The Best Places To Go Shopping In Sardinia

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Don’t miss the chance to go shopping in Sardinia!

Sardinia is a beautiful Italian island that is an international shining star of wine, archeological sites, and magical beaches. When visiting Sardinia, it’s quite likely that you’ll want to pick up a souvenir or two, or perhaps a whole suitcase full! If you love perusing local shops while traveling, you will find there are plenty of opportunities to go shopping in Sardinia.

However, it can be difficult to know exactly where to go and what to look for, so I’m here to help you find the best places to go shopping in Sardinia. As a local, I’ve been to all the boutiques and mountain village artisan shops, and have spent hours sifting through— and sampling—the best Sardinian products. Trust me, Sardinia is a happy haven for all shopaholics!

Read on to know more about the best places to go shopping in Sardinia to make your shopping dreams come true!

shopping in Sardinia
Cagliari is one of the best places to go shopping in Sardinia

8 Great Towns And Cities To Go Shopping In Sardinia

Shopping in Cagliari

The capital city of Cagliari is the biggest city in Sardinia and is perched on the southern coastline of the island. As the capital and a big city, it’s only natural to assume that Cagliari has amazing shopping spots, and it’s indeed one of the best places to go shopping in Sardinia! I live in Cagliari, and let me tell you— the shopping is awesome.

Mercato di San Benedetto is Cagliari’s historic morning market that is positively brimming with incredible local food products. If you’re on the hunt for some divine Sardinian products, maybe to do some cooking at your Airbnb or just pack a picnic for the afternoon— head to the Mercato di San Benedetto. You’ll find freshly-caught fish, wagon wheels of cheese, seasonal fruit, and much more!

If you’re an antique hunter, make sure to be in Cagliari on a Sunday! Three Sundays a month on Piazza del Carmine, there is a glorious antique market called the Cagliari Antiquarian. You’ll find old jewelry, dusty books, and bespoke clothing— all at your fingertips.

Above Cagliari’s souvenir shops is an airy showroom featuring some of the most beautiful handmade artisan products you could ever hope to find! There are lovingly handcrafted works of art, ceramics, and jewelry. It’s called Intrecci; look for a sign pointing you up and off the street-level!

Mercato di Santa Chiara is a tiny little market where the locals go to grab produce and groceries. There’s cheese, wine, meat, bread, and fruit stalls. It has lots of charm and personality and has been around since 1955!

Lastly, I want to add that in the historic center of Cagliari, there are plenty of shopping streets to explore. The Villanova district of Cagliari is home to the two most famous shopping streets in Cagliari—Via Sulis and Via Garibaldi.

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shopping in Sardinia
Alghero is one of the best cities for shopping in Sardinia

Shopping in Alghero

Shopping in Sardinia is at its best in Alghero. The winding, narrow streets of the Old Town in Alghero are perfect for shopping or window-shopping. Alghero is a small city on the northwest coast of Sardinia, encircled by stone walls. By far and large, the most popular shopping street in Alghero is Via Carlo Alberto. It’s usually densely packed in shoulder-to-shoulder fellow shoppers and tourists!

There are very extravagant and posh boutiques on Via Gilbert Ferret, and Via Roma is known for its jewelry and clothing shops. The most iconic Alghero jewelry features the vivid red coral that has been fished locally from Riviera del Corallo.

On the last Saturday of each month, a fantastic Arts, Crafts, and Antique market is hosted on the Piazza Civica. It’s one of my all-time favorite places to go hunting for little treasures, like handmade cards and knick-knacks for my apartment. If you won’t be around on the last Saturday of the month, then head over to Frida— a vintage fashion shop where you truly never know what you’ll find!

Is Italian leather on your mind? One of the oldest shops in the central shopping district of Alghero is Calzoleria Naitana. They’ve been around since 1945 and craft drool-worthy leather belts and sandals. These gorgeous, artisanal sandals will cost you around 50 euros a pair, but there really is something to say about Italian leather, especially when it’s handcrafted in Sardinia!

