How To Make The Most Of Your Honeymoon In Sardinia

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Are you getting married and looking to spend your honeymoon in Sardinia? First of all, congratulations! And secondly, excellent choice!

Sardinia is a common choice for a honeymoon. Lots of couples decide to spend their time here, for a good number of reasons – from the good weather year round (though don’t confuse Sardinia with a tropical island, because we do get winter!) to the delicious food and wine; from the gorgeous beaches to to the huge choice of activities available.

Of course, a honeymoon – including a honeymoon in Sardinia – needs to be planned down to every little detail, so that you maximize the fun and the quality time spent together and reduce unexpected and unpleasant events. Not sure where to start planning your honeymoon in Sardinia? Good news! I am a local, and I am ready to share some tips and recommendations. In fact, I am available to plan your full trip!

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Why Choose To Have Your Honeymoon In Sardinia

Sardinia is a wonderful destination all year round and offers a huge variety of places to visit and things to do so that it will likely suit every traveler’s taste. Whether you want to spend two weeks sunbathing on a semi-deserted beach, party all night in one of the famous clubs in the glamorous Costa Smeralda, or enjoy a relaxing, private holiday surrounded by the mountains and Mediterranean plants, Sardinia has it all.

You can use the totality of your days in Sardinia to explore its many archeological sites, and learn about the island’s long history (some remains date back to 6000 years ago!); or you can book a luxury hotel in a peaceful area and just relax; or, again, you can choose to try a gastronomic trip and travel the Island to have a taste of as many traditional dishes as you can.

There really is an activity for every type of tourist. Let’s look at it in a bit more detail!

Sardinia honeymoon

Where To Go For Your Sardinia Honeymoon

If you are spending your honeymoon in Sardinia, it doesn’t really matter where you go, but how much you will be enjoying the time spent with your other half. The whole trip has to be planned so that you both are happy and spend time doing what you like, so where you go in Sardinia should truly be based on your personal preferences and what you truly enjoy doing – as well as what you want to get out of a trip to Sardinia.

As I often say, Sardinia offers a lot of different attractions and activities and goes well beyond being a summer holiday destination, where all you do is spend time at the beach. You can choose to explore a city or hike some unknown path through the mountains; visit archeological ruins of a variety of era; eat until your stomach is about to burst; or shop until your bank account is dry – and you can do that pretty much anywhere in Sardinia.

There really is no limit to what you could be doing in Sardinia, but let’s look at a few must!

best beaches in Costa Smeralda hotels

Things To Do During Your Honeymoon In Sardinia

There are several activities you can do during your Sardinia honeymoon. Of course, many of them will be unavoidably linked to the season and the weather, but there are some you can enjoy almost all year round.

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Relax at the beach

The most summer-y things to do in Sardinia are , of course, more related to the beaches. Beach hopping is one of the must-dos if you visit Sardinia in the summer: from the beautiful waters of the North of the Island (Stintino and Palau are just the two famous poles of a stunning coast) to the secrets of the Gulf of Orsosei, from the long and soft sands of the Cagliari area to the lesser known Costa Verde beaches, there really is a beach for every day of the year – and more.

Keep in mind that beach season in Sardinia goes from mid-May until the end of September or mid-October in a good year, and water is actually very cold to swim until mid June.

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A boat tour!

Another activity that’s very common – and ideal for couples! – in the summer is a mini cruise around the islands’ beaches and coves. Again, the Gulf of Orosei is quite famous for beach hopping, but other stunning locations you could take into consideration are La Maddalena Archipelago, Asinara Island, Tavolara and Molara, off the coast of Olbia.

You can choose various options and packages, from a cheaper but more crowded mini-cruise to a private sailing tour with a skipper. In fact, one thing you could consider for your honeymoon in Sardinia could be a full sailing trip around the island!

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Check out Sardinia’s quaintest villages

Another thing you may wish to do during your honeymoon, and which you can indeed enjoy year round is exploring the inland of the island and its villages. You’d be surprised by the number of different traditions, colors, dishes, and people you get to meet.

Sardinia has an infinite quantity of gems, from the mural art in Orgosolo to the ghost towns of Lollove and Gairo Vecchia, from medieval towns to cities such as Alghero or Carloforte where locals don’t even speak the same language as the rest of the island.

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Cala Goloritzé

Go on a hike

Sardinia is also famous for its incredible hiking trails and scenery. One of the tourists’ favorite areas is indeed the Gulf of Orosei: have you ever heard about the Selvaggio Blu long distance hike? It spans multiple days (there are several options) and covers the whole area, an incredible adventure for this sport’s lovers.

