Saints – Sant’Efisio in Cagliari is probably the most famous among these rites – but there are also festivals focused on food (torrone sweet and strawberries, to give a few examples) or art/music festivals. You just have to pick your favorite and dive into the fun!

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Visit the archeological sites

Similar to the hiking trails, many archeological sites are open to the public in summer but it’s the incessant heat may discourage you from visiting. Again, walking for hours under the August heat not might be a good idea.

If you want to see some of the best remains of Sardinia’s past, you should look for Domus de Janas, Giants’ Tombs, and Nuraghe and learn about the Island pre-historic local populations, and then have a look at the Punic-Roman ruins of Nora and Tharros to get an idea of how the cities looked during these civilizations’ domain.

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Enjoy natural parks

The key to an enjoyable holiday is, no doubts, the weather. Sardinia is rich with natural parks/protected areas that deserve some of your time, and spring is the best season to enjoy these places. You can enjoy a peaceful walk and see nature in its most beautiful moment of the year.

Whether you prefer mountains or sea parks, Sardinia has it all, from the Northern Asinara Park to the Ogliastra region, until the southern mines (Iglesias area) and protected marine areas such as Capo Carbonara. You don’t even have to get out of town to enjoy a nature walk: if you are in Cagliari, simply go to Molentargius Nature Reserve.

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Tips For Visiting Sardinia In Spring

Wear layers

It’s always a good idea to wear layers. Despite the climate being very nice during the day, temperatures drop at night, and carrying a sweater and even a warmer jacket with you is never a bad idea. If you are planning to stay out all day, you are better off wearing some clothes that you can put on and off quickly and easily. My recommendations are a t-shirt, sweater, long trousers/jeans, a light jacket and comfortable shoes.

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Calessino tour of Castelsardo

Bring comfortable shoes and clothes

This is especially important if you want to explore the cities or the parks and archeological sites: you will need comfortable clothes because you will be walking a lot.

Choose soft, breathable fabrics and zip-up hoodies for the best experience: you will probably need to put layers on and off constantly.

About the shoes, sneakers are the best pick: don’t bother walking around with uncomfortable shoes, your feet will hurt very soon. Also, choose some waterproof shoes if you can: the weather can be tricky, some days. And if you intend to go hiking, you will need hiking shoes or – depending on the hikes – even boots.

Bring sunscreen and an umbrella

Spring is a great season for a trip to Sardinia, but is also the season when the weather is the most unstable – especially in March/April. Remember to bring some sunscreen with you to protect your skin during hotter, sunnier days (even if it’s not summer, the sun can be quite harsh on your skin!) and a small, portable umbrella to avoid any unexpected and unpleasant cold shower.

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