A street in the historic center of Olbia

Shopping in Olbia

Olbia is the gateway to the heavenly, world-renowned Costa Smeralda. The Emerald Coast of Sardinia lies to the Northeast of the island and is a place of true beauty. I love heading off to Olbia, and different beaches on Costa Smeralda whenever I get the chance.

Olbia is a flourishing shopping spot and one of the best places to go shopping in Sardinia! Various street markets happen on different days throughout the week. So no matter when you show up to Olbia, there’s a good chance you’ll stumble across a street market or two during your stay.

Every Saturday, there’s a fabulous farmers market located on Via Sangallo. On Wednesdays, the farmers market moves to the Piazza del Mercato and shifts to the Piazza Nassiria on Mondays.

The Old Town in Olbia has over 100 boutiques nestled inside the historic buildings and crammed into narrow alleys. I recommend meandering down the Corso Umberto, right in the heart of Olbia, to check out the souvenir shops and bewitching boutiques.

If you’ve been hankering for some time at a mall, Olbia has a big luxury outlet mall simply called “Luxury Mall.” You can find anything and everything there – from Versace and Diesel to swimming suits and prescription glasses!

Porto Cervo
Porto Cervo is a famous destination for luxury shopping in Sardinia

Shopping in Porto Cervo

Porto Cervo is the epitome of opulence. It’s a stunning Sardinian seaside resort town in the northeast corner of the island, part of the celebrated and revered Costa Smeralda. Porto Cervo is referred to as the main center of the Emerald Coast, although it only has a population of 421 people!

Porto Cervo was created to be the playground for the rich and the famous. Often referred to as the “kingdom of luxury holidays,” Porto Cervo is where to buy high-end fashion items, not handmade, charming souvenirs.

Lining the main hub of Porto Cervo, you’ll gawk at the abundance of exclusive stores, including Versace, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, and Dolce & Gabbana. You’ll also see the Rolex store, as well as the poshest jewelry stores on the planet, like Cartier and Bulgari.

There are a few independent shops tossed in among the famous brand names. These independent shops are certainly not “mom and pop” stores; rather, they are stunning artisan stores filled with runway-ready clothing!

If you are looking to splurge a little in Porto Cervo, but don’t want to drop more than a thousand euros, head over to La Bikineria, a swimsuit shop that hand-makes all their bikinis and swimwear locally!

For reference, Porto Cervo is about a 30-minute drive from Olbia airport.

Porto Rotondo
Porto Rotondo is another great place for shopping in Sardinia

Shopping in Porto Rotondo

Porto Rotondo is very similar to Porto Cervo in that it was created as a luxe resort city, geared towards society’s elite class. It’s a visionary seaside city that is sure to leave you breathless at its beauty— it is part of the Emerald Coast, after all!

That being said, Porto Rotondo is quite a bit larger than Porto Cervo and has roughly 1,000 inhabitants living there year-round. During the summer, up to 30,000 tourists and vacationers live in the villas, residences, and timeshares in Porto Rotondo. Talk about a population jump!

In terms of shopping, Porto Rotondo has a spacious shopping village near Piazza Quadra, Piazza San Marco, and Piazza Casbah. The shopping district is home to the high-end Italian fashion brands you’ll also find in Porto Cervo; however, it also has less refined shops, like a scuba gear shop!

Some of the best boutiques in Porto Rotondo—that are expensive but won’t shatter the piggy bank—are in Piazza Andrea Cascella. I recommend stopping by Laura Cialfi and Sini & Conte to try on beautiful dresses, shoes, and more!

If you drove a car to Porto Rotondo, there is a large parking area for you to use near Piazza Quadra. Spots can usually be found there year-round, except for peak tourist season in July and August. For the sake of mental maps, Porto Rotondo is about 27 kilometers south of Porto Cervo.