And if you don’t feel like camping under the stars for about a week, you can also explore the routes at your pace. The Gulf of Orosei is stunning when seen from above – but also at sea level.

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Wine tasting

If you are a wine lover, you’ll be happy to know you will have plenty of chances to drink excellent wines during your Sardinia honeymoon. All restaurants serve a selection of local wines – Vermentino, Nuragus, Cannonau and Carignano are just a few of the local varietals – from the best Sardinian wineries. But if you really want to immerse yourself in the art of wine making you can actually visit a vineyard and at the end opt for a wine tasting experience. There are wineries scattered around the island, so wherever you will go you won’t have trouble finding one.

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Sardinia honeymoon

Where To Stay During Your Honeymoon In Sardinia

The place where you base yourself for your honeymoon on the island hugely depends on what you want to do during your trip.

If you plan on exploring museums and churches, or enjoying the nightlife, you’d surely need to pick somewhere like the capital, Cagliari, or the Catalan city, Alghero, for your holiday.

If you are more into relaxing, peaceful and huge spaces, and nature, you can opt for beach hopping (Orosei, la Maddalena, Costa Smeralda are a few great areas for that) or maybe enjoy an off-the-beaten-path honeymoon in the middle of the Sardinian mountains, like at Su Gologone, nearby Oliena.

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romantic restaurants in Sardinia

Best Romantic Restaurants In Sardinia

Looking for a romantic spot to have dinner? Check out the selection of restaurants below, in various locations around the island. I have eaten at each of them and I promise you they come with attached romance!

La Paillote, Cagliari

La Paillote is an excellent restaurant loved by couples, located in front of the sea and offering some of the best sunset views in Cagliari, and therefore the ideal place for a romantic meal. They specialize in seafood, serve every meal from lunch to late drinks, and have vegetarian and gluten-free options. It’s not cheap but I promise you it is worth it!

Nautilus, Alghero

Overlooking Alghero harbor, Nautilus is a beautiful restaurant for a romantic meal. Their dishes are always made with fresh ingredients, with several vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. You are better off booking in advance as it is a very popular place.

Da Thomas

Da Thomas, Santa Teresa di Gallura

Another excellent seafood restaurant, what it lacks in terms of view it more than enough makes up for with the food and service. Da Thomas is famous in Santa Teresa di Gallura for the quality of their dishes. It’s not a cheap restaurants – expect to spend a minimum of €60 per person for a meal – but worth it.

La Bitta, Tortolì-Arbatax

Located in Arbatax, the marine district of Tortolì, La Bitta serves traditional dishes – once again, specializing in seafood and fish – with beautiful and romantic scenery in the background and incredible views over Porto Frailis beach. Their restaurant is part of the homonymous hotel.

sunset at Masua

Warung Beach Club, Masua Pan di Zucchero

A secluded cove, delicious food, and a romantic atmosphere. What else do you need? Warung Beach Club is located in Masua Pan di Zucchero and serves a huge variety of dishes for a similar variety of prices.

La Pergola, Porto Cervo

An incredible place to have dinner, with the beautiful Costa Smeralda as a background, La Pergola serves Italian and Mediterranean dishes with prices ranging from €50 to €150. The area doesn’t really need an introduction: Arzachena is quite famous for tourism and honeymoons, and a meal here will surely leave a mark in your memory.

Fortino S. Ignazio

Practical Info To Plan Your Sardinia Honeymoon

How to get to Sardinia

You can easily get to Sardinia by ferry boat or by plane. Although there are plenty of flights and ferries year round, both means of transportation increase their activity during the summer months, making it easier to reach the Island starting from May until late September.

Different means of transportation cater to different people: usually, airplanes are more widely chosen by couples and solo travelers or people who want a cheaper deal, while ferry boats are more commonly chosen by families and people who bring their car with them – or are simply afraid to fly.

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Parco Aymerich

How to move around

Public transportation in Sardinia is a bit of nightmare, so your best call will always be to bring your car or rent one. It will save you a lot of time and headaches, will help you move freely and according to your schedule, and you will not see your plans crumble because of a train delay or a bus breakdown.

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Parco Aymerich

Best time for a Sardinia honeymoon

The Sardinian climate makes it easy to plan a trip there during any season. However, there still are better months to plan your honeymoon there. Spring and fall are the best seasons for more exploration-oriented travels, especially if you want to visit the cities or go on a hike or two, while summer is of course the best pick for beach hopping or sea-related activities like cruises.

Winter is generally the less touristy time because – believe it or not – it gets rainy and grey (and at times it actually snows) even on this sunny, heavenly island.

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