Lesser visited Sassari is actually a great place for shopping

Shopping in Sassari

Sassari is the second-largest city in Sardinia, nestled on the northwest coast of the island. There are plenty of incredible shops, nightlife, and restaurants. Whenever I get tired of shopping in Cagliari, I’ll plan a trip to Sassari to hit up the stores there. Shopping in Sassari is just as fun for locals as it is for tourists! There are malls and large shopping centers where you can find anything your heart desires.

Piazza Italia (pictured above) is the center of the historic Old Town and the best place to start for great shopping in Sassari. Piazza Castello is Sassari’s second-largest square; it has some of the most stunning jewelry shops I’ve ever encountered! Chieffi and Shardan Gioielli are definitely worth stopping by and browsing through if only to sigh longingly at the sparkling gems.

The old medieval market area lies along Corso Vittorio Emanuele. Here, you can find highly specialized artisan and arts and craft shops.

Make sure to head over to Palazzo di Usini as it is home to a weekly farmers market that is very popular with all us locals!

Also, stop by the Mercato Civico market in Sassari to pick up delectable Sardinian produce and groceries. Open daily, there are a lot of fresh fish and Sardinian sweetmeats to sample. If you’re looking to toss back a few oysters and sip on Sardinia’s prized Vermentino any day of the week, head over to Mercato Civico di Sassari!

Santa Giusta, Oristano
Oristano is one of the most underrated places for shopping in Sardinia

Shopping in Oristano

Oristano is a Sardinian city in the central-western area of the island, right on the northern part of the Campidano plain. In Oristano, you can find exquisite and ornate piazzas and alluring shopping streets. Free of chain stores, Oristano is chock full of independent boutiques and high-quality local products. 

To begin your shopping spree in Oristano, make your way to Piazza Eleonora d’Arborea. As Oristano’s central square, it is the best place to start shopping! Most of the best shops and boutiques are located around the center of the city, so you can walk everywhere you need to go on foot. Moreover, Piazza Eleonora d’Arborea is home to an awesome antique market on the first Saturday of the month. Truly, it is one of the best antique markets on the island! 

Now, let’s talk about wine! Oristano is famous for its Vernaccia wine; it is an absolute must-try and must-buy in Oristano. I recommend going to Cantina Sociale della Vernaccia for all your Vernaccia wine needs and desires.

However, if you need a large shopping center, the largest shopping malls are called Porta Nuova and Via Dublino; both dwell pretty far outside the city center and require a car. 

Keep in mind that shops are closed all day on Sundays and have reduced hours on Saturdays. Shops also will likely close for lunches daily. Plan to do your shopping and browsing in the mornings or evenings, and weekdays are best!

San Teodoro
There’s more than just beaches in San Teodoro!

Shopping in San Teodoro

San Teodoro is a seaside town on the northeast coast of Sardinia. It sits south of Olbia by about 30 kilometers. There is a bus running between the two that usually takes around 30 minutes and costs only 3 euros.

Okay, onto the shopping! Every year, from June through September, the Coclearia evening market takes place in San Teodoro. It’s open every night from 8 pm until 2 am! More than 100 stands line the streets, sprawling outwards from the center of San Teodoro. It’s the best place to sample all the best Sardinian foods and buy the best artisan goods. You’ll find beautifully crafted jewelry, handmade leather goods, and more.

Insider tip— try as many cheeses as you can at the Coclearia market, especially the renowned and highly unique Pecorino Sardo (hint: there are a million kinds of Pecorino). Also, Carasau bread is very special. Carasau bread is also called “carta da musica”, which means sheet of music paper. It’s a flat, crunchy bread you can buy pre-packaged to nibble on as you peruse the stalls!

Street performers and musicians are sprinkled throughout the market, adding energy and cheer to the atmosphere. In my opinion, any trip to Sardinia isn’t complete without shopping at the San Teodoro Coclearia market!

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